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Randy’s Recipes: Easy-Make Jumbleayayaya

A “hot mess” is what my brother would’ve called this concoction — a recipe, it’s really not. But, what it is, is a fairly tasty half-and-half meal — half-prepared, half-preparation.


Randy’s Recipes: Easy-Make Jumbleayayaya (Randyjw; May 31, 2016)


Ingredients (serves 1):

1/4 – 1/3 bag (approx.) brown rice, boiled

1 can Hormel tamales (approx. 6 per can)

Cilantro, dried (or fresh); to taste

Garlic powder (or fresh, prepared); to taste

1/4 – 1/2-cup (approx.) dry-roasted peanuts (optional)

Add-ins (optional): beans; tomatoes; onions (raw or cooked); potatos; shredded cheese; cooked ground beef; cooked chicken; cooked crayfish (jumbalaya-style); etc.

Garnish (optional): sour cream, scallions, shredded cheeses, etc.

Preheat oven to approximately 375°. In a saucepot on top of the stove, boil rice in plain water until finished. Spoon cooked rice into a loaf pan or other baking dish. Add spices and any other add-ins, and mix through. Unwrap tamales and place on top of rice. Pour remainder of tamale sauce over top and bake approximately 8-10 minutes, or until heated through. Mix-in peanuts, if using, then add garnishings. Enjoy!

5 – 3/4 Yums Up

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U.S.A. (ASL)


U.S.A. (ASL) (Randyjw; May 30, 2016)


A   S I L E N T   T R I B U T E






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Best Wishes, Anisa!


Best wishes, Anisa! I love this girl! Anisa Kazemi, our beloved food and lifestyle blogger over at, has just secured a wonderful position as a columnist with SavvyTokyo in food, lifestyle, health and beauty. She will continue to amaze us with her upbeat takes on life, food and photography, as she expands in this new position, exploring Japan, food, and the great, wider world-at-large with her delicious and inspiring articles. L’chaim, Anisa! Best of life and health to you as you bring us the latest and greatest through your love for the world, and all that’s in it! Mazal Tov!


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Randy’s Recipes: Onion-Cocoa Gravy, with Meal Ideas


This gravy is a sautéed delight of onion, paprika and cocoa, serving as well for a vegetarian meal, as it does for a base of chicken or beef. This can be prepared Kosher, with the proper ingredients and utensils, if desired. Obviously, you wouldn’t use butter if preparing this as a Kosher meal using meat or chicken. Here, some of the ingredients used are not Kosher, and the meal is not meant to suggest Kashrut-compliance.


I enhanced the meal with the selections of beverages well-paired to the dish. I highly recommend a coffee served on the darkish side, something deep and earthy — perhaps a strong cup of Turkish roast, or even a slightly-lightened instant would do fine (again, not pairing dairy with meat or chicken, if cooking Kosher). Because I’m normally not one to drink a hot beverage with dinner, the cold beverage I made was a homemade lime-slurry (lime peel-infused cold-sugar syrup) mixed with cold water, for a lightly-blended, but not bland, fragrantly-flavored water. I’m not one for alcohol with meals, either, but I suspect the same earthy essences would pair nicely: oakey, leathers and chocolates, definitely deep into the berry with this; perhaps lighter-tinged if on the honeyed side.


This turns into an entrée by simply topping over rice or pasta or potatoes, etc. The gravy/sautée is prepared first and the meat is mixed in, once it has finished. So you will want to have your bulks pre-cooked, to mix-in at the end. Please enjoy!


Randy’s Recipes: Onion-Cocoa Gravy, with Meal Ideas (Randyjw; May 22, 2016)


Ingredients (Makes 1-2 servings; but for me, it was just one: FYI):


White onion; 3/4- to 1 whole; Large: sliced in varying sizes

Paprika: “Hot” (or you can use “sweet”)

Oil\butter: I used a combination of both oil and salted butter to sautée the onions, using roughly four slices off the stick throughout the sautèeing process.

Cocoa Powder, unsweetened: 1 REAL Tablespoon, levelled

Chopped dry-roasted peanuts\Garnish: (optional, but most highly recommended)

Rice\Pasta\Potatoes: Base for either vegetarian or meat/fowl-based meal. I used about 1/3-bag (2 lb. bag) brown rice, although I cooked an extra 1/3-bag at the same time to keep on-hand.

Fowl\Beef\Eggs: Main Entrèe Ideas; feel free to substitute your own – I used a can of chipotle chicken, which totally changed the flavor, but was still really good.


Prepare whatever add-ins you choose with this dish ahead of time, whether chicken, veal, bison, venison, duck, beef, etc. You could also add these to the pan after the onions have turned translucent during the sautè process.


Put your water on the boil in a saucepot if preparing additional vegetables, or a starch, such as rice, potatoes, pasta, and begin to prepare as you normally would. I made a plain-boiled brown rice, forgoing the extra fats in its preparation in the suggested package instructions, as it would have been overly heavy in addition to the oils used for sautèeing.


While your base is cooking, prepare the sautè. Place your oil or butter and chopped onion(s) into a frying/sautè pan and begin heating. (I used a bit of corn oil to emulsify the spice and make it slippery, supplemented by 2 slices off the stick of salted butter, to start; increasing to about 4 slices total, throughout the process). Stir occasionally. As the onions begin to soften, add some good dashes of paprika, to start. If you need to cook your meats, or prefer to do so now, then add that in now. Add a bit more paprika as it continues to cook, as well as butter as it starts to dry, as well as about a handful/1-4-cup of water, added in small amounts, to moisten and thin, as needed. Towards the end, sprinkle about a level tablespoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder on top, and stir. If adding pre-cooked extras, such as meats, add these now and heat through, stirring occasionally. I used a small can of chipotle white meat chicken; I’d never had it and wanted to try it. It changed the flavorings of the meal and overpowered the other flavors, slightly, but was still good.


