Updated: January 10, 2017/ Photos mentioned may be searched at noted sites or other locations.


The first picture (top — or left, depending on your browser), posted via Simon Weisenthal Center’s email broadcast subscription to members on October 13, 2015, shows a screenshot of an active twitter account (pic.twitter.com/QPPqiQeI6p – Gaza Now -@gazalnps – dated October 11, 2015) which Simon Weisenthal officials are trying to have removed, as it portrays an Arab terrorist giving an online tutorial in locating areas of the body which, when slashed/punctured with a knife, would prove deadly in killing Jewish people (or, frankly, anybody… We all bleed and die the same…). Note that the sweatpants and the big, fat, rounded rear-end appear rather similar to the second photo shown (bottom — or right, depending on your browser) of the man with the gun. The intersecting large white stripe is just barely shown in the first photo, but I do think it’s there. The big, fat, rounded rear-end can also be made out in the second photo (the man with the two guns); although positioned differently, it appears somewhat flatter. The second photo of the man with the guns appeared in the Jewish Press yesterday, January 4, 2016, in an article by Hana Levi Julian (“Day 4: The Hunt Continues for Tel Aviv Shooter”) reporting about the terrorist attack in the Tel Aviv/Ramat Aviv area on Friday, January 1st, in which an Arab man, Nashat Melham, age 31, killed two people and wounded eight at an Israeli cafe on Dizengoff street (many years ago, the cinema area on Dizengoff Street was also the site of another attack). Thankfully, the killer’s father, an auxiliary police officer, alerted authorities that the murderer caught on surveillance cameras was his son. The killer is still on the loose, and I have a friend who lives in Ramat Aviv, where the terrorist was last believed to have been seen. Could the man in the Twitter tutorial be the same individual? Are these just really popular sweatpants in the Middle East? I do not know if the attendant photo appearing with the Jewish Press article is a photo of one of the terrorists, or is a stock photo, or is a photo of supposed security forces. Perhaps it’s all three. Has the family of the terrorist hidden him or aided his escape? The public trust and much available resources would be given an officer of the law, such as his father would have had access to. So many times I have been told stories by Jewish people about Jewish employers who had hired Arabs, giving them a job and long-term income to support their families, only to have been killed by them (or a relative of the employee’s) many years later.

The Simon Weisenthal Center is trying to petition social media to take down terrorism-related postings and sites due to the fact that they instigate copycat murders and incite further anti-Semitic attacks. SWC has, for years, been involved in speaking with social media to spur them to action to remove such sites, to little avail. But, lately, I guess, social media and the rest of the world is now beginning to see that terrorism isn’t going to be confined to Israeli shores any longer. Now that it’s reached our own shores, the people are beginning to understand and to listen. Whether Twitter will heed these warnings is anybody’s guess. But, now that the cat’s out of the bag (meaning that the perps might possibly have been discovered), what do you want to bet that the sites will now be removed, pronto?

Update: It seems that these more closely resemble soccer pants… Brand — maybe Adidas? Maybe angelagaga? Maybe from Aliexpress.com (looks like an image from a Google search inquiry? — unknown, but one can look and try to figure it out…). Neither, it turns out, is the terrorist. But the terrorist’s phone was found on the street where my friend lives. Terrorism touches straight to the heart. And its time must end.

Update: I spoke with my friend, who basically relayed that she was going to go out, and go about her business, and she wasn’t going to occupy her thoughts or change her life because of this terrorist She said they would catch him, and they did. And that’s that.

Blank, Cynthia. “Police: Milhem May Have Had As Many As Twenty Accomplices,” January 10, 2016; israelnationalnews.com:



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