A Time For War – by Michael Savage

Wow — this book was incredible. A real page-turning, gripping, suspenseful thriller, as only Michael Savage can bring us. The topic is not just timely, but prophetic, as the rest of the world goes about their mind-numbing day, in a haze about the dangers that despotic regimes pose to our way of life, to our nation, and to our world.

Like The Savage Nation, Michael Savage’s radio show which touches on potential future scenarios (which usually come to pass), this book of fiction spins a tale of fifth-column and international treachery unleashed by the crazy leaders of today’s non-democratic regimes. The realities of this imagined work by author Savage can be seen slowly revealed in the laws of our country and the actions made against it by those who would dance to its downfall.

A must, must, must-read book.


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