A Video Worth Watching


I received an email from Breaking Israel News today, with an interesting video I think those who are concerned about how our humanitarian funds are being used throughout the world should watch.


America, along with most Western developed nations, provide much, if not most, of the funding for humanitarian aid to impoverished nations and people. It is quadruply more so because we give through our government, which uses American workers’ money to fund these efforts, without representation as to the beneficiaries of our largesse; and we give, yet again, by personal choice: both to secular agencies (whether for-profit, or not) and through contributing our money, property, and volunteer hours (some schools even make this a requirement toward graduation) to religious organizations. We also sacrifice on a personal basis for others: inviting the poor to a meal, giving some money to a wretched person by the roadside.


Many times, these efforts are turned against us: the person uses the door-way you’ve opened to rob you (an occurrence told to me based on an event which happened to them), or terrorists, being terrorists, instead turn around and buy supplies to create weapons to use against those who have tried to assist them to lead better lives.


They do this because they hate. I don’t need to waste millions of dollars to create a study which will reap millions of dollars to its creators to come up with wrong answers and no solutions. This only makes an industry out of terrorism. In fact, that’s their third greatest claim to fame, behind death and destruction, first and second, retrospectively.


At the moment, Arabs are targeting Jews in many ways: bullying on college campuses, and the latest: going after wealthy Jews. I guess they are trying to sue us for our beliefs that Israel belongs to us. So, they’re suing Sheldon Adelson. Just briefly saw it — I haven’t read the article. Also, Muslim women are trying to get into synagogues in Miami. They’re supposedly interested in learning about different religions (it was said by them, when questioned). Don’t bother. You’re not going to get Israel under the Jewish Right of Return Law by becoming Jewish. Islam is close enough to Judaism that your motives are circumspect. Change your religious leaders, if you’re looking for a change. Meanwhile, Jews should be suing the Arabs for the confiscation of our property in their unified attack against us in 1948 and driving us from our homes. Come to think about it, they should be sued for perpetuating every attack against us (which they have) and for all the loss of lives they’ve taken, and continue to take. That’s why all their countries are a great big mess. They need to stay in place and deal with the repercussions of all the messes they are making amongst themselves. They are doing this to themselves. Germans were others attacking Jews — that is a Holocaust; that is a genocide. It was not really genocide in the Catholic-Protestant Irish Wars, though both sides bombed and terrorized the other. The religious wars in the Arab countries are internecine. Islam vs. Islam (via the various sects); Islam vs. Christianity; and in Israel, Islam vs. Judaism. There seems to be a main component, a main theme, running through each of these. Look closely.

I should be able to retire, with the riches made from that revelation. But there aren’t any. I should humbly take my bow before the Nobel Peace Prize Committee — I have as much claim to it as President Obama does, without having even lifted a finger to achieve it. But, Sweden hasn’t called lately — okay, ever….


For saving the government millions of dollars, by suggesting we should end financing to terrorists, terror-supporting countries, and others, you’d think I’d be lauded. Instead, I get hacked, it seems. Not long ago, there was a story about an ex-FBI guy named Hasko, infecting people’s computers and devices with pornography-related hacks. Strangely, I had received a message from Hasko in my junk email. I didn’t open it, but I next clicked on an article about that very guy, and that is how I learned about it. Yesterday, a suspicious guy was driving up and down the street; today, in fact, I cannot see people’s pictures who comment — they are all being blue question-marked; but I can see other photos. After receiving my Breaking Israel News email, something happened, and it went to a site for older “cougars” looking for younger people. I’m not looking for anybody, and I did not click on that site! I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t do it! There is a back-connection I know to someone and/or people who could connect through me; there is an association there related to Jewish people, that may or may not necessarily be good, and I hope this is not a target on me.


There has been a concerted effort to target both Conservative-leaning individuals, especially via tax-related and other issues, but nobody dwells on the targeting of Israel-loving and Jewish people, that also supposedly occurred as well. The issue was a hot potato nobody wanted to address. Charges were denied, but also never really allowed for discovery.


I feel quite often like a big, giant archery target. This all should really appeal to conspiracy theorists everywhere. But where are they? They’re usually screaming about bankers (read: Jews) and industrialists (read: Jews) who control the world (read: Jews). They claim we’re all Socialists and Commies, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. I almost cringed about learning Bernie Sanders’ Socialist leanings, and now here he is in the top spot to contend for the Presidency. It’s not that I don’t think Bernie Sanders is a fine human being. I actually do. It’s just that I very much disagree that we ought to change America to lean Socialist. Obama’s actions have already propelled us in that direction, and we desperately need to reverse course. So, again, where are the conspiracy theorists, and why don’t you hear them saying, “See? I told you so about the Jews…” with regard to Bernie Sanders? Maybe the whole conspiracy generates from the Left, then; that’s just a theory…


Now, let’s take a look at why our government has no money and why our country is broke. Take a look at this video, and see if we ought to end financing to people who use it against us:

StandWithUs.com / “Where Has All The Money Gone?” on YouTube.com (I inserted just a link here, but a video has appeared — Great… I’ll probably get sued…). Anyways:




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