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Monster Mosquitoes

Jeffrey Smith, from the Institute for Responsible Technology (, was a guest on the January 26th edition of Focus on South Florida, a television show airing Sundays from 10:00 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. on WBFS-TV, Channel 33 in the local market (“MyTV33”). The segment, which was hosted by chief investigative reporter, Michele Gillen of WFOR-TV (CBS4), reported on the considered release of genetically modified mosquitoes infected with herpes (simplex?) and E. coli bacteria into the Florida Keys area by a company to supposedly reduce the incidences of dengue fever by allowing the genetically modified mosquitoes to breed with natural mosquitoes and rendering their offspring sterile, as a result. However, not all offspring resulting from such pairings are sterile, meaning that some of the mosquitoes will potentially inherit active genes which will pass on to their own larvae when they reproduce. The male mosquitoes are targeted for the gene-changing “operations,” as they are the ones which supposedly don’t bite humans. However, female mosquitoes, which do bite humans, have slipped through and wound up infected, as well.

Oxitec, the company which has produced these mosquitoes, have already released these genetically engineered monsters into Grand Cayman Island in 2009, and further released additional batches more recently into Malaysia and Brazil. The results have proven that the theory does not work. Now they plan to release mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, but actions are underway to try to countermand this horrible idea.

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Any Leader of a “State” without Recognized Borders is Illegitimate

Any Leader of a “State” without Recognized Borders is Illegitimate.

One can only legitimately negotiate with leaders of recognized, sovereign states which retain lines of demarcation iterating their borders.

Additionally, agreements reached by unrecognized parties to negotiations between states would be invalid because the individuals are talking in an unofficial capacity. If they are not government officials representing their state, then they have no standing to conduct business in any official capacity, nor should any conclusive agreements reached by them be deemed to hold valid standing.

Furthermore, there must first exist recognized sovereign borders delineating a state in order for there to be any type of official status conferred upon a ruler over the governance of this physical land mass. While it is possible for a government, or one of its rulers, to exist in-exile, the land mass must have first been a recognized body with incorporated boundaries prior to the exile of its leader(s). This holds true in any form of government that exists now: whether kingdom, democracy, theocracy, parliamentarian or other category.

A group of people do not constitute a nation when they usurp the name of a land mass ruled over and named by other people, such as during the times the Romans ruled over the vassal state they conquered from the Jewish people, renaming it “Palestina” to remind the Jews of their former vanquished nemeses, the Philistines. The history books, the Bible, and other extraneous outside sources relate this aforementioned domination over the Jews of Israel in their sources — not once mentioning an Arab people, person, or language in this entire period occurring approximately two thousand years ago. A new people cannot just usurp that name and assert that they are the rightful, indigenous people of that region — yet, that is what the present-day, so-called “Palestinians” are doing.

What is their proof that they were the original inhabitants of this land? What was the name of their currency or their kings/rulers? For how long did they rule? Where is the material evidence to support this assertion? Where are the written sources to confirm proof of this statement? The last several decades can’t be counted in the propaganda of that assertion, as that is only an assertion without validity or proof. What about what is written in any outside sources? There is nothing to confirm the existence of a so-called “Palestinian” people in any outside sources.

When it is said that Israel has no partner with whom to negotiate peace, it is therefore a truism, because the Jews are really the people who were called the Palestinians by the Romans to begin with! Secondly, the Jews have ruled over Israel/Judah for thousands of years under a theocratically-styled governance at first, and then under at least 31 Kings in succession thereafter, even when they internally split into two kingdoms (the Northern kingdom and the Southern kingdom) before reuniting again, and even in more recent times under a democratically-elected Parliamentarian style form of government. We have even retained vassal kings (like Herod) who ruled over Israel at the time of occupation by others. We have also had a succession of Maccabaean rulers and Hasmonean dynastic rulers, all Jewish. We’ve even been ruled over by Mandatory assignees, when the Ottoman Empire (Turkish governance) lost the war and had to cede Israel to the League of Nations, the former name and pre-cursor of the same agency which became today’s familiarly-titled United Nations.

While most people may not be familiar with all these different Jewish rulers which have reigned over Israel, they probably have familiarity with at least some of them. The Old Testament stories tell of many of them, and our Chanukah holiday speaks of the Maccabaean successors who reigned victorious over the Roman occupiers and recaptured our Temple from the pagan idolaters.

And what stories can you tell about the so-called Arab people being referred to as the “Palestinians” today? What anecdotes can a schoolchild recite about the deeds of a valorous king amongst the Arab people? Any young teen would certainly be aware of our former Jewish king, David, wouldn’t they? Do you think they might know the name of King Solomon, also another of our Jewish kings over Israel? Indeed, I think they would.

The so-called Palestinian Arab people referred to today are a mixture of Arabs from differing backgrounds and birthplaces. Most of them moved to Israel after its establishment in order to find work and receive better wages than they would have in their neighboring Arab states. There were relatively few Arabs living in Israel during the Ottoman reign anyway, as they were mostly ruled in a feudal-style arrangement whereby the rich Arab effendis employed tenant serfs to farm their plots of land in an absentee-ownership basis. When the Arabs then again lost an aggressive war they pursued against the already established state of Israel in modern days, most of these Arab tenant farmers and Arab squatters sitting in Jewish properties then left Israel, hoping to just mosey on back into their ill-gotten holdings when the war ended. Except, they didn’t anticipate that Israel would win the war (and mostly every other one they’ve ever tried to wage against us)!

One cannot negotiate with one who has no legal standing to do so. The so-called recent elections to governmental-sounding Palestinian administrative positions, such as President, is just a false formation of an entity which has no legal basis or standing, as there exists no internationally recognized border lines over which these so-called government officials would reign!

I could call myself president of Randy-land, based on a name I made up after my own moniker, but that would not make me president over any square inch of land anywhere in existence, would it? I could even appoint additional members from my family to this governmental ruling body and call it an administration, but that still wouldn’t make it legitimate, right? So, why would this standard apply to the Palestinians, who have appointed themselves, or even voted others into, such positions?

None of it is valid or legitimate. It is all just null and void!



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Mohamed, A.Z. “In Islam, Jerusalem Is Not Mecca”.; August 16, 2018:




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