Abuse of Power – by Michael Savage

Abuse of Power, by Michael Savage, is a gripping thriller with a topical theme — terrorism. Dr. Savage does a great job, as always, in keeping his readers/listeners glued to either their pages or radios. This latest effort should “unban” him from Britain, if we lived in a world where right was might. Since we don’t, I guess it won’t matter that the heroine of this novel is both Muslim and female. So, U.K. — let’s get that ban lifted; unless, of course, you really want to show the world how far you’ve fallen in their estimation! This is a wonderful page-turner which will keep you up late into the night, reading just one more page, then just one more page, and then…before you know it, it’s the next morning and you’re tired as heck from staying up all night to keep reading this book! I can’t wait for his next efforts! Please don’t stop, Michael Savage — your fans count on you to set them straight!


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