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Yesterday’s news is the same news hashed over again from four years ago. Actually it goes back even further than that, but that’s when I wrote the May 29, 2012 article, “Help the Economy — End Financing to Terrorists” (click to view: Help The Economy — End Financing To Terrorists) on my blog site.


In that article, I reported that Congress had passed a resolution to end funding to the Palestinian Authority, top-notch Holocaust deniers and purveyors of terrorism extraordinaire. Instead, President Barack Obama vetoed that Bill and released $192 million USD to the Palestinian Authority’s treasuries.


What did the United States receive in return? Apparent satisfaction, although nothing has been done to serve the humanitarian needs of the Arab Palestinian people, the purpose for which these funds had been furnished by the American taxpayers.  As stated by an Arab man at approximately 03:02 in the video, ‘Where Has All The Money Gone?” (click through links to see video on YouTube: “Where Has All The Money Gone?”): “I didn’t see that the Palestinian Authority ever built a hospital, or a university, or a clinic, or even a kindergarten!” The money has simply vanished from the coffers of the Palestinian Authority into thin air.


All one has to do is to indeed, ‘Look up!’, into that same, heat-miraged, hamsin thin air to see for yourself what the Palestinian Authority has secured with its U.S. purchase: thousands of rockets. Have the Palestinians formed the newest replacement to the space program jettisoned by Obama from NASA? No, these are the kind of rockets one uses when seriously trying to destroy an enemy upon which one has declared war.


Oh, that war. Wait…what’s it called? Um, I’m not sure. Could be: ‘The Yom Kippur War: Yesterday and Today’. Could be: ‘Six Day War, and Counting…”. Could be: “‘Knife War’ plus ‘Intifada, Three’ Revisited”. I don’t know; ‘Caliphate, Continued…” kinda has a certain je ne c’est quoi about it.


The Palestinian Authority has fattened the personal bank accounts of the Palestinian leaders and their families: whether former P.L.O. leader, Yasser Arafat (now deceased) and his wife, Suha Arafat (long resident in Paris, France); Khaled Meshaal; or Ismail Haniyeh, both of Hamas, the designated terror group.


Most governments in Western civilization over the past decade have had Liberal, left-leaning leaders at their helms. Their attached economies have also gone into hibernation for the winter of these years, as well. Because of this, and I suspect it’s not for any more altruistic reason then that, the snap-back from the constituency has placed great pressure on their leaders to rein in spending and waste and to raise up their economic situation.


Election time is near for most. Time to heed the calls of the concerned, now. Trot out the petitions, Bills, and lip-service. Let’s hope it sticks.


In my email inbox yesterday was a report from Honest Reporting’s Israel Daily News Stream which reported the stance being maintained by the European Union in light of recent revelations of building construction in contravention of signatory agreements by which the European Union are bound to uphold.


Israel maintains sovereign control over all land and territories, despite common conceptions to the contrary. Judaea/Samaria is part of Area C, under total control militarily, civilly, administratively. This is erroneously referred to as The West Bank, to create semantic situations and infer facts which do not, in reality, exist. Area C completely surrounds other areas, B and A, over which Israel is sovereign as well, but is allowing the Palestinians an experimental opportunity in self-governance. Israel fully allows this in one area, and also allows further small areas where they will allow the Palestinians joint control alongside them. Given the terrorism and that this is Israel’s land, it is more than a fair arrangement.


But, Israel has been receiving the short end of the stick, being forced by terror to allow the terrorists to rein over us and to murder our citizens, as well as having the outside world contend that this is the way it should be and that we, who are suffering by death because of it, should submit. Most of us say “No More”. I don’t know when that changed from Never Again”.


Please read the articles forming the background to this issue. It will give you greater perception and clarity as to the real facts surrounding the Arab-Israeli conflict.


Please also sign the petition to stop funding the Palestinian Authority and forward it to your friends.


Thank you.




Stop Funding the Palestinian Authority

A Project of United With Israel


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