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Praying at Walls

Walls represent many things to many people, the most holiest one of which is the Kotel Ha’Ma’ariv (the Western Wall – a.k.a. The Wailing Wall) located in the heart of Israel in its center, Jerusalem.

Usually walls are sort of an intangible thing — something to hold up the ceiling of a home. But walls, in another sense, can represent a people’s crowning achievement, or the means to secure their borders.

We find the remaining wall of the World Trade Center, a twisted, tangled structure of steel, to represent a sacred site for Americans, since the tragedy of September 11th, 2001.

As President Reagan stood at the Brandenburg gate near Berlin, Germany and admonished Mikhail Gorbachev on June 12, 1987 to “tear down the wall” of Communist oppression it held over Russia’s people, we remember that the so-called Cold War between Russia and the United States became unfrozen after Reagan’s speech and up until recent times — the thaw having built up to more of a deep-freeze level in the last two decades with the U.S. support of Russia’s enemy, Afghanistan (before we went to war with them), and our present siding with Ukrainian aspirations.

After World War II, with Germany having lost the war, the Allies partitioned Germany into zones, which then became entrenched into real, physical boundaries. With Russia melded to the Communist ideal and with its support of the same in Germany, the zones became two separate German countries, East and West. One side was Democratic, and the other side was highly Communist. On August 13, 1961, a wall was created by the Eastern side to separate East and West Germany, so that the people and their ideologies would remain separated across the borders. Eventually, the wall was destroyed on November 9, 1989 — two years after Reagan gave his famous speech.

The ancient wall around China, probably just built by regular people, is today considered an architectural wonder. Nobody tells the Chinese to tear down those walls.

Every year at Passover, which Jews are obligated by G-d to celebrate in commemoration of His deliverance of our people out of the bondage of Egypt, we say “Next Year in Jerusalem” (even if we are in Israel) that we should never again be separated from our homeland.

We pray at the wall of one of the only remaining visible remnants from when the Temple stood upon its mount (Temple Mount) for many things: that Jerusalem and the Temple should be rebuilt; that the Moshiach should come speedily. Although the Temple Mount stands in sovereign Israel, the small Al-Aqsa Mosque and the more-recognized Dome of the Rock, both Muslim religious places, stand upon it, and Moshe Dayan, the famed Israeli strategist over many of our winning defenses, decided to allow the Waqf (an Islamic body) to govern over its sites, thereby relinquishing the ability for many Israeli Jews to pray upon its holy surface structure.

We have heard from angry people all over the world about Israel’s erection of concrete walls, designed to curtail terrorist infiltrations and attacks upon Israeli people, stating that they are “apartheid” walls designed to encapsulate Palestinians and to keep them as second-class citizens. This is so far from truth as to be almost ridiculous. It has indeed helped to stave off ground attacks, but it certainly has done nothing to divert over 10,000 mortars and rockets from being fired into Israel from Gaza or from other areas of Arab occupation.

Therefore, it is with great sadness that I have seen a recent picture of the Pope in Israel, praying at a graffiti-ized Israeli security wall, after having visited in Amman, Jordan, and then flying directly into the areas where Palestinians have set up camp to declare their own state on our land. Indeed, these Arab people are reviving our ancient enemies’, the Philistines (no relation to present-day Palestinians, as far as I know), name in evoking the name given by the Romans to Israel when it conquered Israel back in the beginning of the First Century of the Common Era (c. 70 A.D., as listed by current textbooks, etc.) — “Palestine.” The Pope should be ashamed of himself for siding with violence-loving people who create no democracies in the countries they govern, who annihilate others of a different ethnicity/religion (Jews and Christians) and take over those peoples’ lands (Israel, Africa, etc.). Well, I said we should wait and see what time would determine of this current Pope. Since he has taken reign, we have heard many people saying that he leans towards Communistic tendencies; apparently, he still sides with ancient Rome on Israel — not a mea culpa in sight.

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