Modern Hell, Part II

Smashed dreams and tv screens

fill my empty room

A mindless future awaits me

existing beyond the gloom

Time is a martyr for those that pray

the devil for those that sin

a beacon of light

shines on through the night

and you know you can never win

Cradle the children of society

shelter them from abuse

Leave them unseen

by the King and the Queen

for you know they can blow out the fuse

The maiden that lost her slipper

has also lost her mind

Only time will tell

in this Modern Hell

if she’ll leave the world behind


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One response to “Modern Hell, Part II

  1. These beginning poems here were written prior to the entry point at WordPress. Pat Benatar singing “Hell is for Children” was my musical backdrop, and so that was my “muse” and contemplating college upcoming. “Part II” is only because my friend already titled one of her songs by that name. Poetic license taken, to great extent. Thanks for writing about it.

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