Randy’s Recipes: Eaty Beety Borscht


Randy’s Recipes: Eaty Beety Borscht


There are certain food items or combinations that, in my mind, provide a noticeable benefit which can be felt at the cellular level. Now, don’t ask me the science behind it, or the proof that the phenomenon exists. I often propose wildly outrageous theorems based solely on creative mind-bending fancies. They occasionally feature in my discussions and writings. This is one of those times where  I feel that the oft-maligned root vegetables deserve their place in the sun.


The earthy beet was often a staple found on my family dinner plate, taken with care to be put there by a Mother striving to provide balanced nutrition with a vegetable accompaniment to the main meal, childhood “ick” factors notwithstanding.


This inspired dish, from the lands of our dispersion, is based from the Jewish community of the Russian Diaspora. I believe that the nutrients found in this “earth pomegranate” enhance human functioning to its core — it’s some wild theory I hold based solely on the feeling I get soon after its consumption. So, that’s not scientific pablum, but opinion, dearests.


But, I hope you, too, will benefit from its inclusion in your menu. Please try to obtain raw produce for this dish — but if you must use the canned variety, you must.


Fist-sized Beet(s), trimmed; leave the skins on the beet(s) to impart flavor: (I generally use between 1-3 for myself; gauge according to desired volume)

Sour cream



Some people would insist this soup is incomplete unless it contains at least one of the following items:

Garlic:  (powdered, minced, chopped, or in cloves)


Cucumbers, diced (within the body of the soup)


Cucumbers, sliced (atop soup)


Trim from the bulb of the beet(s) any extraneous matter, such as root, hairs, etc. Scrub and rinse the beet(s) clear of all dirt — in a soup, you don’t want to taste that! Use enough water to reach to about 1/2 to 2/3 of the beet level. The point is to thoroughly infuse the water with the beets, and not to add beets to water, almost as if an after-thought. Cook the beet(s) in a pot on the stove top until you reach this desired effect, checking that water hasn’t evaporated (more can be sparingly added, if required). The skin should be readily removable, once cooled. Remove the beet(s’) skin(s). Chop the beet(s) into small pieces and add back into the soup. Add a good scoop of sour cream and stir-in, to taste. If adding other ingredients, most can be inserted towards the end of cooking, and cucumbers or garnish applied/inserted in the finishing touches. Enjoy lukewarm, or further chilled from the refrigerator.

4.9 Yums Up

For Anisa (and Japan)



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