What Animals Tell Me: True Stories of an Animal Communicator – by Dr. Monica Diedrich

I wish more people were tuned in to the animals and pets that live on the planet with us. If we were, there would be less abuse and more love to go around for all. Meanwhile, I can’t help but cry when I see the ASPCA (I think) ads on television. Each time they come on, I know that they’re going to feature poor little puppy dogs looking dejected, and sad little kitties, and I try my best to say to myself that I will not cry this time. But, it doesn’t work. I really try not to cry and make a full-out effort not to do so, but no…..

So, anyways, this book is about a person who believes they can receive telepathic communications from people’s pets. Dr. Diedrich writes her stories about the stories of the pets which she has visited, and seems to have helped them with their people parents.

I do believe this ability is possible, and I do believe, for the most part, that she does so. I wonder why more people can’t?


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