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Snow(den) Job

In the span of my lifetime and at present, I have been seeking employment via multiple methodologies and through various sources. This leads me to familiarity with the job market trends and companies that have advertised their searches, whether online, in print, or through other media avenues.

Recently, I came across a website advertisement for an editor/analyst job which I believe may have been the former job held by Edward Snowden, the controversial employee who absconded with reams or files of classified documents from the company he was employed with. The company, which I won’t mention here and which I believe is the same one who employed Snowden, ran the ad online for several weeks after the Snowden debacle had come to light.

As the title of the position seemed interesting to me, I had a look at the qualifications needed for the individual or person who would be hired in this position. I am sad to say that the position did not seem to require a great deal of pre-screening or high-ranking security clearance in order for the individual to work in this particular job. Later on, the parameters of the position had changed, and additional clearances were listed necessary for this job. The position has apparently since been filled, but I do hope that closer scrutiny will be applied in the hiring of the next individual to secure this position, as the company deals with the US government and there is much classified information which should remain secure, in our national interest.

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