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Updated: July 10, 2019

I was inspired to create this post based on a quote found on a fellow WordPress blogger’s website. Her quote was so profound, I think it should become a world-wide statement. Perhaps you’ll help me achieve that for her and share with others. I’ll add to it when I find further inspiring quotes.


“I am what I wasn’t then and I was not what I am now.” – Aditi Shukla, in “Relationships: Where Do They Stem From?”. Lyf & Spice; July 14, 2015: lyfandspice(dot)com


“And even with hard work most hopes and dreams won’t become true. But the chances do increment.” – Charly Priest, in “I Too Have a Cool Quote!”. Crazy Life; October 10, 2014: charlypriest.wordpress(dot)com


“The missing ingredient in a dish found lacking is love.” – Randyjw


“Life goes on n I go on..along with life.” – Jyotee (“Isolated Girl”), in personal comment to author, March 15, 2016, at: “Randy’s Recipes: Open-Faced (Or Closed) Curried Chili Sandwich”. https://newsnotes1.wordpress.com. For more Isolated Girl works, please see: jyoteeblog.wordpress(dot)com


“lover: what makes your friendship greater than my love??? girl: friendship is the reason of the smile etched at the corner of my lips when u make me cry..” – Anagha Murali, in “Friendship”. BooksCrazy Anagha: Its About Writing; April 26, 2016:



“(Your) Saying so doesn’t make it so.” – June 14, 2016 comment (partial) by Randyjw in response to blog author, Chris Nicholas’s post, “Humanism and Violence” (April 25, 2016) at The Renegade Press.com:



“On Zion: Abraham was the first Zionist.”

“On Zion (II): G-d, actually, was the first Zionist.”

– Randyjw, in “On Zion (II)”. News Notes 1; February 2, 2016:



“#1: Is being helpful the most important thing in the world?”

“#2: No, but it certainly helps!”

– Randyjw, in “Be that Help-Meet”. News Notes 1; June 26, 2016:



Impossible Peace

“How can we live in peaceful coexistence with someone, who won’t even let us live?”

– Randyjw, July 17, 2016



“Are we attuned enough to the earth to live in symbiosis with it?”

– Randyjw, in “3 Quotes For 3 Days”. News Notes 1; January 19, 2016: https://newsnotes1.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/3-quotes-for-3-days/


“Are we attuned to people’s needs and feelings enough to have meaningful interactions with them?”

– Randyjw, in “3 Quotes For 3 Days”. News Notes 1; January 19, 2016: https://newsnotes1.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/3-quotes-for-3-days/


“A feral cat found me and I taught her how to interact with humans. The feral cat taught me that our relationship mirrors the expectations one can have in human-to-human relations.”

– Randyjw, in “3 Quotes For 3 Days”. News Notes 1; January 19, 2016: https://newsnotes1.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/3-quotes-for-3-days/


“Live like a tourist!”

– Randyjw; Comment at: “Three Unique Amsterdam Dates”. ScaleSimple.com; August 3, 2016: scalesimple.wordpress(dot)com


“We don’t think; therefore, we are not.”

– Randyjw; Comment at: “Wonderings Beyond Our World”. News Notes 1; August 26, 2016: https://newsnotes1.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/wonderings-beyond-our-world/


“Events, like memories, are fleeting. Live in every very moment.”

— Randyjw; Partial comment at: “A Bride”. iaccidentlyatethewholething.com; September 12, 2016:



On: Zero

It is what it isn’t!

— Randyjw; “On: Zero (or: My Life, In Comments)”. News Notes 1; September 12, 2016: https://newsnotes1.wordpress.com/2016/09/12/on-zero-or-my-life-in-comments/

and also:

Comment; September 12, 2016, at: Palinode (soubasse) by Robert Okaji at O at the Edges;



“Like people, some recipes are forgiving; others are not.”


— Randyjw. “On: Food and Forgiveness”. News Notes 1; September 16, 2016:



“The Littlest Footstep Can Leave The Deepest Impression”


— Randyjw. “The Littlest Footstep Can Leave The Deepest Impression”. News Notes 1; December 20, 2016:



“Sometimes we only realize the gifts we have been given when they have been taken away; so we must always remember from Whom we’ve received these gifts, and to appreciate what has been given us.”

— Randyjw; December 30, 2016. Partial comment at lookforthelights….


Behold, at that time
I will deal with all them that afflict thee;
And I will save her that is lame,
And gather her that was driven away;
And I will make them to be a praise and a name,
Whose shame hath been in all the earth.


– Zephaniah 3:19; JPS, 1917.



matzati et she’ahavah nafshi


for love is as strong as death,
   its jealousy unyielding as the grave.
It burns like blazing fire,
   like a mighty flame.
Many waters cannot quench love;
   rivers cannot sweep it away.
– Excerpts, from Song of Songs, which is of Solomon. Version translation by New International Version (NIV).



The initial value of their investment, Vi, is only a few years of youth but the final value, Vf, is a life of luxury.


The Shelf Life of a Trophy Wife

(April 12, 2017 from dictionary.com)


“Outside, beyond what is right and wrong, there exists a vast field.
We will find each other there.”
– Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th Century

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