Cornering the Kindness Market

It seems that there’s a market for everything, these days — even kindness. Large and self-serving industries have gotten behind every imaginable ill befalling mankind: disease, environmental issues, war, humanitarian aid. For every category you can conceive, there are hundreds and thousands of organizations and people out there, ready to push their ideological agendas in these areas. They try to claim the “high ground”, garnering support with a lot of bullying and social shaming. If you hold a differing viewpoint, you will be castigated in the social sphere and be made to feel wronged, so that you will go along with “the crowd” and “get in line” with the rest of them.


At least, that’s what they hope. While they may be loud, pushy, and vocal, they are less prevalent than one might expect. They just happen to be holding the media microphone, right now, though.


People often try to disguise their desire to control you, because they are judging you and find you lacking, with the flimsy cover of “trying to act in your best interest”, that they “care for” you, and that they are trying to be “kind”. There are, of course, people who are kind and helpful, but that is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about micro-managing people that are control freaks.


They always tell you what’s wrong with your life, and how you’re not going about your life correctly but should do things their way, and even go about setting things up for you this way, without your input, and in your name. I’ve tended to find, for instance, that people who complain often about how selfish other people are, are usually the ones who are selfish and trying to make you feel bad so that you, the unselfish one, will give them more and more.


There is even a business-end of the “sympathy crowd”, I’ve found. In going through a lot of difficult issues, especially those involving my family members and cancer, I’ve learned that there are many support groups out there. They truly help fill a need for someone searching for solace and comfort. When someone has experienced the same or similar problems that you might now be experiencing, or have been through, it helps to hear how other people have dealt with their problems, what their emotional feelings were, and how your circumstances might benefit from their knowledge. You find and create bonds with people through shared experiences.


What if, though, a whole “gang” of people believe that acting in a certain way represents all of kindness, but that you, yourself, must be cruel for not believing the same way? Because of my own viewpoints, this is how I find it, in just about all aspects of the “I Am Demonstrating My Kindness” market, which seems to exist in the social sphere. Yes, it’s a competition, and you will be judged for how well you comply.


I have kowtowed before its staggering weight, before (this is what’s known as giving in to “peer pressure”), and I’m REALLY ashamed that I do it, because it’s hard not to give in against even overwhelming pressures against you. I hang my head ashamedly to admit that. Basically, I guess what I’m talking about can be a form of bullying. It’s an overpowering might on one side trying to pick on, undermine, change, or just annoy those with whom they disagree/don’t like/want to push around, etc. I think they may feel inferior, or envy others, and need to make themselves feel better by trying to rule over others, in order to gain the upper hand.


These can also be found among the support groups. They are also a reason why lobbyists exist — to proactively promote their viewpoint in order to implement their agenda — plans to enact certain policies or procedures favorable to their views.


Of course, how one views each of these groups depends on individual viewpoints. Maybe you don’t like that they exist, at all. But, as long as people with differing views exist, so will there be different groups which exist to support their views.


They truly create controversial “hot-spot” issues — some acknowledged, others not. For instance, I don’t really believe in euthanasia. I think it could be taken advantage by those who do favor it, to impose their will on those who don’t. I guess I just value life, almost at all costs, even in pain, versus not existing at all and ending it the moment “quality of life” is diminished. I feel there is great value to life, even for those with diminished capacity. Hitler aimed to kill the disabled, feeling they were inferior, especially where his ideas of genetics and the Master Race were concerned. It may not seem enviable to you, in your own capacity, perhaps, as a fully-enabled person, but don’t think less of a person that may not quite be put together the way you are, and don’t determine that their life has lesser meaning because of it.


That, to me, is how the whole euthanasia idea comes across to me. I’ve heard the other side of the argument, and I’m not going to argue any other side here. My intent is just to show differences, and not a pro-con analysis of the merits of each. The point is that those in the euthanasia camp will try to make it seem cruel to prolong life. (Considering that it’s the only one we’ve got, I say “yes” to life and “no”, for as long as possible, to death.)


I think that there’s a natural process to getting old, slowing down, making peace with the whole idea that you are no longer on the uphill climb, but on the downward side of the slope. There is special savoring of the preciousness of life, of the memories held, of the friends made, of the lessons learned. It gives us a chance to make amends with those we’ve hurt, to come to terms with regrets and mistakes we’ve made in our lives, to relish the happiness, and the depth of love we might have shared. A life cut short, by any means, is a tragedy. Even an animal has a dying process, and their own way to go about it. I believe they love, hold memories, hold grudges, also forgive, and experience the world in much the same way, and even with special, or differing, abilities, as we do. Is it really more kind to not let them live out their natural life, as well? I know how some people feel about putting animals “to sleep”. Some people feel it’s more cruel to let them suffer with their agonies then to let them continue on. They’ve made that decision for an animal that can’t speak in our language, which might have a preference, if they could voice the opinion.


Along with euthanasia comes a related issue regarding hospice care. I find that people who are for hospice care (as opposed to prolonging life and providing other means of extending life) are very hostile and militant about this issue. I have a hard time feeling that someone who wants this so badly for others is really the one I want to trust my own care to. Again, I understand wanting to be at home and living your last days there. But, I don’t feel that you are going to try very hard to save me, feeling as how you think I’d be better off just going off into the great sleep without any attempted efforts at deferrment, by any means. “Killer Kervorkian” is more fitting to me than “Kind Kervorkian”, though others most adamantly disagree.


