A Few Thank-You’s

My favorite three radio talkshow hosts are: Michael Savage, Todd Schnitt and Joyce Kaufman.

But, first of all, some thanks:

I.)  To Joyce Kaufman, in general, for being the only radio host I know of to continually memorialize, on a regular basis, our fallen soldiers, who have given the ultimate sacrifice of themselves in defending democracy and our country around the world. On her show, Joyce vocalizes the name of each hero whose life was given in defense of our ideals and freedom. This solemn invocation raises their lives before Heaven and brings the blessings of remembrance upon them and honors their families. It is reminiscent of the Yizkor services in the Jewish faith, where Kaddish (a prayer of life and affirmation) is intoned in honor of those who have passed, and their names recited in testament of their existence, as memory and in memoriam.

Now, some of the topics and guests on the first two shows previously mentioned (Savage and Schnitt) follow:

II.)  Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn, the parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn, one such hero whose life was left on the battlefields when the Chinook helicopter he was riding in with other members of the Navy SEALS team he was with went down.

Thank you to the Vaughns for raising a terrific son and letting us share in the pride and joy of your lives. Your values are appreciated and the loss to our country is immense. You can visit their website: forourson.us. (this is not a link).

III.)  To those in the Middle East fighting for peace. I don’t like war. It should not be necessary. I wish it were not. Unfortunately, idealogies clash. I hope ours wins. My side is on the Jewish one. If you believe just like me, then I wish you care and courage in the battle which confronts us.

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