Kerry Not Lucky For Jews and Blacks


Today, John Kerry announced that ISIS is committing genocide against certain minority groups of people in Syria and Iraq. Okay, so do something about it!


For Jews, it took quite a long time to receive that designation following the Holocaust of our people preceding and throughout the World War II era. Some people refuse to even believe it occured, despite documentation and evidence to the contrary.


Now, not to belittle efforts to help the beleaguered, but I need to ask. Is there only a “genocide” occuring, then, in those specific countries of Iraq and Syria? Because it sure as heck seems like there’s been one occuring by Islamic killers of the black Christians, and others, in Africa. But, you just glossed right over that one, didn’t you.


And, then, there also seems to be an always percolating anti-Semitic slow-motion genocide of the Jewish people being perpetrated by the Islamic killers of Jews, but you keep glossing over that one, as well, don’t you… Rockets addressed to us in Hebrew with death messages from Iran don’t count in the sphere of the State Department and U.S. “official policy”.


So, what do you do? You make it specific to just ISIS IN SYRIA AND IRAQ, and you stick your fingers in your ears and say, ” Na-Na… I can’t hear you…” when the Jews try to alert the world to the same mania of Islamic killers murdering the Blacks and the Jews. Now, you don’t have to extend the same courtesies to the Blacks and the Jews, as you’ve worked it out so that you don’t have to! It only applies to the Middle Eastern folks from Iraq and Syria — NOT to Blacks and Jews.


Well, that explains it: it’s the “Blacks and the Jews”, again. Yeah, the Blacks and the Jews.



This post has been updated to reflect the present situation in that Christians may not be considered represented under this classification. My post has been edited in kind.



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