Remove from heat when done and combine with your bases and any extra vegetables or additions you prepared. I spooned the gravy over a bed of brown rice and topped with a sprinkling of chopped, dry-roasted peanuts.


Drunken in tandem with the dark coffee and the lime-water, it was a rich, gourmet meal on a low budget and a full stomach!

8.2 Yums Up


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Dear Melania Trump:


Dear Melania Trump:


In the desperate world which is my life right now, I struggle to find employment, and to find a way to take care of the over-abundant cell-growth emanating from my forhead without the benefit of non-existent health insurance via an employer. I don’t qualify for medical care under the Affordable Care Act, because I don’t contribute enough taxes to garner a government-provided subsidy. I never believed in the policy, anyway, because, despite Supreme Court rulings to the contrary, I still believe it impinges upon our civil rights to be free from the imposition of a government-mandated commerce-based purchase by coercion. Medicaid, which is a fallback option for medical coverage for low-income families (and I am definitely low-income), discriminates against my female womb, which can produce no children, as it covers only those who have children, or are disabled, which I just became through an accident at work. Since this new development, I may now be able to be covered. How awful to think that my disability might somehow open up the door to my being able to remove this growing collection of ugly cells from my face (may they never mar yours).


But, no… This is not an article about the pathetic state of my life, and my many jags of uncontrolled crying in self-pity as this tumor-thing widens across my head, scarring and bleeding and maybe burrowing into my brain. I’m not sure if the many recent headaches I’ve been having result from my stress, this growth, or from my self-induced pity party as I try to fight my way out of a dreadful economy and a glimmer of hope for a future of, even, any kind at all. Just a future.


But, I want it to be a good one. It’s not your fault that my life isn’t where I want it — in fact, it’s mine. I haven’t made great choices, and I’m wondering, now, if my choice for your family, for Donald Trump as president, was really the right choice, at all? I’ve been a Trump supporter for years, before his decision to run. I’ve heard him, over the years, on conservative radio talk shows and I’ve mostly always agreed with everything he said. I placed him into a commerce position to deal with China and trade matters in my 2012 presidential “dream-team” cabinet, only because he was not running and Mitt Romney was.


I consider myself a reformed Democrat, now Republican, aligned to issues, rather than a party. And now I have an issue. A big issue. Because I also try to live my life free from anti-Semitism. But, nobody seems to want to allow me to do that. Not jobs I’ve been in, not co-workers I’ve dealt with, not Muslims who want to kill me just for the sole factor of my heritage, not the Christian churches who have un-Constitutionally divested assets from Israel in a discriminatory measure against the Jews, not the academic institutions here in America who have boycotted Israeli academicians and scientists and participated in Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions actions, not the college institutions who allow the harrassment of Jews on their campuses, not the European Union (EU) with their double-standard applications towards Israel to label food made in Judaea/Samaria yet no other country with considered “conflict” areas needs do so, and not the anti-Semitic United Nations with their hypocritical never-ending resolutions condemning Israel as the cause for all evil while simultaneously praising our incessant Arab killers and their war-mongering, murderous countries.


In such an atmosphere, does my obvious Jewish name prevent me from obtaining employment by those who discriminate? I’m still awaiting a promised employment interview, promised as per their site, from an agency to which I applied which enrolls potential voters. I followed-up during business hours with a telephone call to their office — it continued ringing, until my call was answered by their answering machine, upon which I left my contact information, yet again. I have still received no reply. Shall I sue for false advertising? They seem racist, anyway, as they state their targetted goal of enrolling Blacks and Latinos, whom they consider minorities. (Update: Eight days later, I have received an initial contact by telephone. Success! It gives me faith in the process. I guess they’re not racist, after all. I still await that interview, though — I guess my call may have been forwarded to the central location; I’m not sure of its particular nature (it was hard to hear), but it seemed more location-oriented — but, that doesn’t make sense… Anyways, we’ll see… I hope to have a job soon!) (Update 2: I had the interview and didn’t get the job. I guess they didn’t like my questioning why they say the first 45 minutes of training will go unpaid and why the first day would also be an “observation day”/”like a ‘second interview'”. Oh, and it was a group session with other applicants to learn about the company, etc. with applications on each seat, in a teeny-tiny office. That’s too bad; It caught me for a loop, compared to my initial expectations…) As for me, a minority Jew, I’ll enroll anybody who is eligible, regardless of color, or ethnicity, or religion, or anything else, because I believe in democracy…


Jews are a very small minority in the population. But every possible designation afforded others to declare themselves a minority are not equally allowed for Jews. So, we’re even discriminated against in being a minority. We’re even less in numbers than the Black or Hispanic populations, but then our general success, overall, makes people do everything they can to count us out. Never mind we also couldn’t get into universities in the United States, or countryclubs and social venues. So, we’ll make our own businesses and countryclubs — which we did.


Well, I haven’t inherited any long-earned wealth, and I’d really rather not have to start a business of my own. Can’t I just work somewhere?


My hobby is fighting anti-Semitism; frankly, I’d prefer something a little more relaxing. Let me put this another way: I love Israel. I am a Jew. And I am a target.


The anti-Semitic actions listed above sound like a page ripped from Mein Kampf. I would prefer to address you as ‘First Lady’, not ‘Fraulein’. So, when you insinuate that a reporter, who wrote an article on you for GQ magazine, which you considered ‘inaccurate’, at least according to an article by Jewish News Service/ bringing this to attention, had done something to provoke the stated anti-Semitic epithets and death threats she supposedly received, you say that she brought on this anti-Semitism upon herself.


Free speech is one thing, but when it veers into threats and stated intentions to kill someone, it starts to become an assault. Tie that into separating that person for special targetting due to their race, or ethnicity, or other so-called ‘statuses’, and it becomes discrimination.


