Political Fictions – by Joan Didion

A collection of essays written more than two decades ago, and startingly pertinent and relevant to this day and age. An eye-opener for any political neophyte, and even for those who feel they have a good grasp of insider maneuvering today. Some of the essays appearing in this work have been featured previously elsewhere, and either appear as-is, in-full, or edited with new thoughts added in.

Particularly shocking was her statement that the late Reverend Jerry Falwell had somehow believed that former President Bill Clinton had been involved in the deaths of numerous political foes. Update: I originally thought that one of those on this supposed “list” was Barbara Olson, who was killed onboard one of the fated airplanes hijacked by terrorists on 9/11. However, the name given in the book was Barbara Nelson. So, what exactly happened to Ms. Nelson, and all the other people supposedly on this “list”? Would you consider this a conspiracy, or a coincidence?


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