I found this similar statement on a blog purporting to be all about “kindness”. As you can probably figure, I was rather disturbed to read that an emergency room technician of some sort despaired at having to save individuals and really, pretty much beneath, hoped for their demise. They didn’t appreciate intubation and other measures designed to save the person’s life. Lady or Sir, get out of the business, then. You seem to be in the wrong line of work. May I suggest the mortuary field or the Medical Examiner’s offices? You won’t have to suffer your wants, as it’s kindof already a done deal.


I came to the blog through a “like” on my recent post, “At Issue are the Issues”. The blogger removed their “like” after apologizing regarding offense I obviously took to articles posted there. I guess that, even with the apology, they saw fit now to withdraw their “like” because I was offended. So, does that mean they now “dis”-“like” me? Yes, I guess it must.


I’m entitled to my beliefs, as you are entitled to yours. You may not agree with mine above, but you’re not me. And, that’s okay… as long as you don’t let me or others die, because your beliefs prevent you from saving mine, or another’s, life.


Besides my horrified feeling about the E.R. tech posting their true leanings, I was equally appalled at other things at this site. First of all, they have “Kindness” categories listed from “A” to “Z”. There were so many categories! After reading a few articles, I definitely knew the left-wing, Israel-hating agenda I encountered, and have grown oh-so-familiar with. If you want to ask me if I’m going to depart from dealing with this? I don’t think I can — sorry. If I lose your readership, know that I’ll miss you and say “Shalom”, and wish you the best.


What was I so disgusted at? Well, it’s probably an accumulation of seeing this so much elsewhere, that when it came to this site, it was just the epitome of what the whole thing represents to me. But, here it is. I’ll tell you. First, the categories include Islam, Christianity, Muslims, India, China, Buddhism, and lots and lots of nice gestures and stories. Conspicuously absent are the categories: Jewish, Jews, Israel.

[Screenshots added about eight weeks later, below:]

Screenshot - May 5, 2016

Screenshot – May 5, 2016


Screenshot - May 5, 2016

Screenshot – May 5, 2016


Apparently, the kindness market is only associated with religions and people NOT of the Jewish faith — the message is not lost on anyone: least of all, me. Especially when it’s backed up with the following stories: how a Muslim woman in France gave out roses after the Charlie Hebdo and Hypercacher (kosher market) massacres in the Arab terror attack against the people they assumed to be Jews at the kosher market, and at the satirists who poked fun at their, and everybody elses, religion.


All the comments were fawning towards this Muslim woman’s actions who handed out flowers after the terrorist attacks. Go exchange that rose for the knives in the hands of the Arab terrorists attacking Jews. I don’t need salt rubbed into my emotional wounds, nor your effortless balm salved into the dead bodies of my brothers, lady. And the people that side with terrorists and sympathizers? By what crazy logic do you think that these murderers have any justification to kill Jews? Here is my screenshot (a feature I newly learned) of my comment:


And then there were the fawners over the “clock kid”, crying because he was detained and questioned. Anyone might’ve been questioned for bringing a defaced clock, inserted into a briefcase with all its wiring and mechanisms visible upon opening, with school violence the way it is. Was there an assignment to do this? I frankly question the kid’s motives. Muslims are trying to generate provocations against them, especially going after wealthy Jews. Sheldon Adelson is supposedly being sued over the Jews’ belief that Israel belongs to them. It does. He should countersue. Muslim women went to three different synagogues to “learn about” religion. No need to convert and try to get the land of Israel via the Jewish Right of Return law. Islam is close enough to Judaism; you can learn about religion through the libraries — it’s free; no costly temple membership dues. They’re probably looking for a discrimination lawsuit, but it won’t work. A religious body needn’t embrace others of another religion into their body. I was denied work at The Holy Land Experience because I am a Jew and do not believe in J.C. They are within their rights to do so as they are attached to a mission (Zion’s Hope, believe it, or not). I thought I could’ve worked at the gift shop — but, it’s true, I would have had to qualify my speech with alot of “allegedly” this and “supposedly” that (which would’ve gone over like a lead balloon…).


These fawning people all know that Arabs are killing Jews. Whatever their beliefs about the land (which are inaccurate, to be sure), do they think it justifies killing Jews? Apparently they do… That, to me, is quite the opposite of “kind”. Where are their voices of outrage against this? It is a sick mental disorder that produces this dichotomy. The school system and publishing industries have somehow done away with all the books linking Jews to Israel and Palestine (which IS Israel, plus Jordan, and part of Syria). I blame the leftists for throwing the books on the pyre that the Nazis missed and continuing what they set out to finish. Why do you not hear one word about Jews being killed, other than from Jewish sources? Well?


[Update: My attempts to find legitimate email addresses to write a complaint to an editor has recently returned only 404 messages, complete with assorted emoticons expressing regrets in various pose. I finally found the email address to which I addressed my email, subject header “In Kind”, which is hopefully the correct email which correlates to the static The Huffington Post “about us” page listing Howard Fineman as Global Editorial Director. It was only yesterday that we marked, in Israel, Yom HaShoah — Holocaust Remembrance Day. My, how quickly we forget…]

Screenshot - May 6, 2016

Screenshot – May 6, 2016


See a video on YouTube declaring “The Clock Kid”, Ahmed Mohammed’s, clock to be ‘a fraud’:

Thomas Talbot: “Ahmed Mohammed Clock Is ‘A Fraud'”:

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