Did this reporter with a Jewish last name provoke anti-Semitism when she wrote this article? The article was not about herself, or Judaism or Israel; it was about you, wasn’t it? What does her identity have to do with anything? Is she Jewish? Do her attackers know what her faith is, or are they presuming from her last name? If so, how did they learn this? And if she is Jewish, does it matter in the whole scope of this article? Isn’t she allowed to write what she wants, whatever “brand” of being that she is, without being threatened for who she is, as a Jew (regardless whether she is, or isn’t)?


We live in America! Free press! Free speech! Free hate? Yes. Free threats? No, not really. Your equivocation implying that Jews deserve to be battered about because they are Jews, and that they bring such treatment upon themselves, because they ARE Jews, is disgusting. The more I write this, the more I’m tempted to withdraw my volunteership. I’m going to think about it for awhile. I considered not giving you my vote. (Update: I don’t plan to change my vote, though I briefly considered it. I’m still thinking about my volunteership and weighing it. And, I don’t believe I’ve heard anything emanating from Mrs. Trump by way of apology. Has anything been said? The article in question, which you can read below, did nothing to provoke the alleged death threats and anti-semitic epithets hurled at the magazine author because of anything she wrote. If Mrs. Trump did, indeed, say that the author provoked such actions, that is just wrong. It’s a classic anti-semitic slur. Whatever happened (the DuJour article, where Mrs. Trump allegedly said that the reporter “provoked” the behavior from her “fans”, whom she “doesn’t control”, was not accessible to me), it can hardly be concluded that the article’s verbiage would have brought on any such response, least of all those being anti-Semitic in epithet. A press conference, or something from Mrs. Trump, indicating that she has some type of feeling toward the Jewish community being attacked in any way, would help to put to bed the incident and not have to leave me feeling rather heavy-hearted and disappointed. I’m not sure anything has come out to that effect, if at all. If it did, I missed it. I hope it didn’t get sweeped under the rug with a shroud of silence surrounding the matter. And even still, I have to eat it, because the alternatives are way, way worse. A few more days are left in this window of opportunity to express remorse for causing Jewish people distress; I hope you’ll take it, before it slams shut again.)


And then I thought about the alternatives and changed my mind back. I didn’t invest all my hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow on a losing philosophy. I know that Ivanka is happy having become Jewish, and that makes me happy for her. I base my ire on an article I didn’t read, and I presume, also, that it stated what happened, although I’m very selective and find most media inaccurate, as well. Especially where Jews are concerned. I don’t know; maybe your perception of Jewish people was informed by the same people who get us wrong, and report wrongly about us, anyways. (Update 3: I withdrew my name as a volunteer with the Trump campaign, as I could find no public statement or commisseration from Mrs. Trump stating how horrible it is for people to have attacked the reporter in an anti-Semitic manner. She should have sided with the reporter — not against her, and she should have publicly chided the bullies who could do such a thing, especially during all the Jewish remembrance services regarding the Holocaust, Independence, and other matters. I am still voting for Trump, because he will be best for the country, but I’m disgusted over Mrs. Trump’s callous disregard over Jewish lives and the treatment of our people.)


I’ve mostly come to the conclusion that anti-Semitism may be an incorrectible scourge. I would have hoped that the Holocaust, and other such atrocities, would have at least provided a teachable lesson for correction. It is teachable. But, can it be learned?


“Melania Trump: Anti-Semitic Attacks on Reporter Go ‘Too Far’, But Were ‘Provoked'”; Jewish News Service, as received via, May 18, 2016:


Update: I keep trying to post the link, which doesn’t seem to want to work in this space. You can research this yourself from what I’ve written.


Update 2: The link began working after writing the first update. I then found and read the GQ article online. It starts off rather cheekily, I think, and makes a number of snide-ish potshots throughout, in my opinion. The woman who wrote it went to an awful lot of trouble to visit Mrs. Trump’s European childhood location to speak with her friends and people she grew up with. It makes way too much fun of and puts way too much emphasis on the luxury of living with luxuries. The tone seems to change towards the latter half, and ends on a note feeling good, actually, about the piece — Not that it’s bad, even though it’s pocked with invisible bb’s throughout. I don’t really understand what the “inaccuracy” is — perhaps the whole thing is. It doesn’t reveal much, at all. It feels more like a tonal “period” piece, just not in book or t.v. form. That now the story has taken on a life of its own beyond this is unbelievable. That it’s now become an anti-semitic afterword, is just unreal. Here is the link to the GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) article. Ioffe, Julia. “Melania Trump On Her Rise, Her Family Secrets, and Her True Political Views: Nobody Will Ever Know”; GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly), April 27, 2016:


The supposedly offensive retort from Mrs. Trump allegedly occurred in DuJour magazine, as indicated through various search engine blurbs quoted at various news outlets. When I tried to read the article at DuJour, each search engine, and I tried the three major ones, shut down my phone’s browser when the logo for the article began to appear on my screen; consistent attempts to connect were ineffective. That link, and I do not know the author, as I cannot connect to the article, is: I don’t know if whether, by clicking the link here, it will shut your, and my, site down, as well, here. I guess my phone company doesn’t want me writing this article, or something. Or, maybe it’s the Stasi secret police, ‘cuz that’s what it feels like. Actually, it’s more like G-d, as I have a stinging spider-bite mark suddenly at my right shoulder. I hope it’s not one of those devastating kinds. You know, there is that Hebrew prayer about Jerusalem, that if I should forget Thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand lose its cunning… Trump, I think, would be good for the Jewish people. Say you’re sorry, Melania. Live and learn.

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New Food Ratings: Yums Up


New Food Ratings: Yums Up (Randyjw; May 19, 2016)


Hello! Thank you for all your kind likes, follows and nice comments. I really appreciate that you’ve taken your time to read my thoughts and respond with yours. That’s really kind.


In response to thesmilingpilgrims’ one-word compliment, “Yum”, on Easy Cheesy Rice, I replied something like (maybe not verbatim), “My thoughts plus yours make two Yum’s Up”! After a short while, it occurred to me that that would be a cute food rating system we could use across the blogosphere, no? Anything up to Ten Yums, allowing for fractions, versions and decimals will be permissible.


