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  • On June 12, 2012, I wrote a post about some of the Biblical placenames of Israel which are located in the Judaean/Samarian region of Israel, now more erroneously referred to as The West Bank. These locations, in addition to being given to the Jewish people by G-d, were additionally purchased with money by our Jewish ancestors in order to confirm beyond any doubts that these lands were ours.

Now, and as always, the world community wishes to deprive us of our ancestral heritage and land, by declaring that parts of these territories belong to Arabs, erroneously called “Palestinians”.

While various Arabic-speaking people, such as the Ottoman Turks, or the Egyptian slave-descendants known as Mamelukes, or others such as the Romans (who changed Judah’s/Israel’s name to “Palestine” in the first place) have periodically occupied Israel over various periods in its embattled history, the present world community does a grave injustice to the Jewish people by declaring the Jews persona non-grata in their own land.

Recently, Perry Stone (preacher of Manna-Fest) and Irvin Baxter (preacher of End of the Age) have both confirmed the fact that places such as Bethlehem, Beth-El, Hevron and others, those being wrongfully called “The West Bank” do, indeed, belong to Israel under the Jews, re-iterating comments I wrote in my June 12, 2012 WordPress post, and adding additional sites, such as the threshing floor in Jerusalem purchased by King David of Israel himself for the building site of the First Temple of Israel in Jerusalem.

While I do thank both ministers above for beginning to set the record straight on these issues, I must note that I take umbrage in the fact that they continue to perpetuate additional falsehoods by omitting important information. In stating that parts of Jerusalem belonged to Jordan prior to the late 1960’s, they mistakenly draw a false presumption that the territory has ALWAYS belonged to Jordan. This is actually untrue. Jordan, on the east bank of the Jordan river, is part of historical “Palestine”. “Jordan” was actually acknowledged as land historically belonging to the Jews, together with the rest of the land located on the western side of the Jordan River known as today’s “Israel”. Neither preacher mentions the fact that when the Ottomans lost the war, Palestine was given as mandatory territory in trust by the League of Nations (the United Nations’ first name) for the Jews. England was recognized as the Mandatory administrator over the land, along with Jewish agencies. (France was given the Mandatory administration over the northern parts of the land, that is today “Syria”.) However, the land on the eastern side of the Jordan river (now called “Jordan”) was ripped away from the Jews — twice: “TransJordan” and “Jordan” — and given to the Arabs. So, because all of the land on BOTH sides of the river have been called “Palestine” since Roman times, the Jews were the first people to actually have been called “Palestinians,” not withstanding the Philistines noted at the time of King David (at which time they were “THEN” in the land) in Gaza (‘Aza) and a few small areas, who seem to have disappeared from the record, except as imagined in their sudden twentieth-century resurrection by the arabs of today. Pottery from archaeological finds in those areas point to a style which is found, as well, among the kind originating in Greek culture. It is posited that these may be the “Sea People” mentioned in Egyptian records. Funny, huh?


Additionally, land appropriation of the 1920’s, when the eastern side was given to the Arabs, was totally illegal. One would never know that from the omission of this information by all who are anti-semitic. Jordan declared it’s independence (from the other half of “Palestine” in Israel) in around 1946. They did not have any land on the western side of the Jordan — as a matter of fact, they had not even had the land fronting their side of the river, but they were additionally (and illegally) given that, as well. So, they received a number of land allotments from the land originally supposed to be Jewish. When Israel declared its own independence in 1948, Israel was attacked by all the Arab nations around it, including by Jordan. While Israel won the war, Jordan managed to cross the Jordan river and take over parts of Jerusalem, including the Old City. By international standards, this war of aggression was illegal, and so their “occupation” of Jerusalem has also been illegal. From the rantings of the preachers, one would think that this illegal Jordanian occupation lasting only nineteen years, from 1948 (when Israel declared it’s independence) until 1967, when Israel regained the land after being attacked once again, constitutes “forever.”

So, I thank the televangelist preachers for letting the world finally know that the Jewish claim to the land is accurate, and acknowledging that even the Arabs know that this is true, but that they can’t admit to it, as they would lose their whole reason of existence, and they would really like to have the land. The fact that the Arabs already have numerous other countries is of no consequence — it’s just that they hate the Jews THAT much. However, I DO wish that the preachers would stop being so careless as to contribute to the death of Jewish people with such erroneous claims. Standing idly by and doing nothing, giving false information on which others base groundless claims leading to the death of our people, and other such atrocities, are still an act against G-d and the Jewish people. You are still commiting sins: claiming falsehoods against your neighbors, and abetting in the murder of our people.



Of Additional Interest (August 20, 2018):


Mohamed, A.Z. “In Islam, Jerusalem Is Not Mecca”.; August 16, 2018:


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The Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear

How many seated in these chairs
recall such love that he has shown?
How many generations here
will say such love they’ve known?

How many infants rocked to sleep
in gentle arms against the breast?
How many generations keep
such treasures from this chest?

How many children, eyes alight,
know Teddy as their favorite toy?
How many giggle with delight
to share their greatest joy?

How many lives have grown around
the comfort of our most-loved bear?
The generations handed down
this treasure with such care.

Our Teddy Bear was loved by all –
His ready smile could never dim;
The generations now sound the call
to share our lives with him.

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