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Health Insurance Is NOT Health Care

Health Insurance Is NOT Health Care

It seems that people are confusing the payment of premiums to health insurance companies as constituting the receipt of an actual health care service. Paying money to insurance companies is just a form of hedging a bet on your health with payments set against a possible eventuality of injury, disease, consultative or preventive medicine. If a negative circumstance occurs to the insured, the insurance company is liable for a pre-set amount, generally paid only after the insured meets a certain level of deductible. Sometimes the insurer will cap their payments, after which additional payment will be denied and service will be discontinued. Oftentimes, the injured party will no longer be able to seek insurance with additional carriers, as a condition will have been considered pre-existing and, therefore, justified ineligible, meaning that the party will not be able to contract for service with any company out there and will be left uninsured.

I often thought that the conspiracy theorists who felt that the banks/bankers and insurers/insurance companies who felt that such aforementioned companies ruled the world would believe that Obamacare is just another of those avenues used to funnel the money to certain-inclined people. In Obamacare, we will all be supporting the health insurance companies who provide no real tangible service other than to act as a mediary to doctors and hospitals and serve as an already existing “death-panel” by previously determining and setting limitations with regards to which services a person will be able to receive. As it previously stood, those with pre-existing conditions couldn’t even buy in to the health insurance system in order to be able to receive some kind of hedged bet against their health.

People have ALWAYS had ACCESS to health care…. It just doesn’t mean that it was always affordable! The access has never been denied anyone….So all those leftist Democrats supportive of a socialised system of medicine, such as what we will be receiving under Obamacare, are not telling the truth when they keep saying that everyone should have access to healthcare, as if we are denying access to minorities and other people. Obamacare supporters feel that such under-privileged payers to insurance companies never before had access to medical service from real medical service providers.

The fact of the matter is, many minorities who cannot afford healthcare (and usually aren’t even legal citizens of the country) and other poor people in our country already know that they cannot be denied medical care if they present themselves or other injured loved one to the emergency room of a hospital. Then, after services have been rendered, they do not pay their bills and leave the hospital and tax-payers on the hook for the indebted balance remaining on the books. This is what has caused our once-great medical and health systems to begin failing, and this is the reason why many hospitals have been put “out-of-business.”

Obamacare will not help the already indebted medical and hospital system with the problem of illegal citizens utilizing the system to receive free services, for which we will all be on the hook. Under Obamacare, illegal citizens will still not be forced to pay into the system, and will still seek services via the most expensive route possible — in the hospital emergency rooms. This is one of the reasons that healthcare costs have gone sky high.

Other reasons for the high cost of medical care can be blamed on the insurer system, to begin with, anyways. Knowing that they will be reimbursed by the insurance companies or might receive millions of dollars in Federal or state grant monies, hospitals, medical doctors, laboratories, medical equipment companies, and other medical service providers charge exorbitant rates.

Another reason for the high costs of medical care and treatment is due to the cost to doctors of attending medical school. They must recoup their student loan rates and other expenses incurred while studying, being an intern in-residence, setting up their offices and paying rents and other business expenses, etc. All of these costs are passed on to the consumer.

It also seems to be a fallacy that Obamacare was meant to support the poor in receiving healthcare; the poorest people, who have already been too poor to pay for medical insurance previously are still too poor right now to be mandated to pay for health care. They still cannot afford it, and more pressing concerns, such as rent, food and other expenses come first. There just is NOT any leftover money with which to pay for medical insurance. No subsidy will be enough to overcome this conundrum of the low-wage or no-wage earner. Knowing this, the Obamacare crafters have allowed for an exemption for the poorest people not to be included in the mandate — Really, it wouldn’t be fair to sic the IRS on them, or to put them into jail for non-payment of something they can’t afford anyways. So, the exemption means that the poorest people will not have to be enrolled in Obamacare — AND SO WILL NOT RECEIVE THE HEALTH “CARE” THAT PEOPLE BELIEVE OBAMACARE WAS SET UP TO DELIVER! Update: Medicaid covers poor people only if they have children; under Obamacare, those people who reside in a state which did not “expand” Medicaid (for the purpose of covering the remainder who fall below the minimum Medicare age limits and do NOT have children) are still not covered, because they do not earn enough to contribute to a plan and receive only an exemption from participating in the plan. They do not earn enough to receive a subsidy from the government. So, most of what you’ve heard about these issues to-date has been inaccurate.

Why anybody thought that this socialized medicine scheme would work here in the U.S. has not taken a good look at how Socialiasm has been working out for the Cubans, the Chinese, or anybody else under the dictatorial regimes thereof. In not studying history, we are condemned to repeat it (and its mistakes — of which Communism and Socialism are two of the biggest). Socialized medicine has worked in Israel, but it was set up at its beginning and covered a small populace. That system is now being dragged under with too many people not paying into the system (like many of the Israeli-Arabs living there).

The U.S. is too big to succeed with socialized medicine!

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