If I forget to do it and it becomes too burdensome, then I’ll drop the idea like a hot potato (ha-ha). But, meanwhile, I offer it to food bloggers and food lovers out there who might have fun with the idea.


I suddenly went on a food blog tangent the other day and began seeing what was out there, since I’d recommended someone to do the same. I liked what I saw. I decided I’d tell you what caught my fancy in the nice food blogs I’ve seen on that journey. I’m not getting formal with links and total accuracy here, but you can check for yourself and see what you like. P.S. These are non-tested; you’re the judge.


The Hirshon / The Food Dictator – – Totally amazing recipes and background research make this a Ten Yums Up site!

Anisa Kazemi – – Always a love. You’ll love her, too.

Maya – artsyteenblog – A blog for teens. Really incredible. Craft projects and recipes. Check out her divine looking lemon-based dessert recipes.

Maureen Abood – – Lebanese and inspired food from her heritage.

Georgia McDermott – George Eats. – Interesting ideas and journey.

Ania – – A vegan life lived in the Greek Isles.

Christina – – Every episode of her tv show features tantalizing plant-based dishes that never disappoint. Get her tips and explore ideas at her website, as well.

Stunning food photography and edible artistry at:

Nepali Food: – Recipes, learning about local dishes, etc. – Delicious pix and easy Indian, and other, food recipes.

Morgan – – Great twists on classic dishes and fusion-food.

Pati’s Mexican Table: Mexican food is more than enchiladas. Pati Jinich shows you how:

New Scandinavian Cooking: Andreas Viestad cooks up some new, interesting recipes:

Nick Stellino: Italian food with friends.

The Free Range Cook: Annabel Langbein cooks up local foods grown in New Zealand:


Nominate a food blog, read food tips, get recipes:


Anthony Bourdain – Oh, yeah… HarperCollins Publishers’ books include cookbook authors, and the Ecco imprint was the line reserved for Anthony Bourdain and his choice selections of break-out, budding talents. I found this info under the HarperCollins website and learned they have a New Zealand/Australia/World branch, which I clicked on. I found their site rather friendly toward the solicitation of new materials. If you’d like to make a submission of your work for consideration, please do so on a Wednesday only, and here is the link: I also read some Anthony Bourdain quotes, one of which really had me laughing alot, at:


I’m sure I probably inadvertently left off people I meant to include — that’s one problem with lists. If I remember for the future, I’ll try to add-in more as I go along. Meanwhile, thanks for reading. May your life and health, as well as your food, be hearty and happy! – Randy

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Randy’s Recipes: Easy Cheesy Rice


Randy’s Recipes: Easy Cheesy Rice (Randyjw; May 18, 2016)


Jasmine Rice, cooked per package instructions (substitute your own favorite type of rice)

Parmesan cheese, grated (block-form you grate yourself, ot the kind you sprinkle from a canister)

Pepper, to taste

Salt, to taste




After boiling rice and letting it absorb what water it will, cooked as per package instructions, just season with a good dose of cheese, and salt and pepper, to taste. Easy and well-done! Yum.

4.2 Yums Up

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Randy’s Recipes: Green Zeitim


“Zeitim” is Hebrew for the English word “olives”. One most associates the old olive trees in Israel with the green variety, some trees living for thousands of years back to the times when all three monotheistic faiths could witness their growth, both the trees and their religions, through the Jewish lens of Jerusalem and Judah/Israel. Both the trees and the Jews were there to witness these births and the impacts they have had on humanity — and, not to mention, on the Jews and the trees, themselves.


The Jewish people, and its faith, believe that the Messiah will arrive to usher in the G-dly reign by walking through the double gates in the city walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, opposite Har HaZeitim, or, as it’s English name is called, “The Mount of Olives”. This physical site is the rising mountain located next to and over-looking the Beit HaMikdash, the Jewish Temple, which stood upon the Mount opposite, which now is home to the famous gold-domed and silver-roofed house of Islamic prayers.


Because we believe that the Messiah will arrive  at that spot, it has behooved us to build our graves there, so that we can be closest to meet the Messiah, at that time. In life and in death, we believe in G-d. It is for this reason that Har HaZeitim, the Jewish cemetery, is situated directly across from the expected arrival spot. Har HaZeitim is the oldest known cemetery in the world. It’s gravestones are graves of stone.


Stone has a lasting permanence; it is what G-d has chosen in creating the bedrock and mantle of the crusts of the earth, and of its many interesting geological formations in the composition of the mountains. A small rock or pebble is placed atop the gravemarker upon visiting the site of a Jewish grave location. The tectonic plates which are pushing against one another as they slowly contort the landscape might be riding on the waters which separate firmament from firmament, and from the waters above of the firmaments above. Careful reading of the Bible would show this as a possible meaning to the wonders of our worlds — things we only don’t discover until much later, if at all.


The love of the Jewish people for the words of G-d, and their belief that the land He delivered them and the place that He requested as His abode, within the Beit HaMikdash (Jewish Temple) upon its mount, resting on the bedrock of Jerusalem, in the land of Judah/Zion/Israel/etc., has prompted the correlation by the derivative monotheistic faiths to develop tandem, or occasionally, replacement-based theological viewpoints, sometimes leading to major movements.


