Women’s Advocate Needed In Film!


I just found the perfect job opp for those interested in advocating for women in film, about film, and through film! Okay, so it’s not a real job opp, because it’s an “internship”, as is so often the case (natch), but it’s definitely a great way to break into film and notch up some bona-fide creds in the industry.


Do you have a passion to help women be heard in a sometimes still male-dominated society? Would you like them to escape the bonds of oppression from domineering men and societies hindering female entry into occupations they would like to pursue, but can’t, because they are a woman? (Sometimes my own views are at odds with each other, due to factors such as upbringing and traditions, I think it is important to add, here.)


Now is the perfect opportunity to get involved with the Women’s Film Institute and have your own voice counted in the cause for women’s advancement. I’ve found so many great voices out there, waiting to be discovered… people such as one of my newest favorites, a male feminist (yessss!!!!!), or the lovely, multi-talented woman (my absolute favorite!!!) whose family left an oppressive country to find greater opportunities and freedoms elsewhere!


The great voices being discovered in the WordPress community now have another outlet for expression via this avenue: The Women’s Film Institute, another WordPress-powered site! Based in the nation’s film capital of the United States, in the sunny state of California, the Women’s Film Institute is seeking people who have a passion for driving forward women’s empowerment and expression in the issues and fields in which they engage. Perhaps they are prevented from doing so, but you can be their voice.


Just have the commitment to devote to reading, writing, and editing two posts per month, on average, in a voluntary capacity, from your remote location, and you’ve just entered through that new door I mentioned in my poem, ‘Wonder’, to set you on your way! An opportunity such as this is a definite rarity. Not only that, but it could lead to further opportunities and connections to branch out from once you have stepped along this unique path! What are you waiting for? Here are the details:


Found through my Indeed.com automated job search, it posted to my email inbox today, March 22, 2016, and lists the internship from yesterday, March 21, 2016. It directs further inquiry to the site, from which it practically displays the description verbatim. The company is the Women’s Film Institute, and lists the offering March 5, 2016, requesting a resume and your cover letter being sent to:


Here is a link to the position from within the site:



and a link to the site, itself:



Good luck! And reserve me front row seating at your premiere!



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