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A Present For My Friend

For my special friend…

We have weathered many hardships,

We have shared many joys.

Thanks for having been there –

For helping me as much as you’ve helped others.

One day, I hope to finish this gift so that I can give it to you. It’s been a work-in-progress, just like our wonderful friendship has been.

Thank you for the gift you’ve given of your time in my life.

I appreciate you.

With love –


– R


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Holiday Wishes For 2016

Wishing strong leadership for the country to drive our nation forward in economic prosperity and compassion, with religious and personal freedoms for all.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

My 2012 Presidential Cabinet picks are still good choices for today. See my picks in the archive, and check out my choice for 2016:




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Take Time To Reconnect

The holidays at this time are a special reason to reconnect with our life’s priorities. The time flew by and caught us unprepared for the gathering of relatives and friends, and we look back and marvel at how quickly the children have sprouted against the measured growth of time and our accomplishments. The kitten has matured into a beautiful, young cat now, and the last-minute presents still await their shiny wrappings.


As we take time to thank G-d for our blessings, please take time to remember the less fortunate amongst ourselves. Try to be thoughtful in action and deed. Put the connection back in the “disconnect.” The songs of this holiday were written to reflect certain feelings and things. If you are really going to sing about someone that you believe to have been born as the “King of Israel,” can you simultaneously claim that this same land really belongs to the Arabs? Why would the words to ‘The First Noel’ say “Israel” and not “Palestine,” then? The land is not disconnected from the hearts and the thoughts of the Jewish people. It is an important aspect central to our heritage. Please respect that with your own thoughts.


And in the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d share the holiday card sent by the Trump campaign to my household, in my own setting. His message is hopeful and loving:





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It’s not my imagination — it’s official. What I’ve been trying to tell people for years is confirmed by others who have independently reached the same conclusion as I.

The matter to which I refer involves long-held viewpoints from pagan and Christian dogma metamorphosing and metastasizing to conform to ever present realities in which it finds itself. One factor has remained constant throughout the continent, and it has been the institutionalized, top-down aspect of anti-Semitism as disseminated by its governmental and religious leaders meeting to meld with a bottom-up approach to vigilante action by the local population to eliminate and neutralize the Jews within their midst. Various countries have developed their own preferred methodologies to attack what they see as this “problem” of there being Jewish people living amongst them, whether by killing them, banishing them from certain industry, or expelling them altogether. Yes, it has even developed a “flavour-du-jour” as to the lasting, permanent stench clinging to each countries’ historical reputation.

England has been no exception and has even led the pack, developing and instigating libelous accusations blaming the disappearance of Christian children upon Jews, who were preposterously charged with the murder of these children in order to use their blood in baked matzah. First, Jewish law forbids the consumption of blood. Second, matzah is just flour and water, with maybe a flavorant (onion, salt, etc.) minimally added. It represents the day we departed Egypt out of bondage, in a big hurry to get out of there as per G-d’s orders to us before he would harden Pharaoh’s heart once again against us. There was no time to let the bread rise, and as we are commanded by G-d to celebrate and recount this festival since that time, thousands of years ago, every year — we do so.

The accusers mix in another aspect of this story, when G-d commanded us to anoint our doorposts/entrances with blood from a lamb which each family was to eat, as a sign of obedience for hearing and following Him, and sparing us the deaths of our firstborns when our houses were passed-over, as bestruck the Egyptians. So the story of the Bible became a weapon which others would malign to fit their narrative to act maliciously towards the Jews.

Such stories were often traced back to the Archbishop of Canterbury in England, whose position is still in existence these continuous centuries later since the stories’ perpetration. In 1290 of the Common Era, England expelled all her Jews, which began another exodus out of foreign lands, leading to our continued spread throughout Europe, with additional expulsions and Jew-hatred programs, such as the Spanish Inquisition, Russian and French pogroms, confinement to the Pale of Settlement, ghettoization, Nazi German extermination of Jews in death camps or in the backs of vans, etc. An illustrious past befitting the continent today reaping the beginning of its consequences for policies concurrent with its alliance to destructive nations advocating Israel’s/the Jewish people’s demise.

