Wild Theory 1


Wild Theory 1


I’ve been told countless times that I have a twin in some nearby town closeby to the place where I grew up. It’s quite possible, in all actuality, that they could be related familially to me, as I was adopted as a child, and have read stories about adoptees, or in-vitro fertilized-assisted people later discovering siblings they were never aware of. And then it’s fun to read about the similarities they find in common when they do a comparison of traits and characteristics between themselves. Because of my particular identity in this way, the concept of having a blood sibling where you share chromosomes and genes from the same parent, or parents, gives me an oddity of feeling in that it is an unusual relationship. I’m not even able to verbalize correctly the essence of my thought here — I’ve already erased different words in its stead.


Yet, that is my norm. To think of anything else (which most of the world would consider their “normal”) is, to me, just plain … weird. Oftentimes, I have fun asking people what they think my background is (ethnicity, heritage, ancestry, etc.), and then laughing at the responses I get, because it’s funny to hear what they come up with, and then there’s the curiosity factor regarding the adoption matter. I do know I’m Jewish, and that is my ancestry. I have some funny stories about these, and I think I’ll save them for possible future stories.


Meanwhile, I’ve mentioned in other posts some wild theories I have, but I haven’t formally listed them. I have yet to explain them to myself, let alone to others, so verbalizing their actual components is going to prove problematic. But, I’ll try to give it a go – mostly for amusement, both of myself and for others.


Today, the universe has been emphasizing the nature of “twin-ness”. The feral cat, which I’ve known now for a time and who features in several of my posts, has a Doppelganger kitty, who has today taken up residence within the inner gate of the outer property.


Secondly, I received a great email from http://honestreporting.com/ today (March 2, 2016) featuring several great articles. One was about archaeological finds relating to Jewish presence within the land of Israel. The accompanying photo displayed an ancient gold necklace, featuring a medallion pendant with bas-relief menorah and religious symbols, such as the shofar, on its face, hanging from a beautiful, gold, chain which appears like a woven tube, with filigree-styled barrel clasps; the other jewelry of nice, but simply-styled golden earrings, hoop-styled, seem very old and I’m envisioning these as perhaps some of the jewelry carried by the Israelites on our journey out of bondage, from Egypt. Did all of the gold given by the Egyptians to us at our departure make it into the smelter to be cast as the Golden Calf in the wilderness? It was supposed to have been. Maybe it is Jewish styling.


The next article was pretty interesting, as well. It advertises the speaking event to be held March 7th, in Jerusalem, to hear Ishmael Khaldi, Israel’s first Bedouin diplomat. His B.A. and Master’s Degrees were obtained in Israel (of course!!!) and he has served with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He has also served in Israel’s Ministry of Defense, as well as having served with the Israeli police.


That he did all that is not at all odd, as some people might presume. What I do find odd is an uncanny resemblance, in an Arab way, to our president, Barack Obama. His bearing, his haircut (!!!), the tilt of his head… I don’t know, that’s just my impression. You can see his picture in this promotional send-out for the event at the website: http://honestreporting.com/hrkhaldi-event/ .


And these signs heralding “twins” are what reminded me of my theory: that many people have a “doppelganger”, a twin, which exists somewhere in the world. I don’t know and haven’t done research to know what specific attributes are given to a “doppelganger”, or if that’s the same meaning we attribute to a twin.


What if we have a twin who is the embodiment of everything we are, but in a different body, and who considers themselves to be our sworn enemies? What does this mean — cosmically? That we should just live with each other in peace, I presume, would be the expected answer. Could they be an “Evil Twin”, something giving me chills as I re-think the Stephen King novel, Twin?


I don’t know. I find it hard to believe that I, myself, have anyone that looks just that much like me that people should remark so. But, they have. And then one day, I discovered a small black-and-white photo in a magazine of a model in a cape, and I thought she looked just like me. Now, I don’t purport to “look like a model” and most people seem to act as if I’m invisible, let alone worthy of a second glance. Yet, there she was, and I was pretty amazed and thought that we did look just alike.


One day, I walked into a shop in Israel and inside was an Arab woman who looked so much like a Jewish woman I know, that it was astounding! The two shared the same line of business, look alike, gesture alike, and even sound alike, in the tone of their voices and in their phrasing and choices of words! I was so flabbergasted and explained the coincidence to the woman in the shop. I asked if I could take her picture, and she let me and I said I would send her a picture of the Jewish woman. I should never have said that, because I had second thoughts and didn’t do so. I got to thinking about security factors and had to decide if I might be putting the person in risk, and changed my mind. I didn’t send it, so I wound up telling an inadvertent lie, which wasn’t its original intention. I’m sorry to the woman to whom I erred against, at least in this public statement, though I’ve not done the right thing to apologize personally.


I tried to correct it, by coincidence, in that the ex-husband of the Jewish woman was going to travel through the Middle East, and I thought he’d be interested to see this woman, and perhaps be able to rectify my mistake and show her a picture of his ex-wife, to see the commonality. I know. What a mess, right? He is also in the same business as the two women. I don’t know if he ever made it over there; I think I recall that he didn’t. Now he no longer works at that job. Business is bad and he was let go. All I can think of in my mind is “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…” A true statement, for sure.


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