I’ve been hacked again, successfully. The malicious people who would do this are probably laughing hysterically about it.


Anyways, my email and phone have always been kinda jiggy. Most of the time, the “like” button doesn’t load, so I often can’t just respond with a “like”. I’ll just write you a comment. I’m very verbose, anyways, so it sortof fits my style, but it’s more time-intensive and sometimes you much rather would give a “pat-on-the-back”. If I try to like or respond to someone, it often just shuts itself out. No dice. How annoying.


Anyways, I like to try to respond in some way to all who I can. If I haven’t, I apologize. Either I wasn’t able, I didn’t think I should, or it might have slipped by or through the cracks in a maelstrom of hack problems, life problems, or other.


Some sites are taking too long to load and I can’t visit. I’m sorry. The photography sites seem to be always giving me a problem. One seemed to be taking over my account; another was clouding up and going grey (I’d say ” dark’). That’s a shame, ‘cuz I appreciate nice photography and visual elements like design, but they’ve only given me tsuris (like, George).


To the recent Israel Travel Deal visitors, it’s affected my ability to respond to some of you. Thank you for your support. I hope you get to go to Israel and visit there, yourself. To the photographers, I’m sorry it affects you, too. It seems to keep emanating with photo sites, but I’m not sure just yet.


I apologize if I perchance don’t reply to you personally, but know that I would wish that life and G-d would show you how to be kind, and respond in kind.







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One response to “Apologies

  1. Yeah, we’ll see what’s up, eventually. The large stuff is too big to sweat the small stuff, you know? (I know you do; that’s just an affirmation of you knowing).

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