Israel: Solving the World’s Problems, Not Causing Them

As it is said that “necessity is the mother of all invention”, so it is, also, that a medical breakthrough for deep wounds requiring innovative solutions has been discovered in Israel.


Terror attacks have taken face-to-face personal dimensions in the methodology of jihad currently being promulgated by Arabs living in, residing in, or passing through Israel in recent months. These up-close murder attempts on Israeli lives have been conducted mostly by individuals or small groups of Arabs, with some perpetrators not even yet having reached their teenage years. The latest weapon of choice for the Arabs has been the knife. There have been numerous attacks in Israel by this manner upon security personnel, police, Border Police, Rabbis, women, children, tourists, and just regular people going about their day.


The vicious nature of these attacks proves the vengeful nature behind them. It’s known that this method of attack points to the highly personalized, yet psychotic, mental psychology of the attacker, and the desire to inflict damage  due to emotionally charged feelings at a personal level of involvement, whether the attacker knows his victim, is projecting his feelings of anger and revenge upon a substitute victim, or is disocciated entirely from an issue but utilizes his enragement by acting out.


Israelis have borne the brunt of Arab anger due to Arab intolerance of the other within their midst. This applies to wherever they may be, because it applies to the personal sphere in which the Arab may find himself. If he is in his own land, the “Infidel” other is soiling its purity. If he is in your land, you are still an “Infidel” existing within the sphere of his space, even though it may be solely the personal space surrounding him. If he is Muslim, and you are not, you are “Kfir”.


Israel under Jewish sovereignty is a concept that the Arabs just can’t tolerate. It is not the land, itself, which is an affront to their existence, but the Jewish rule over it, that is intolerable to them. There you go. It’s the “other”, again. So, their solution is to kill everybody in Israel that are not Arab. If they are adhering to a strict Muslim viewpoint, this could include even Christian Arabs, such as the Christians of Lebanese descent, Egyptian Coptic Christians, Yazidi, and even Muslims thought to be confederate with such others, indicating their lenience in applying the rules of non-association with the other/”kfir”.


Arab children learn this concept at a very early age and receive emotional encouragement and reward for thinking in this vein. They are taught that the ultimate achievement is to kill Jews, and grow up hearing glorified tales of murder. Families of terrorists receive payments from their government for having lost a “shahid” (martyr) to “Jihad” (Holy War). The governments doling out this money receive funding through other countries, mostly Western ones, like the U.S. and the European Union, which means that, indirectly, we are supporting the murder of Jews by Arabs. Nobody has the “high ground” to declare such behavior moral or ethical. It is illegal and repugnant, by all strain of thought.


Arabs have been continuing their hatred and ethnic cleansing (even though the land is not theirs) against the Jews in Israel, and around the world, for millenia. The latest preferred method of inflicting death is via knife-stabbing. It goes through layers of the body and is particularly torturous, inflicting a painful and slow manner of death upon its victims. Videos in the usage of knives to be used by Arabs and their sympathizers against the Jews have given instruction on the places to strike on the body to cause maximum pain and damage — hopefully death.


Arab teens riding the light rail train attacked a security guard aboard the train this way. Women and men at checkpoints draw knives and attack Israeli security there. Lone terrorists run through popular shopping areas and attack all they can find. I heard the story of a vicious attack of a mall security man, bludgeoned repeatedly in the head with an axe by a Palestinian man who worked in the mall. He had actually been to the coffee canteen with this man, and the report says that he had no hesitation to open the door to him after dark. For his trust that this Arab man was unlike the others, he was felled. I thought of a kind security mall man who just sat with me and gave me a little tour around the mall he protected, as I was a new individual to Israel and didn’t speak a lick of Hebrew (I still really don’t). I really appreciated his kindness; maybe he sensed I was alone by myself there. I thought of him and was horrified. In fact, I’m crying now as I write these few lines.


An Israeli scientist, Moshe Rogosnitzky, has learned that gallium nitrate, the liquid form of a biometal called gallium, which helps to retard or stop bone loss in cancer patients, induces fibrinogen, the clot-forming protein in blood, to create external clots to stanch bleeding from deep wounds via flocculation, rather than to cause internal clots, which can dangerously occlude vessels, causing death.


More clinical trials are needed to gauge the efficacy of this promising treatment, which, if proven, can be included in all emergency response kits — a life-saving aid needed in these immediate and urgent times. To push this to trial faster, a crowd-funding campaign to raise $100,000.00 is underway (they had just reached over $3,000.00 through about 43 or 45 individuals, last I looked). The sponsoring group of the initiative is We Fund the Cure, a U.S. non-profit organization, who placed the campaign on the site, You Caring. If you would like to and are able to help out, I have included a link to that site; I haven’t done due diligence to ascertain the correctness or suitability of these agencies, so I leave that up to you, as usual. I hope you’ll take a look and do what you can. Please read up on this development and hope it will have many useful purposes in helping the world’s people. Israel again at work to help you and to help the world become a better place. Thank you. (Information on this development was initially gleaned as the lead-in article on today’s (March 14, 2016) subscription broadcast of Arutz Sheva 7/Israel National News email services, which I followed through to the YouCaring site; I did not look up medical journal references or use other publications or sources for this article).



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