On Writing: a Memoir of the Craft – by Stephen King

How good it is to read a book written by a master craftsman-of-the-written-word in a genre different than that to which his readers are accustomed.

Here, we get a glimpse into Mr. King’s life, from past to present, including his journeys both physical and mental of the trajectory of his career.

This book is hard to put down. As Amy Tan, one of my favorite writers states, you can hear his “somewhat salty voice, its language.”

By the way, one of the interesting footnotes in this novel, is that some of the most famous authors of our time, Stephen King included, have formed a rock band called The Rock Bottom Remainders (quite funnily named, when one considers those hard-to-sell books in the discount bins, covers ripped off, etc….). The band is comprised of the following individuals: Stephen King, Amy Tan, Barbara Kingsolver, and Mitch Albom. I’d love to hear what they have composed musically, considering the popularity of their written works!

Neat trivia facts, a recommended reading list, rough and refined edit comparisons, do’s and hardly any don’ts (if at all) are also added, and it’s nice to see what Mr. King has to say about all this!


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