Saying It With Flowers?


Saying It With Flowers? (Randyjw; April 28, 2016)


There are six varieties of pitcher plant, passive insect traps with nodding flowers often found along the backwaters of lakes and rivers.


The Sagittaria Montevidensis Subspecies Calycina has perfect flowers, male and female, and can be found in the state of Montana in North America. Much like the fossils found in the substrate of its former ancient grounds and through its civilizations, this version is known as the Hooded Arrowhead.


The Hooded Skullcap variety is an herb found in traditional medicine. Its extracts are under testing as an environmentally-friendly pest control agent. It grows well in manmade and disturbed habitats, and will be found in temperate zones of the Northern clime in the northeastern United States. The non-parasitic plant contains teeth in its leaf blade, and flowers blue-to-purple, with two prominent lips. It is lacking in spines, as well as bulbils (wait… what!?).


The maroon-collared Sarracenia Flava variety is found in the southern United States, down to Florida. It is now prominently featured as a prized plant in a famous Japanese garden.


Convert to Middle-East -speak, and that’s some incredible way to say it with flowers, isn’t it?

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