Today, the so-called “Arab Spring” has become a nightmare for the Middle Eastern Arab countries, each one experiencing internecine life-or-death warfare between neighbors. These civil wars among their own people spurred masses and migrations of people creating chaos — some fleeing for safety, others using the situation to their advantage to search for better economic opportunity elsewhere. The designation of Syrian refugees admitted as political-asylum seekers due to the civil war there creates a current black market of opportunists trafficking forged Syrian documentation. As a matter of fact, I just read somewhere that the passport office in Syria had been overrun by a bunch of brigands who are generating false documents with all the supplies that were still sitting there at their disposal (see September 17, 2015 article by Nick Fagge: So there really is no way to vet these people into any country.

For a regular background check, you might use a person’s name, date-of-birth, or Social Security number (here in the U.S.). You could also search Worker’s Compensation records. You could conduct reference checks with neighbors or perhaps even previous employers. You could check police records to see if there are any criminal charges. Basically, you’ll wind up with a list of previous addresses of the individual, perhaps their previous employment, the impressions of others about this individual, and whether they’ve been injured or have any crimes on file. This doesn’t presage what an individual is capable of in the future, nor is it an accurate depiction of their lives. We always hear the disbelief when neighbors state their shock over some scandal or another.

With much of Syria in rubble and waging war right now, do you think we can just pick up the phone and request school records from Syria of refugee “x”? Do we fly over to knock on the neighbor’s door for a reference check, when they’ve all fled the country?

Our government probably is able only to get that information on a U.S. individual in recent times in a centralized format; how much less so for a smaller country in raging chaos? There is just not going to be any realistic way to do so, that I can foresee. Unless someone is previously known to the government, it would be euphemistic, at best, to expect otherwise.

We do have the option of coordinating intelligence with other countries to see what they can come up with, as well, and this is what any (and possibly all) good spy agencies would do. So, let’s just say that they’ve all been doing that and not beat around the bush. (Remember the feigned surprise and indignation about German chancellor, Angela Merkel’s, phone being tapped?) It’s also, I think, what got Jonathan Pollard in trouble (For more background information about his case, please see:

A loophole allows foreign intelligence to go where no domestic agency was allowed to tread, at least until the expansion of local access in the proviso of the Patriot Act laws. Search and seizure parameters were broadened to allow police at the local level easier access to citizen property. Surveillance on citizens connecting with people abroad was allowed to be conducted through bulk collection of data — no matter how many degrees of separation existed, you could be targeted for knowing someone, who knows someone, who knows someone else, whose son had a bar-mitzvah in Israel, even though you knew only the first individual in this tangled, non-connected web. Now the NSA is supposedly abandoning the idea after being challenged, without admittance to “above-and-beyond” reasonable search – only that it doesn’t work to stop terrorism. Perhaps it would, if they weren’t so focused on Shmuel’s bar-mitzvah gathering.

In my always ubiquitous job search, I ran across a job position which I thought sounded perfect for me. It was called a ‘monitoring journalist’ and it was offered by the BBC. Apparently, the BBC uses content provided by other sources in their news-gathering departments, for this is what the job entailed.

As I basically love to read the news, I thought it would be great to have a job I love to do, so I looked into it. A requisite part of the job requires conformance to six values ( BBC Values Guide.pdf; accessed 12/02/2015), the first being trust — they claim to be impartial and honest.  They say the second is the audience, and they put them first, stating that their audience “is not all like us and our friends…” and that they “adapt” (to the audiences’ changing needs). Creativity: “We seek out different perspectives, others’ ideas and opinions.” Then why never the Israeli perspective? “We respect each other and celebrate our diversity.” Hah! (Managers): “… They help people move around the BBC.”

I cannot apply for this position; I do not meet their pre-established standards, and do not speak the “voice” of their presentation. They present biased reports against Israel, and I’m Jewish and pro-Israel. Never this twain shall meet.

Anyways, I decided to look for other companies that offer these opportunities to monitor “open source” media, and while doing so, I came across a LinkedIn web post ( with a list of twenty-three monitoring journalists who perform this job (some with similar variances in title or areas) for the BBC in Caversham, Reading, England:

Lamia Estatie (Arabic Team); Sara Fayyad; Lina Shaikhouni; Nesrine Kamal (Media); Juliet Njeri (Senior); Adam Robinson (Media Production); Zainul Abid (Journalist); Tulika Bhatnagar (BBC World); Diana Barseghyan (Translator); Tim Bard-Jones (Senior); Molly Corso (Senior); James Vick; Dina Aboughazala; Evan Ostryzniuk; Mohamed Gade (Journalist); Amira Mohsen Galal (Arabic Media Analyst); Mariam Rizk; Olena Rudenko; Farhad Daneshvar; Nada Hussein Rashwan (Journalist); Oleg Yefimov; Mohamed El Assar; Marina Fokina (Business Management position).

