The Enemy Within – by Michael Savage

Another fine Savage book, but I am going through all of Savage’s past books, looking for good reads, and this one absolutely fills the bill! Definitely a must read, and still current, even though written several years ago. The basic concepts Michael relays are timeless: borders, cultures, language. We can see, years later, just how prophetic his writings have become. When I took out Trickle Up Poverty from the library sometime after it had just been published and was hard to get ahold of, the librarian here, looking of Middle Eastern descent, wrote down the number or some type of information while he was attempting to help me find it, and stuck it in his pocket! I thought he was tagging me for one of those “subversive” types that need to be looked at more closely, because of the books I read. You do know that that is what happens, don’t you? Unfortunately, being on the right side means you are now on the wrong side and subject to intense scrutiny! So, I relate my own experience in regards to reading Savage books — and you can now see how that pertains to “The Enemy Within.”

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