Another Attack


Yet, again, I’ve had another attack against me — this time the computer virus. Between G-d, life, and humanity, I seem to be erring on the side of Job (Iyov). Some people would say it’s the dark side trying to gain a foothold; I think I’d have to agree with that assessment — Supernatural, human, or even just plain super-human (!)


Fight the good fight, folks; things are getting pretty funky. You know, the yacks at Anonymous were threatening a take-down of Trump on April 1st, and it just so happens that I made it known that Trump is my man!


I don’t really understand their worldview, though. I mean, I can totally understand that they don’t like ISIS. Check. We’re in agreement, there. They also don’t like the KKK. Triple checkity-check and do a little dance step — I’m there. Great; they think bias against Black people and Jewish people should have, like, never happened. AS IN NEVER AGAIN. Yup-a-mundo. So, what is up with Trump? Don’t they get that he’s also against all that? I don’t know.


That’s the problem of people having too much power who are vindictive. They don’t fight fair. They may be doing things whose end might be the hoped-for outcome, but they don’t play by the rules. They make their own. Same as terrorists who won’t fight war in a gentlemanly fashion — Yeaahhh — right…. I think that went out with the Nehru jacket and Madras pants, except that somebody forgot to tell the rest of the civilized world.


I wonder how they feel about the Apple versus FBI saga? Did Anonymous even offer to hack the terrorists’ phone in that incident? If so, why? If not, why not? Does that constitute a certain honor among thieves?


Do they consider themselves to have integrity? Do they? How did they feel about Edward Snowden? So many issues! I feel like a first- or second-grade teacher, with these questions… Is this the new Common Core curricula?


What are their ethics, if any? How would you feel if you were personally attacked by them? Why should they attack you? Don’t you just try to live your life, too?


They notch it up, just like terrorists do. To the EXTREME degree. Except that terrorists really go over the edge.


So, what happened? Did I bring all these attacks somehow upon myself? Was I just too patriotic, whether for Israel or the United States? That goes over like a lead balloon, these days…


Was I just too Jewish? That seems to be a big crime, as well… Especially on college campuses and in the uncivilized salons of European parlors in whispered tones. Here’s a really succinct article about anti-Semitism in academia to give you an overview of what that’s like for Jews, these days (Hausman, Matthew, M., J.D. “Gross Hypocrisy Or Willful Complicity: The U.S. Campus: Free Speech Is Hardly Being Respected; Anti-Semitism Is”; April 2, 2016. Arutz Sheva / Israel National


Did I continually press all the wrong buttons? And, if so, was that figuratively, or literally?


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