Just Say, “Cheesy!”

For Pete’s sake (sorry, Pete)… If things couldn’t get more heated in the Dems versus Guppy race, we now have the latest running mate, named “Cheese”, entering the political arena. Heading one of the top (late-breaking?) items on the news story carousel is an article featuring the eighty best cheeses from around the world. As like wine, the cheese industry has evolved protected Provenance Labeling and guards their recipes and methods with care. The newest Labeling fiasco, though, is in finding that one of these eighty best cheeses include one called “Akkawi”, from the great, non-existent state of Palestine! Quick! Five points to the first person who can define the borders to this fake state! Whoops! Time’s up! You failed! That’s because it doesn’t exist! The Arabs live either as citizens, just like everyone else, in Israel, or they are under Israeli sovereignty in Israel, but in either mixed areas or under (semi-) autonomous rule.

The article, which I had to track down again because it disappeared before I could write down the information, is here:

http://www.gourmandize.com/article-1973-around-the-world-in-80-cheeses.htm. (The culprit is #3 of 81 photos).

Try to look up Ackawi (variant: Akkawi) cheese, and you run across the cheese site, cheese.com, which explains the “origins” of the cheese, thusly. They say that the cheese is named “Ackawi” because that is the Arabic name meaning that it comes from “Aker”. Acre(English) / Akko(in Israel) is a city bordering Haifa, in the north of Israel! This city is purely in Israel and there is absolutely not one shred of any city called “Aker of Palestine”. Both this gourmet blog site and this cheese site misidentify the city (or state) of origin of this cheese! Considering that the European Union and the United States are bullying just one country, Israel, to label goods manufactured from what they consider “conflict” areas, I want to know where this outrage of a cheese, labeled from a non-existent state replacing Israel, comes from?

See the offensive cheese here:


I wonder what they had to pay to secure that cheese.com generically-named website? The domain name must have been pretty tough to secure!

As it turns out, the article had a strange footer… Copyright WorldNews Inc. Cheese as a news site? Well, I love cheese as much as the next guy, but this is just a bit much, isn’t it? Well, no; as it turns out, it isn’t. In fact, WorldNews Inc, according to their LinkedIn site, employs between fifty-one and two-hundred people, and maintains “over 20,000 global thematic and regional news sites”. Wikipedia.org, accessed February 11, 2016, lists them as a news aggregator founded in 1995 and launched online in 1998, earning mention among Forbes’ 2000 “Best of Web” in just two years’ time. And Reddit, accessed same date, lists WorldNews Network with over ten-million (views?), with filters: Refugee crisis, Zika, Syria/Iraq, Ukraine/Russia, and Israel/Palestine! Reddit’s statement includes also what is disallowed, which is: US Politics/US International News. Why not? Is this, like, some kind of a spy front? WorldNews Network, at their site, offers language services in: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese. They also have travel and education services — and no, I’m not a travel agent promoting their services! This is not an endorsement, whatsoever. In fact, it’s sort of an inquiry in the opposite direction! Their regional editions include: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Iran, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Phillipines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, VietNam. Wow. It sort of reminds me, since I had written about it not too long ago, of the BBC, in comparison with the language translation abilities and the scope of its reach. That is impressive! Especially with the speed with which they were able to get it into Iran. Huh. It didn’t even seem like the agreements had even been complete, let alone the ink having dried yet, on the lifting of sanctions on the country of Iran.

So, what news are they aggravating? I mean, aggregating? Al Jazeera. I think I recall reading somewhere that it means, “the Islands”, in Arabic (I might be wrong; I don’t speak Arabic). The station is quite biased against Israel (I’ve watched it). The six articles at the top of the network site accessed yesterday (http://wn.com) are all about Bernie Sanders; other article topics list: Syrian war; poor treatment of terrorists; climate change; Ferguson, Missouri and biased policing practices; black voters — you get the general idea. And in the business arena, they follow the same model that the current petroleum giants, such as BP (British Petroleum), and others have been rolling out: combining petroleum services with renewable alternatives. WorldNews Business is offering service in this, as well: Solar power, oil investment, and silver prices.

With all this cheese stinking up the place, it’s almost sure to draw rats!



Here is a recipe from giverecipe.com for Kunefe, a dish served as typical “Palestinian” fare, and a background on its history, the locations from where its ingredients are sourced, and the proper way to prepare it, from a restaurant owner specializing in its preparation (afar from its original source).

Kunefe, much like baklava, soaks in syrup. I enjoy the tastes of both, but find the after-effects of these oily-syrup treats to be more than my gastronomic appreciation can bear.










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