Zombies, Palestinian-Style: They Are Risen

Zombies, Palestinian Style: They Are Risen

It’s getting close to Passover, which means it’s nearing Easter, as well, when Christianity will mark the time they believe their Messiah arose from death, and will declare “He Is Risen”. (It’s also the time that Jews will cower in fear, or at least I speak for myself, wondering to what extent the crowds will whip into their anti-Semitic rants and how far they will go in carrying out beatings and attacks on Jews, worldwide.) I guess that’s a sad way to look at it, but it’s been a reality for us, for the longest time.


I wrote in another post about being denied work at The Holy Land Experience because I am Jewish and do not believe in J.C. I do believe, though, that a Messiah will come. Like Judaism, like Islam, like Christianity, we all hold this out as a future expectation (May it come soon, even though I’m far from ready for it — the world is, though…).


My friend and her daughter toured through The Holy Land Experience with me. While it is a theme park, you need to plan your route inside, as the “attractions”, which are often shows, have certain starting times and may not run continuously throughout the day. I quickly plotted the best route, I thought, which would have allowed us to see the most things and the best things on offer. Instead, the little girl, thinking it was like Disney, wanted to just wander aimlessly here and there. We only saw the Scriptorium and nothing more, as we weren’t in the right place at the right time to see anything!


Entering the park, one views to the left a word or two formed in the topiary of the bushes. I didn’t understand the meaning of this seemingly Germanic expression, Heis Risen. We turned our heads this way and that, with puzzled expressions, until my friend finally burst out, “He Is Risen!” We had a good laugh about it, and yes, that’s what it was. The “e” and the “i” had grown too close to seem like separate words.


Well, I hope you won’t take offence at my usage of the phrase for this article. It obviously doesn’t infringe on Christian belief. I was waiting to actually research what I wanted to write for this article, but decided to wing it on the fly, due to commentary received regarding another post.


I’m sick of writing about Arab bad behavior in the name of Islam, to tell you the truth. But as long as they keep up with their intolerance and continue to massacre those of other religions and destroy the religious sites of others, they deserve my commentary. They deserve all scorn poured upon them. They deserve the insides of Israeli jail cells, without the opportunity to be released due to further hostage-taking or promises of peace.


Raymond Ibrahim, a Christian Arab who writes for Frontpage Magazine, as well as other publications, provides expert testimony regarding the situation for Christian Arabs living under Muslim domination in the Middle East. I was not familiar with the people in Syria known as the Yazidi, until the latest ravages of war in Syria razed them out of that land and scattered and dispossessed them throughout the world. Now many people know their name, but may not know the particulars about what is happening to them. The Copts, an Egyptian Christian denomination, are also being attacked and killed by Muslim mobs.


Raymond Ibrahim compiles an ongoing report on the attacks the Christian people in the Middle East have undergone. It is a sad, long list. It is even more telling that people are ignoring their plight. You should check out Frontpage Magazine and Ibrahim’s writings, as well as the rest of the offerings on the site. There is so much on offer there, things like: anti-Semitism on college campuses, the latest in jihad news, and network connections of groups and sponsors. There’s almost too much to read, but the articles will definitely open your eyes: http://www.frontpagemag.com/


Much of what is reported in the news media about the Middle East comes from the Arab side and goes unverified. A large part of the reason this occurs is because they are closed, government-reviewed media. They do not offer freedom of the press very much, if at all. For the most part, you will be escorted via a “minder” providing driving services (read: spy on your whereabouts; obstruct your path to learn of ‘unapproved’ subjects and places; and get you to interviews with pre-selected people who will tell you only things from a pre-conceived viewpoint).


In Israel, there is a “Palestinian” media office in Bethlehem which coordinates the information that gets out to journalists. I was made to wait outside, while my Palestinian ex-husband (boyfriend at the time) escorted a Christian woman inside, so that she could receive information to write favorable reports about the Arabs in a paper she was going to present to the Mexican government, if I recall correctly. She was so biased against the Jews, none of my arguments could dissuade her. She couldn’t see the validity of her bias when I pointed out that she only voiced one side, the Arab side, regardless whether she included some Jews on the same (wrong) side. She placated me with a promise that she’d allow the entire report to be viewed through my hands with an editor’s full rights, but this never occurred.


We have learned, over the years, that Arab reports are quite often fabricated, for one thing, or greatly exaggerated, for another. They are often provoked attacks, where an Israeli response is required — but you never see the initial provocation. Luckily, other sources sometimes have videotaped the same scene, and post the full clips online. However, the retraction and doubt, and the proof, never seem to make it to light. Such a scene will remain in the minds of the world-at-large, perpetuating an intentional lie, long after the truth is discovered and the incident is revealed as a hoax.


Arab funerary processions are often videotaped to drive home the propaganda of the so-called “Israeli war machine” killing innocent Arabs. But, Arabs have gone to great lengths to produce these videos. Not to just “come up” with a video — but to “produce” it in the fullest aspect of that word. Welcome to Pallywood! Yes, as it’s known, the “Jews have Hollywood”, India has Bollywood, and the Palestinians now have our “affectionate” term for their media hype, Pallywood.


These are full-fledged productions, although I suspect that they use real ammunition rather than blanks. Point-of-view camera shots capture the ensuing “action” from various angles. They break down the scene for one shot and move to shoot from another angle. Caught on YouTube are the supposed “funeral” processions of Arabs extolled for their kindness (yet attempting some heinous act against Jews): in attendance are the pallbearers, the entire village, and the wailing women. Perhaps it’s a small “body” of a child on a gurney (that always evokes lots of sympathy). An Israeli helicopter passes overhead — suddenly, “He is Risen!” The dead corpse pops off the gurney and runs to take cover (he doesn’t REALLY want to be dead)! He is alive! He never actually even died, but he is now reported as a death statistic on the Palestinian side! This has happened so often, it’s almost comical, were it not for the fact that Israel and Jews are on the line and are being killed and castigated — for nothing. For a big media production to play on your emotions!


Maybe you haven’t looked, but Palestinian lies are caught again and again in online forums such as YouTube. The face of the whole campaign by the Palestinians against the “evil” Israelis (read: Jews) became Muhammad Al-Durra, the twelve-year-old boy seen being shielded by his father as they take cover behind a barrel during volleys of gunfire. You see Muhammad and his father seated on the ground as ambulances come and go throughout the scene. Bullets raze a spot above their heads on the wall behind them. What you don’t see is the pause for the set-up behind Muhammad and his father of cameramen, who shoot video from their viewpoint. An ambulance stops before them and blocks the view. Muhammad is then seen lying down, unmoving. He is declared dead by someone yelling, off-camera.


The Israeli position lies at a different angle than the bullets which penetrated the wall behind them — it was the Palestinian position which was located in that line of attack.

The cameramen were unhurt in this whole exchange, although they were more clearly exposed. People pass in and out of the shot, non-chalantly. It is a film scene, and Muhammad, believing the cameras have stopped rolling since he has been declared dead, suddenly moves his arm and peeks out between it toward the film position. He Is Risen! His wounds have healed!


He is alive and well, and running around either Gaza or the West Bank, according to the mother of someone for security in Judaea and Samaria (“the West Bank”) tells our group, if I recall what she said correctly.


The person responsible for airing the scene, manipulated as it was, produced some, but not all of the additional footage — he didn’t want to be indicted for his false portrayal of news footage. The court of public opinion indicts him for his role in slandering the Jews and causing incitement to further violence against the Jews, I think.

(For Raul)


I didn’t get to view/review all these, but they pertain to the case if you wish to learn more yourself.



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