These three evidentiary details should be clear proof that the Jewish claim, not only to the site of the Temple Mount, but to the land of Israel, is legitimate: the Jewish cemetery built on Har HaZeitim to greet the Messiah shows that the Jews cherish and respect the Holiness which G-d accorded it. The cemetery is the oldest in the world, continuing to serve its intended function as a Jewish cemetery. This precedes any possible other claims, being an original, archaeological physical proof, as well as a faith-based demonstration of the Jewish spiritual reality and attention to its fulfillment. The retaining wall to hold the Temple Mount in place has been known as the “Wailing Wall” to successive generations of faithful believers (the “Western Wall” to Jewish sources, translated from the Hebrew “Kotel HaMa’ariv”) who have undertaken specific pilgrimages of faith to visit there throughout the centuries. It is known in extant extraneous sources of written literature attesting to these travels to the revered site in Jewish history and its lore from a broad range of faiths and people throughout history. These documents are being ignored in ceding the site to Arabs, but should not be. The site was built to support a massive structure, requiring the placement, right down to the very bedrock, of 144-ton stones to support the distribution of weight across its surface and to raise it upon its pedestal. There is nothing built below bedrock — no other culture found below this level. It’s walls rise up through the striations of following levels of human existence, but it remains rooted to the earth at its very foundation level. Knowing its importance in relation to the Jews’ perceived relationship with G-d, other faiths built there to receive the glory, as well. It is the reason for the abundance of structures of all faiths, throughout the centuries, enjoining that they receive their share of spiritual accord, too. Some, such as the Arabs, meant to take all the glory away from the Jews; during the time of their actual reign here, too, they made certain to stop the Messiah’s arrival, which would bring the Jews back to their glory, by blocking-up the entry-gates of the walls to the city through which He is supposed to enter. The difference in workmanship, and that this bricked-up addition to already existing entrances to a much older structure, should be obviously apparent (– but, it’s ignored).


The wood of the olive tree has had major Biblical significance, as well. Because of the olive tree’s significance, mentioned throughout testaments of varied faiths, it and its wood, used in the Bible, are extremely revered and imputed with hallowed significance in the industry built up around its usage for keepsakes. Carvings from its wood are especially helpful as a means of employment, particularly among the Arabs who carve and sell such figurines from its wood to the burgeoning Christian pilgrimage visitors, as well as casual tourists, visiting Israel’s sites. Olives are among the species of Israel listed in the Bible. Its oil and the millstones and vats used for its pressing are found in ancient archaeological excavations around Israel.


My first encounter with a green olive occurred many, many years ago. Our family was the home where Thanksgiving took place, and my cousin coaxed me to try one. Perhaps it was profaning the sanctity of its species in a secular observance which embittered its taste in my mouth, and my reaction was rather exaggerated and it had to go; and go quickly it did, in a rather irrational manner.


My next attempt to try one came directly from a tree in Israel at the site called Gan HaShlosha (or, “Garden of the Three”), a paradaisical oasis of natural hot springs, date palms, olive trees and unbelievable beauty in the sandy desert-like conditions mostly surrounding it. A pool containing the visible portions of this spring has been built to enhance its comforts, and it is definitely a must-see place to visit. It also has another name called Sachne Oasis. I tried the bitter offering of the olive straight from the tree before being brined or preserved, and again, had the same reaction; I wasn’t alone in this — the entire group did, as well. But that was, again, a less commital exertion, on my part, to comply reasonably with facets of our faith’s practices and observances — So, no-go.


Then, when I had the right intent, or at least the best of intents on my part to commit further to Israel, the olive became an agreeable and loved and adored foodstuff from G-d that I crave in my diet and which provides me so much sustenance. Thank you, L-rd! And this came about in the most secular manner, by the way. I had visited a mall and there found a Kosher Domino’s pizzeria inside! Fancy that!? It was sortof expensive and I was going to have none of that, but somehow the pizzamaker had convinced me I needed to try it, and that was that. I don’t recall exactly, but I think that we were also debating the merits of an Israeli Jewish staple, at least in terms of pizza toppings, as pepperoni, sausage and bacon do not aspire to the list. It wss an “Ode to the Green Olive” (my title theme eventually to continue in the future, so I claim it as mine — no grabsies). Past occurences notwithstanding, there it was — now on my plate before me. He was right. I don’t recall whether I agreed or whether I received it by “accident”; but, perhaps, maybe there are never any real “accidents” in life. Perhaps this represents an ascension, an accedance, to the realm of the metaphorically-relevant existence operating in G-d’s spiritual realm.

This dish can be eaten as a side accompaniment, as a meal in itself, or used raw or cooked in entrees and hors d’oeuvres, like a tapenade. It’s flavors are spicy. Mixed with sweet apple, as I did here, it became a melding of perfection — peppery bite with underlying temperedness of sweetness. It reminds me of the Yiddish embodiment of Jewish expression.


Green Zeitim (Randyjw; May 18, 2016)


Lemon rind (washed, ripe, edible — can be substituted with other edible citrus peels or the zest from non-edible rinds; other substitutes, and your favorites, might work, as well), cut fairly small

Sugar (any kind; I used white, granular; to be the base for the sweet, syrupy slurry that will be infused with the aroma of the add-in; other substitutes, like agave nectar or honey, etc. can be utilized additional to, or in place of, the sugar)

Green Olives, chopped

Cinammon, sprinkled

Apples, sliced (optional; never-ending adds: on toast; over rice; as a stock-starter to jump off on other dishes, etc… Also: on lettuce, as well as on lettuce and with a garlic-pasta all-together)

At least 1/2-day to 1-day in advance (it’s better this way, but if you must proceed otherwise, don’t let that stop you), prepare the slurry by zesting the peel (if hard and inedible) or cutting the edible, soft, ripe, washed rinds of citrus or other matter you are turning to a liquid-derived, flavor-infused slurry into a container and coat with sweetener, several times stirring and adding, until a thick slurry has formed. If you can, allow it to infuse for a time, overnight in the fridge, or so. Remove when ready to begin next steps of preparation. Using a bit of the slurry that has hopefully had time to “marinate”, add this to some chopped green olives in a bowl. Sprinkle and stir-in a couple dashes of cinammon — the flavor will really come alive and bloom by opening it up to the addition of the cinammon, just like an Israeli sabra in the desert.

