It has been a long fight for the Jewish people to receive acknowledgment from the world of its plight during the Holocaust. Eventually, Germany has been made to make financial reparations in recompense for the genocide perpetrated upon the Jewish people during the Nazi reign.

Other groups have also unfairly been attacked by others, even in the United States. These have included wars against the Native Americans and slavery imposed upon the Black population.

While many efforts have been undertaken to offset the deleterious effects this has had upon the afflicted populace, such remedial programs as affirmative action and the outlawing of slavery have only had a small, gradual, positive effect, to date.

None of the above measures truly comprise an act of contrition and remorse; they only represent the measures which should have always been followed by the American people in providing for the treatment of all individuals alike. The discrimination of the one against the other, however, negates the precepts of the Constitution.

Therefore, I feel that financial reparations to the above-mentioned groups are indeed in order. Although I have heard on some radio shows that it would be very difficult to determine to whom they should be paid (and, indeed– once some thought is put into it, the difficulties inherent in its implications would indeed be a feat of herculean proportions), I feel that the time has been way overdue to begin this process, and to right the wrongs that have been perpetrated upon these wonderful people that are all a portion of the fabric of this country.


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