Kitty’s Kin


At long last, I’ve managed to capture a photo of the neighbor’s cat, which I often mistake for “Kitty”. Kitty roams around several streets that connect through backyards and fences — the no-boundaries world of lithe and agile creatures that flatten themselves under four-inch clearance fences and squish themselves through three-inch narrow slats. I don’t really know where she goes or who she knows; only that one girl used to feed her, but nobody else could. Now, I think she’d sample the fare door-to-door to see who has the best dinner on offer.


Kitty wasn’t elusive, but she used to turn tail at human approach. I was getting her used to human affection, but I could tell when she’d been around others who might have been more rough, and her behavior would become more skittish. I hoped that by turning her more people-friendly, that she could become more pet-friendly. She was doing pretty well, and there were a few times where I felt she was regressing into her more feral ways (she is a feral cat, after all. I know it’s hard to believe after looking at pictures of her curled up on my chest, but it’s taken much patience and work).


I’ve felt, at times, that sometimes she was lost back to those ways, again. Sometimes, I miss the old kitty — her proud, feline, majestic countenance so reminiscent of the king of the jungle. At times, I wonder if I did the right thing by trying to get her sensitized to humans. I think so, but I can only wonder.


Nowadays, she is again reverting toward her freedom to be an outdoor cat, with occasional stop-overs for her needs. It pains me that she doesn’t want to stay with me very long (but sometimes will grant my pleas for a good cuddle). She knows what I don’t want her to do inside (scratching my luggage), and seems to snub her little black-hearted nose at me with her blatant disregard for my wishes. We didn’t have a good day today. She even saw me coming down the path and skedaddled somewhere else.


I called to her and found her under one of the vehicles… But, again, fool my eyes! This was Doppelganger Kitty. This is apparently the not-so-nice neighbors next-door’s cat, which seems to occasionally get out and wander around. No collar. Her whole forepaws were extremely dirty and she’s looking skinnier than Kitty, who is neither fat nor skinny. Kitty sometimes seems a little thin at times, but this cat definitely is a bit skinny, if you ask me (and it’s an indoor cat, mostly).


So, here I was trying to coax “Kitty” out from under the vehicle. After awhile, I got down to look under the vehicle, and there was Kitty, coming up alongside this other cat. Aw. I’m happy that Kitty has her Kitty buddy. I personally feel pretty sure that they are related, and Kitty got the short end of the stick by having to be the feral sibling to a home pet. I even think I’ve seen one of the parents, who I think is this great, big long-haired black-and-white Tom-looking cat — another regal being.


But meanwhile, Kitty has been missing in action as a pet surrogate and taking to living away from humans as much as possible (as she always has). Her stand-offish behavior, though, has been worrisome and not boding well for either of us. It’s obvious she prefers her own kind for companionship over humankind, but she depends on humans to help meet her needs and can’t live completely wild, it seems. I don’t know.


Anyways, when I saw them together, I went to get my camera, but Kitty had walked away and sat outside near my apartment, so I was only able to get a picture of the twinsy-cat by herself. In-person, or, er, in appearance, I can hardly tell them apart. In pictures, they don’t look that much alike. Only with a good look up-close at the nose, can I know that I’m addressing the wrong cat. And then again, they walk differently. Kitty has always seemed to have had a sore hip and walks with a somewhat affected gait, which gives me that indication. The other cat walks with a kindof hunched-up back with sortof stiff legs moving quickly with little steps.


So, here at last they are — Kitty and Doppel (ganger), my new name for the other cat:



Doppel (ganger): above


Kitty: above


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