9.1 Yums Up (Green Zeitim/Fuji Apple Version, only)

Update: Substitutes can also be used, though, the recipe is really just meant for the Fuji apples. Here, I used pears, and, since it needed a flavor changer/enhancer, I added about a half-jigger or so of Marsala wine. I made this version especially to show to Jyotee, who does not love apples (still, I think it should be apples, but…)


Afterwards, I then turned it into a piecey poached-pear chutney, of sorts, here:


Here it makes a delicious dressing atop plain iceberg lettuce:


and, then, it was love at first bite when I threw-in a garlic-butter-pasta-green herbs side dish, (which had been uninspiringly dry as its plain, old left-over self):


It was wonderful mixed with sliced peaches:




Additional Reading (Added June 25, 2018):


Flatow, Stephen M. “‘Un-Settling’: The Royals Understanding of Jerusalem”; Reprinted in secondary source by from Jewish News Syndicate (JNS); June 25, 2018:



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Randy’s Recipes: Szeged Veg


The country of Hungary, located in the more South-Central/Eastern region of Europe, had had a sizable wartime population of 800,000 Jews, prior to their deportment to, and their deaths in, the Nazi death camps established across Europe to receive them.


Jews had lived here in Hungary, in the territory previously referred to during the Roman Empire rule as the province of Pannonia, since at least the second century C.E. In its conquering swath, the Roman Empire managed to eventually subdue the sovereign Jewish land of Judaea/Israel.


The Jewish Revolt had been initially successful in repelling the Roman invasion from Israel, but eventually, this last, mighty group was defeated, and Jews were then forced to live as a vassal state in Israel/Judah — ruled by Jewish kings, but with acquiescense of Roman heirarchy.


During this period, there were the Hasmonean Kings and its dynasty, as well as the more familiar Idumean converts to Judaism, Herod and sons. Because of this Roman overrule, Judaea/Israel was renamed in the guise of the Jews’ old arch enemies, the Falastin (The Philistines — a people absorbed without trace and of no known discernible historical continuation to any known people today).


Roman generals utilized three legions from Pannonia against the Jews during these wars of the second century and captured Jewish slaves, bringing them back to what would eventually be known as the region of Hungary.


It, like many other of the European towns purged of their Jews, struggled to resurge in the Holocaust’s aftermath. Szeged has become, albeit a shell of its glorious former self, a place where the Jewish community has again tried to rebuild their shattered lives from the ashes of their destruction.


Estimates place the Jewish population of Hungary between 35,000 – 120,000 people now. They melded along the way in a high rate of assimilation with the general populace via intermarriage and were generally given relaxed and mostly-favorable treatment by the region’s rulers. At other times, there were pogroms and anti-Semitism, and the practically complete cooperation in compliance with Hitler’s edicts to round-up the Jews to export them to their deaths.


In the intervening years, Jews had become skilled merchants and artisans. They lived in Hungary prior to the land’s receipt of that same name. They made prized wines, which eventually drew the jealousy and ire of the locals, whereby an official law was then created barring Jewish production of fine wines. Jews dealt in spices and trade and became generally successful people.


Capsicum (pepper) is said to have been brought in to Hungary in the late 16th century, with its derivative spice, called “paprika”, evolving about 100 years later. Both paprika and wine are used in the famous dish of Hungary’s region (and one of my favorites), Hungarian Goulash.


Sources:; Citation 4: Web Way Back Machine:


World Jewish Congress (Communities/Hungary):


This simple side takes its hot and spicy cues from the flavors of the region, utilizing the famous spice, which become paprika, in the town of Szeged, where it became largely popularized. I have a large can to last me for years — a “hot” version. A second, “sweet” version is the usual type found on supermarket shelves. You’re likely to find the “hot” variety at international or specialty stores.



Randy’s Recipes: Szeged Veg (Randyjw; May 18, 2016)


Onion (I used white, but you can use your preference), sliced into small, wedge-like bites

Carrots, bias-cut (my preferred style, generally; but, use your own)

Paprika (“hot” or “sweet”), to taste

Cinammon, to taste

Oil (I used corn, which was at-hand; others you might try are: grapeseed, sesame, peanut, flaxseed — experiment!), lightly drizzled

Honey (or other natural sweetener) (optional; cuts the heat)


Combine all ingredients. Enjoy! This can be used as the basis for a cooked main course, mixed with fowls, meats, fish, pasta, over rice, sauteed with diced potatoes to make home fries, etc.

3.2 Yums Up

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Brighten Someone’s Day


Brighten Someone’s Day (Randyjw; May 15, 2016)


Send someone a cheery reminder that you’re thinking of them by sending them a Peace/Love Bunny! Just snap a photo of your hand making the “V” for Victory/Peace sign, add a design (be creative and tape cotton balls for fur, or add whiskers, etc. Googly eyes, stickers, non-toxic paints, paper bow-ties, polka-dots, pipe cleaners, are all cute add-on to dress up your bunny). Forward it along on your blog or email or snail-mail, and brighten someone’s day. When they catch their bunny, they’ll know you sent them warm and fuzzy (furry!) happy thoughts! Soon, they’ll hop around the world! Write a special saying on your photo, like Love or Peace. It’s a nice gesture and might help add some cheer to somebunnies’ day (hah-hah)!!!


It’s also a thank-you to you, for cheering me and the world with your posts. I’m happy to see you all, and want you to know that your presence has gladdened my heart.


Here’s an example of the Peace/Love Bunny (mine says “Shalom” in Hebrew script, which means “Peace”, as well as “Hello” and “Goodbye”) below. Make your own and send them ’round the world!




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“I’d Love to Change the World…”


… but I don’t know what to do… So I leave it up to you…” Lyrics — to the rock song I heard growing up in my youth, by a band called Ten Years After (see a video, for a feel of the era of the times, here: (


It was a time of residual hippiness and carefree youth, my older brother (I miss you!!!) indoctrinating me with a great schooling of the proper rock classics and culture, which went along with the 60’s and filtered into the early 70’s.


While I’m more of a hippie-chick used-to-be wannabe, I still have alot of the social-issue-activism I never really utilized spilling over into my later years. It’s been tempered through experience with reality toward a more conservative outlook, these days — but best summed up by considering myself an issues-oriented person with conservative leanings.


