Take Time To Reconnect

The holidays at this time are a special reason to reconnect with our life’s priorities. The time flew by and caught us unprepared for the gathering of relatives and friends, and we look back and marvel at how quickly the children have sprouted against the measured growth of time and our accomplishments. The kitten has matured into a beautiful, young cat now, and the last-minute presents still await their shiny wrappings.


As we take time to thank G-d for our blessings, please take time to remember the less fortunate amongst ourselves. Try to be thoughtful in action and deed. Put the connection back in the “disconnect.” The songs of this holiday were written to reflect certain feelings and things. If you are really going to sing about someone that you believe to have been born as the “King of Israel,” can you simultaneously claim that this same land really belongs to the Arabs? Why would the words to ‘The First Noel’ say “Israel” and not “Palestine,” then? The land is not disconnected from the hearts and the thoughts of the Jewish people. It is an important aspect central to our heritage. Please respect that with your own thoughts.


And in the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d share the holiday card sent by the Trump campaign to my household, in my own setting. His message is hopeful and loving:






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