Cavalier: A Tale of Chivalry, Passion and Great Houses – by Lucy Worsley

With what is most likely unfettered access to the homes of the landed gentry as Chief Curator of the Historic Royal Palaces, Lucy Worsley pieces back together the lives of the Cavendish household and their remarkable properties through her decade-long research via the great archival collections of the institutions and families that comprised the Royal households from the mid-1500’s through the following century. Her exhaustive obsession with her subject matter, from the bawdy, yet occasionally witty poetry of William Cavendish excerpted within, to the daily drudgery of the householders linked by their servitude to them, Lucy Worsley recaptures, in precise detailing, the intrigues and banality of everyday life in the English “Court.”

A well-written work by this very talented and rather young historian with a lot to say in an imagined historic recounting and musings of a romantic, Royalist past.



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2 responses to “Cavalier: A Tale of Chivalry, Passion and Great Houses – by Lucy Worsley

  1. The Wikipedia entry for historian and Chief Curator/Joint Chief Curator of Royal Historic Palaces, “Lucy Worsley”, under the “Credits” subsection, lists fourteen published books and thirty serial- or episodic television shows — and she’s only 43 years old! You might be further interested in her 2016 tv series, “Empire of the Tsars: Romanov Russia with Lucy Worsley”. She has a way of making history interesting, much like someone I know!

    Here is the Wikipedia entry for “Lucy Worsley”:


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