Difference of Phones for EBT

I don’t know if certain cellphones do not allow access to state automated systems, or whether the reverse is true! Recently, the cell phone with which I’d been accessing my food stamp records had fallen on the floor, and had also been plugged into the wall during a fierce lightning storm. After these incidents and over a weekend, I eventually noticed that the battery of this phone had not charged, although the light on the charger had been on during this entire time. So, I was unsure whether the phone could be fixed by purchasing a new battery or charger, etc.

First, I went to one phone store, whose representative told me that the charger had become obsolete. This is what had happened to my previous phone, and was the reason that I had purchased this newest phone, which was now (perhaps) broken. While it does represent a good reason to upgrade myself and my technology, personal finances lead me to hang onto and try to fix whatever I have.

The representative at the second phone store I visited was able to provide a charger to fit, and which also showed its light operating when plugged into my phone, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that the problem with the battery was solved.

I went to a third store and found a fantastic, time-limited deal on cheap phone service and an inexpensive phone, which would be a far better proposal in the long run than even the one I had been using, so I purchased the whole shebang.

When I utilized my old phone, which turns out to have no problems that the new charger couldn’t fix, to call the food stamps telephone number, I was eventually able to get through.

When I tried to use my newest phone, I received a completely different telephone menu, and the state system would not recognize this latest technology and phone number I used.

This caused me to wonder whether the system is able to further discriminate among the callers it receives, the order they will take these callers, whether they will take these callers, etc.

Has anyone else had these same problems with this system?

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