The world really does need changing still, so here is where my evolving stances lie, and what my proposed considerations would be (and may be further updated/edited):


I. Workplace:

a) Unhook healthcare from employer responsibility. What happened to medical privacy? Your employer should not be privy to your private, personal medical data. Repeal the law that requires a company to provide medical insurance coverage. That will be one less thing for them to administer. It benefits nobody in the present arrangement: companies often don’t even contribute to an employee plan, so their input is voyeuristic, at best. A company may still offer it, if they wish. Healthcare was at its best when companies had no obligation to provide it. Money the company saves, if any, could be used to raise take-home wages (though companies being the greedy little entities that they are make this scenario hardly likely).


b) Repeal the 90-day employee “probationary” status. People should be considered an official employee from day one. This eliminates bureaucratic red-tape in the burdensome “he-said/she-said” proof-of-employment status with the unemployment claims process, should it eventually come down to that. There is too much emphasis, because of this present allowance, to treat employees as disposible resources. They should be treated as the assets they are and receive benefits, if offered by the company, from day one. This makes better sense and offers better job “security”, for both the employer and the employed. Turnover will plummet, and both applicants and hiring managers will make more concerted efforts to create a mutually rewarding environment for all.


c) Eliminate background checks/references, and streamline the employment application. It is an invasion of privacy to require an applicant to provide personal financial and identifiable details, and its abuse is evident in the burgeoning explosion of identity theft issues. There are plenty of shady businesses out there, but the bias is tipped in their favor. What guarantees does a potential applicant have that their wages will be paid or that they will not get caught up in the company’s questionable dealings? Really not much, other than the companies’ reputation; how long they’ve been around, etc. Conversely, it happens that the company may have hired a “bad apple” in the bunch, from time to time. If the applicant is not jailed, than it should stand to reason that they have not been proven guilty of anything. Aren’t they supposed to be given the benefit of the doubt? Instead, they’re bombarded with giving up private information about their banking and finances, credit, vehicles, housing, location of everything: school, previous employment — and that’s just for the consideration of becoming an eligible candidate. It’s no wonder identity theft is so commonplace. Do company managers and executives provide their own, personal credit reports for the applicants’ perusal? I didn’t think so. So, what proof does a company provide that they can purchase your services up-front for one-, maybe two-weeks or more in advance, when your paycheck arrives (interest-free)? It is an even exchange; your work, for an agreed (though not always favorable) rate of pay. Simplify the process: Name, address and phone number, plus a check-box to indicate whether the applicant is eligible to work and can supply, on day one, proof of employment eligibilty (the present forms work, as long as there is enforcement of compliance), which ought to suffice for all requirements needed from an applicant. Let the potential employee provide, at their own discretion, non-requisite additional information to enhance their selection for the position (relevant experience, etc.). Engender an atmosphere of enhanced trust — it will do wonders to increase morale.



It’s a necessary evil. There would be no other fair way to generate revenue to create the infrastructure and services the country communally relies on. Money is an exchange medium to purchase goods and services, and credit is the extension of a promise for future payments toward the purchase of goods or services. Of course, there has to be an accepted and defined value standing behind the worth of the currency, and that is why some people prefer only valuations backed by real, tangible items (such as gold), as currencies occasionally are devalued and have little worth from their original price. Barter uses this principle, to create an agreed-upon exchange; but since not everyone can produce all things, money becomes the commonly recognized equalizer. So, if you don’t want my wooden picture frames, but I want your eggs, I can give you money for your eggs, to be used to purchase your need for milk from a different source.


a) Double Taxation: End unfair taxation. Either tax our employment, or our goods, but why do both?


b) Death Tax: Excuse me? End that.


c) Inheritance Tax: That’s a double (or more) taxation. It’s already been taxed when initially earned. End that; it’s unfair.


Foreign Policy:


a) Stop Financing Terrorism. Only Support Democratic, Western-aligned and Acting Countries. Why do we send tax-payers’ hard-earned wages overseas to terrorists trying to kill us? This is not humane — either to our own citizens, or to them. Only support Democratic, peace-loving nations which need the help, from time-to-time. Business deals, where we reap a product, are fine. Endless financing to bankroll terror-involved attitudes from the countries housing such people needs to be ended immediately. If they want access to the nations and the economies that generate them,then they need to play by OUR rules.


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Randy’s Recipes: Laissez Caffe


Randy’s Recipes: Laissez Caffe (Randyjw; May14, 2016)


Instant coffee


Sweetened condensed milk

Coconut Milk

Cinammon, a few dashes or 1 stick


Mix into large mug. Add boiling water and stir until ingredients are blended and dissolved.


Relax and enjoy!

7.8 Yums Up

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Letters to Editors, Etc.



The Huffington Post:

Screenshot - May 6, 2016

Screenshot – May 6, 2016



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(Randyjw; May 13, 2016)


Should old acquaintances be forgot,

replaced with the shiny and new?

Should gifts of love and presents bought

return themselves to you?


Ice on a wound that does not heal

Sounds rather quite absurd

Advice dispensed you cannot feel

Because you have not heard


The magic spell was cast when young

which clouded sense from sight

The spider’s web with silk was spun

both hands released the kite





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Beachy Blues


Beachy Blues

(Words by Randyjw; May 13, 2016; Music by ?)