The list is made up of about fifteen Arabic-sounding names, comprising the majority role in the composition of this listing. To be fair, there is another list which has less Arabic-sounding names and comprises the top twenty-four “Senior” monitoring journalists (

Some of the descriptions for the monitoring journalist job (especially the one for Iran: describe: “… As a monitoring journalist, you will help us show not only what the media are reporting, but also how they are telling the story… Conforms to our editorial standards… You’ll understand and embrace BBC monitoring’s purpose and vision with the ability to implement this into everyday editorial tasks.”

Perhaps these factors might help to explain why the BBC so often portrays Israel in a negative light? Now, one might be inclined to think that people are entitled to their viewpoints, as we are accustomed to, and even insist, upon doing here in the U.S.

But the BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation, and it is operated as a state-run entity, and so is an institution of the British government run for public consumption, in effect. So, it is, in its way, representing official dogma of the British government in its operation. And so, when it presents biased reportage favorable to the Palestinians and accusatory to Israel (and by extension, to the Jews), then it is presenting what would be deemed to be British policy, per se, on-air.

By not showing the story of the Jews’ thousands-upon-thousands of years of life being lived in the Jewish homeland of Israel, it presents a contrarian point that shows the BBC as a biased operator, favoring the side of the Arab enemies who attack the Jews. Their broad-based spectrum as a world service with portions of their operations (full support was cut from other streams of revenue a few years ago) funded through the government give it an unprecedented platform from which to trumpet their message. Such a responsibility should be shouldered with dignity and forthrightness — all found lacking in this single-minded endeavor.

Arab and/or Islamic terrorism has (once again) reached Europe, and England is experiencing some of its after-effects. As in so many other issues, we are still at a point where we can reverse course while we are able to, rather than charge straight into the lion’s den. The mouths of these lions will not be shut up and will devour, roar and rage against all in its path. I would hope that the leaders of those respective countries would fight against and tame that wild beast. Stay tuned for full coverage and news at 5:00 p.m.


Additional (November 25, 2019):


I turned off commentary to my site, and, so, had to delete individual comments, too. The respondent, one of those listed on the Linked-In site attributed to BBC, had written of his objection to his name appearing in my posting. My response to him, way back then, and which I’m adding to the original post now, was the following:


Dear Mohamed,

That my little, tiny blog post reached your attention surely means that the reach and scope of BBC’s ‘monitoring journalists’ is vast (or possibly that you have an alert tied to your name).

I had no way to know that you would object to being associated with the listing of BBC Monitoring Journalists appearing on the LinkedIn posting (to which I linked in my own post). I would have been remiss to have left your name off after having transcribed all the other ones so diligently. Surely, I couldn’t do that, and you would have to agree that leaving you off would have been slovenly.

The LinkedIn listing is apparently fluid, as new names appear not previously noted. If the LinkedIn post was inaccurate and I was wrong and you don’t work for the BBC, then I apologize. You shouldn’t be associated with the BBC (or anti-Semitism for that matter, as referenced in your statement) if it’s not true.

You have contacted the wrong person regarding this matter as I do not work for the BBC, nor do I control the LinkedIn account to which someone posts the (alleged) BBC’s rostrum of staff. Your confusion can be addressed by immediately contacting LinkedIn and the BBC to inform them of their mistake in listing you amongst their staff, as I see that you are still listed in the LinkedIn posting. Perhaps that would solve the conundrum of your objections to appearing in a post of “BBC Monitoring Journalists” were you to be removed from such listings.

Would you believe I almost didn’t list you in my own post? I did notice that of all the other journalists, yours did not have a title. Rechecking it again, I see that you have listed “Writing and Editing,” although those descriptions would more aptly apply to the departments to which they correlate, rather than titles such as Writer/Editor might imply.

