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Help the Economy — End Financing to Terrorists

Congress recently passed a vote to withhold further funding to the terrorist Palestinian Authority. With the swipe of a pen, President Obama released this aid, amounting to $192 million USD, which will likely be used to further anti-semitic verbal attacks and physical assaults upon the Jewish people living in Israel and elsewhere, via rocks and rockets. Much as I agree with US policy to further democracy abroad, the end result, in all actuality, has been so far from this ideal. I wish it were not so. And as much as I wish this delusion were not reality, all the wishes in the world cannot stop the onslaught against the Jews that the Arabs perpetrate against us. Of course, this matters not a whit to the powers that be — as usual, I hate to say it, but the blacks and the jews seem to be the least of anyone’s priorities (hence the practically non-existent help to the African nation fighting off Islamic powers that are committing genocide there)! Never again? When will they learn!


Rosenberg, David. “Report: UK Bankrolling Fogel Family’s Killers”; Arutz Sheva / Israel National News; March 27, 2016:


Update: The idea to just stop funding terrorists, as I try to put forth, seems to be gaining traction. A recent NY Post editorial promotes the defunding of the Palestinian Authority. It’s a good start, but we musn’t limit it to just thos group. We must end financing to all those promoting violent terrorism. And that means funding to all Islamic nations must end.


Post Editorial Board. ” It’s Time for Uncle Sam to Stop Funding Palestinian Terror”. New York Post; July 1, 2016:


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The Enemy Within – by Michael Savage

Another fine Savage book, but I am going through all of Savage’s past books, looking for good reads, and this one absolutely fills the bill! Definitely a must read, and still current, even though written several years ago. The basic concepts Michael relays are timeless: borders, cultures, language. We can see, years later, just how prophetic his writings have become. When I took out Trickle Up Poverty from the library sometime after it had just been published and was hard to get ahold of, the librarian here, looking of Middle Eastern descent, wrote down the number or some type of information while he was attempting to help me find it, and stuck it in his pocket! I thought he was tagging me for one of those “subversive” types that need to be looked at more closely, because of the books I read. You do know that that is what happens, don’t you? Unfortunately, being on the right side means you are now on the wrong side and subject to intense scrutiny! So, I relate my own experience in regards to reading Savage books — and you can now see how that pertains to “The Enemy Within.”

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Abuse of Power – by Michael Savage

Abuse of Power, by Michael Savage, is a gripping thriller with a topical theme — terrorism. Dr. Savage does a great job, as always, in keeping his readers/listeners glued to either their pages or radios. This latest effort should “unban” him from Britain, if we lived in a world where right was might. Since we don’t, I guess it won’t matter that the heroine of this novel is both Muslim and female. So, U.K. — let’s get that ban lifted; unless, of course, you really want to show the world how far you’ve fallen in their estimation! This is a wonderful page-turner which will keep you up late into the night, reading just one more page, then just one more page, and then…before you know it, it’s the next morning and you’re tired as heck from staying up all night to keep reading this book! I can’t wait for his next efforts! Please don’t stop, Michael Savage — your fans count on you to set them straight!

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For You

Once we were lovers

sharing our love

the way only lovers do

Then something suddenly happened

which kept me away from you

I passed away each lonely night

wishing you were here

I wanted to say I love you

and to show you I still cared

For I was the fool to leave you

and I know deep in my heart

that we were meant to be as one

and never be apart.

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Gum (Randyjw)


This blob of pinkish stuff I so adore

sometimes creates a problem when I’m through

It sticks on homework and on tests galore

it won’t come off; I don’t know what to do!

Monotonous my jaws look to my friends

to see them always going down and up

They wish this sticky habit would soon end,

or seal it o’er my lips so I’d shut up!

One day my habit I did try to stop

I took my gum and threw it all away

I got so sick I started to throw up

I had to chew again, What could I say?

No matter how I try the day won’t come,

when I will ever give up chewing gum!


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A pinch of down

A little snow

’round about the cauldron go

a bright red nose

a woolen hat

the left ear of a baby bat

Throw in some nice, warm, fluffy mittens

the whiskers of a newborn kitten

thrice around the cauldron spin

hop twice upon your left foot, then

you add a sock, a scarf, a pole

the insides of a doughnut hole

some bumps and bruises, black and blues

you add these with a sprained foot, too

Stir in some courage, faith and hope

to start you down that awful slope

You mix the contents one by one

and there you’ve got great skiing fun!


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So Sick of Red Cross Anti-Semitism

For more than 60 years, the Red Cross has been a savior in a sea of hurt. However, for 60 years, this has excluded Jewish inclusiveness into its organization. Why, might you ask, would the Red Cross allow its ambulances to carry terrorist bombers in its International Red Crescent trucks? And why, might you ask, would the Red Cross allow the symbolism associated with Islamic nations to be plastered on its ambulance trucks, but not the “Jewish Star?”

That is a good question, and one that has still gone unanswered after more than 60 years of its operation. For most of its years, the Red Cross would not even admit the Jewish Red Magen David Adom (Israel’s “Red Shield of David”) agency into its operations. Even with its reputation among the top in the world for its medical care, Israel has not been allowed to be part of this organization which has allowed the Muslim crescent-and-star symbol to operate.

There have been ongoing responses from the Red Cross, stating that the symbol of the cross is really not associated with Christianity, and is a medical symbol. A similar argument has been used by countries which use a depiction of the cross upon their national flags — stating that the Cross had nothing to do with Christianity (although we all know that this is a farce, and that, indeed, it does — the argument is used just so that they can portray the symbol without penalty).

Finally, in recent years, Israel would be allowed to be a member of the organization if it would abide by new regulations stating that it should change its symbol to a red “crystal,” a red rectangular object of no particular significance, so that it would not offend anyone. And pray tell, why should the Jewish star be offensive to some, whereas the cross and crescent would not? Under these symbols, the Jewish people have been persecuted and killed for millenia! Yes, read that right — millenia! And it still goes on to this day. And this is not supposed to be offensive?

So, I do not understand why there was supposedly a recent full-page ad taken out in newspapers to boycott support for Magen David Adom. I disagree wholeheartedly with this effort! Magen David Adom must be supported! It is the only non-partisan medical staff of the three which will accord human rights to ALL, regardless of religion, race, or creed.

Please support Magen David Adom, so that the victims of Kassem and Katyusha rockets in Israel can be transported to facilities where they will be cared for by medical staff of all religious and national backgrounds, and so that the victims, who may be comprised of all nations (Israel has amongst the most diverse backgrounds of people in the world) may be treated indiscriminately.



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Hamas Caught Using Cancer Patient to Smuggle Explosives into Israel


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More on Arab Use of Medical Facilities/Transport toward Terrorist Purposes:

EMET News Service.



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