Help the Economy — End Financing to Terrorists

Congress recently passed a vote to withhold further funding to the terrorist Palestinian Authority. With the swipe of a pen, President Obama released this aid, amounting to $192 million USD, which will likely be used to further anti-semitic verbal attacks and physical assaults upon the Jewish people living in Israel and elsewhere, via rocks and rockets. Much as I agree with US policy to further democracy abroad, the end result, in all actuality, has been so far from this ideal. I wish it were not so. And as much as I wish this delusion were not reality, all the wishes in the world cannot stop the onslaught against the Jews that the Arabs perpetrate against us. Of course, this matters not a whit to the powers that be — as usual, I hate to say it, but the blacks and the jews seem to be the least of anyone’s priorities (hence the practically non-existent help to the African nation fighting off Islamic powers that are committing genocide there)! Never again? When will they learn!


Rosenberg, David. “Report: UK Bankrolling Fogel Family’s Killers”; Arutz Sheva / Israel National News; March 27, 2016:


Update: The idea to just stop funding terrorists, as I try to put forth, seems to be gaining traction. A recent NY Post editorial promotes the defunding of the Palestinian Authority. It’s a good start, but we musn’t limit it to just thos group. We must end financing to all those promoting violent terrorism. And that means funding to all Islamic nations must end.


Post Editorial Board. ” It’s Time for Uncle Sam to Stop Funding Palestinian Terror”. New York Post; July 1, 2016:



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