Your reply includes a “” designation, which I will not list here. If you are with the Legal department and speak for the BBC, your right to do so would be called to question, as this is not, you will note, an article about Mohamed El Assar. The scope of my article is varied and wide, and touches on: Judaism; “blood” libels against Jews; the Biblical story behind the Jewish celebration of Passover; Jewish Law; the expulsion of the Jews from many lands (including England); various Jew-hatred efforts, such as the Inquisition, pogroms, the Final Solution, ghettoization, etc.

The edicts against the Jews have been top-down and bottom-up. I touch on the “Arab Spring” and the civil warfare ongoing in the encompassing region, and of refugees and vetting of such. I write of intelligence gathering and sharing. I also write of a job search conducted for myself, leading to the BBC advertisement for the monitoring journalist position and my further discovery to the BBC Values Guide, as well as the LinkedIn post (only after that).

I almost did, ironically, leave your name off the post — the omission of your title amongst all others made it seem unimportant — but my aforementioned argument that you were included in the LinkedIn “BBC Monitoring Journalists” list won out — before even your reply!

I see that you are also being vague in not succinctly stating your argument. You state that you “do not cover that area at all,” which implies that you do cover something. What, specifically, are you referring to as the “area” in my post which you do not cover?

As mentioned, they are many — mainly dealing with this Jewish girl’s writing on Jewish things and my job search. I would certainly hope that you would not “cover that at all!”

But you have chosen to make it your business, I see. 38KB of data you took in that simple response to pursue an illogical action unwarranted on your part. If you indeed do not work for the BBC and wish your name removed from the LinkedIn post, you must contact those agencies directly. If you address these matters satisfactorily and prove that you have done so to me, then I may consider removing your name after the appropriate agencies have removed it first. Thank you for drawing attention to yourself in this way, so that I can correct the spelling of your name: Mohamed El Aassar.



For a sampling of sites and incidents on the issue of BBC anti-Semitism, see:

Soffer, Ari. “BBC Anchor Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Comment at Paris Rally,” January 12, 2015; Arutz Sheva:

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)’s subcategory, BBC Watch:

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Further Information/Updates:

Sela, Hadar. “New Report Again Highlights BBC’s Gaza Conflict Reporting Failures,” December 12, 2015; Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA):

Yahoo news re-post of December 20, 2015 Agence France-Presse article, “Jihadists Stole ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Blank Passports: Report,” citing German newspaper Welt am Sonntag report citing Western intelligence sources:

Additional Information (January 14, 2016):

Kent, Simon. “BBC Admits ‘Jews’ Anti-Semitism in Israel Coverage,” July 9, 2015;; (breitbart: 2015/07/09).

Crossley, Lucy. “BBC Reporter Faces Calls to Resign After He Tells Daughter of Holocaust Survivors After Paris Attacks: ‘Palestinians Suffer Hugely At Jewish Hands As Well,'” January 12, 2015 (Updated: January 17, 2015); MailOnline,

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Proclaiming Justice to the Nations. “BBC Admits ‘Gaza Under Attack’ Images Fabricated” (reprinted from an original article by Nick Hallett on July 8, 2014, entitled “Watch: BBC Admits ‘Gaza Under Attack’ Images Fabricated” at

Sela, Hadar. “The BBC Says Only Jews Can Be Terrorists, Not Palestinians,” January 7, 2016,

Harris, David. “Why Won’t the BBC Call Charlie Hebdo Attackers Terrorists?'”.; January 27, 2015:



Update (November 25, 2019):


An article by JNS published in World Israel News yesterday (November 24, 2019), summarizes a report by the Church of England which acknowledges the role that Christian beliefs have perpetuated in leading up to the Holocaust, during the genocide of six million Jews. The article states that the Church of England issued a large report (I’ll see if I can track it down) admitting that such attitudes did, indeed, play a role in leading to Jewish deaths. The fact that this is a hard matter to publicly admit means that, in light of new anti-Semitism rearing its ugly head, this country realizes its ashamed behaviors, and, perhaps now, is really on a path to begin the process of healing (themselves, and the Jewish people). I’m heartened by this. I hope it is for real, and not just propaganda for a good PR image. I believe in Britain, and I believe they will, at last, hopefully do right by the Jewish people. Good luck, England, and I hope you can exit the accursed, anti-Semitic European Union. Go, England! With love, your little children.


JNS via World Israel News. “Church of England: Centuries of Christian anti-Semitism led to Holocaust”.; November 24, 2019:




Here is a link to the non-commercial pdf file of the report:







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