Well you’re causin’ me distress

‘Cuz you’re talkin’ ’bout some dress

That you think the Devil got himself into


But I know there’ll come a time

When I’ll have to show you mine

‘neath the shades of all these gorgeous baby blues


Now, Hazel’s kind’a pretty

And she comes from Detroit City

But she sighs and wonders just what might’ve been

‘Cuz her heart flew out too fast

Toward a love that didn’t last

When she cast her sights on wanderin’ Mr. Green


Well, he got a lazy eye

Sure as heck you can’t deny

But he makes some haste to make sure he gets sauced

And the day don’t sure go by

Some fool words he done decry

Now they’re black-and-blue and red and green and crossed


Then she met the family Brown

who came from the neighb’ring town

They were right and sweet and poor, but they were real

Though it’s sad they fell apart

But to them she gave her heart

As a friend

And when

She met the Man of Steel


She doesn’t have a home

And her eyes do nowhere roam

For she has a love that lives within her heart

It’s been good enough to last

Through the struggles of her past

And it gets her by regardless they’re apart


Now I’ll have to close my tale

And my schooner’s setting sail

On a voyage round the world to kindle love

And now with these beachy blues

I’ll be looking out at you

Sending faith and hope into your life anew


But my message doesn’t end

It’s just reached another bend

In the snag of human lives gone all-amok

So open up that Good Old Book

And just give it one more look

Beachy Blues are gonna show you what is luck


To Tosha – Much Love


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Some Bunny Loves You








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Happy Rebirthday: Eternal, Israel


Happy Rebirthday: Eternal, Israel

(Randyjw; 05/11/2016)



Yom HaZikaron

Remembrance Day (Memorial Day)




Yom HaAtzma’ut

Independence Day



Yom Moledet!

Happy Rebirthday, Israel.

Always Eternal.

Eternally Yours,



HaTikvah (The Hope; a poem by Naftali Herz Imber; also it is the Israel National Anthem)

Kol od balayvav pnima nefesh Yehudi homiyah

Ul fatey Mizrach kadima

Ayin L’Tsion tsofiyah

Od lo avdah tikvatenu

HaTikvah shnot al payim

Liyot Am chofshi be’artzenu

B’Eretz Tzion V’rushalyim.


(HaTikvah “The Hope” translation from “My Jewish Learning”:)

As long as within our hearts

The Jewish soul sings,

As long as forward to the East

To Zion, looks the eye —

Our hope is not yet lost,

It is two thousand years old,

To be a free people in our land

The land of Zion and Jerusalem.


Hear The Israel National Anthem, HaTikvah, on YouTube:


See excerpts of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, proclaim the State of Israel, with HaTikvah in the background:


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Free Bikes for Government Workers!


Not too long ago, I was trying to find some information for some unrecalled reason, at present. I don’t even know if I located what I was looking for, but I ran across something else that utterly blew my mind.


Did you know that government workers can receive reimbursement of up to $240.00 per year, to be spent on the purchase of a bike, its maintenance, related gear/equipment, and the like? It’s true!


Of course, they need to have been approved as “certified” bike-riders, and the proper paperwork needs to have been filled out, naturally. A twenty-dollar per-month amount is figured, with two receipt turn-in periods. Certain restrictions apply, such as not being reimbursed for other transportation methods at the same time, or above and beyond the allowed amounts, etc.


I’d say that’s a pretty spiffy yearly bonus, wouldn’t you?


Tax-payer money, hard at work!

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Randy’s Recipes: Divine Lime String Beans



These are unusual, to say the least. There must be no bitterness to the lime, or this won’t work.


Randy’s Recipes: Divine Lime String Beans (Randyjw; May 11, 2016)




Peels of 4 limes, cut small


Fresh cleaned string beans

Maple syrup

Butter, dotted along the top

Matzah meal (optional)


Prepare a lime-syrup slurry at least 1/2- to 1-full day in advance. Cut the peels from four washed, ripe, sweet (as possible) limes. Place them into a container and sprinkle copiously with sugar, stirring and coating to build up a thick slurry paste. Cover and refrigerate overnight, if possible.


Next day, clean fresh string beans and par-boil in a pot. Remove beans from pot and lay them into a baking dish. Dot with butter along the top. Pour some maple syrup over top in a sweep around the dish. Add some lime-syrup slurry, making sure not to pour any peel into the dish. Sprinkle a dusting of matzah meal, if using, on top. Stir. Add another light coat of matzah meal, if using. Place into oven and bake at about 345°F until heated through.

6.1 Yums Up

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Targeting Jews with US Aid


U.S. aid to Gaza is literally killing the Jews. And the U.S. is at it again, agreeing to finance the operation in the Gaza Strip which has made no bones about its stated desire to kill Jews. In fact, the mission to kill the Jews is enshrined in the Hamas Charter, as well as in the Koran, if anybody ever deigned to check. But, most don’t; they feel content to trust that the Hudabiyya agreement, which establishes the Muslim ethical standards of lying to placate the enemy until such time that the Umma (Muslim community) can succeed with a high probability at exterminating their enemies (non-Muslim “kafir”/infidels), actually keeps them free from worry that such things as stabbings, beheadings, stonings, honor killings, or summary executions without fair trials would ever encroach on their own lives. So many did, until they learned that this is for real, and these are no Aladdin fairytale movies.


People can no longer pretend that they’re not funding proxy killers in the war against the Jews. Palestinians are the richest group on the planet, due to the treasury of funds they collect from nations around the world. These professional “refugees” don’t have to work; why should they when everybody can’t stop throwing money at their feet? This accounts for the high unemployment rate among the Arabs; it is not endemic to Gaza, but is a scourge throughout the Arab world.


Saudi Arabia has undertaken to correct this situation in their kingdom and has realized the need to diversify their interests, so that job opportunities will be able to expand and make up for the increase in population drawing down dwindling funds from the same shared jackpot.


Meanwhile, why do we fund these oil-rich nations still? Are the super-powers of the world, suffering in their own sluggish economies, able to even afford to continue to support the rest of the depressed markets of the world? I don’t think so.


So, why is it that countries cannot refrain from providing money to Arabs who live in some of the richest countries in the world? It is a distorted form of appeasement, to think that if you give them enough money, they’ll redirect their murderous focus toward killing other people, instead of you. Well, that’s known as “jizya”, and the Arabs are fine with seeing these payments from a viewpoint as one of victor receiving tributary rewards from those conquered.


One cannot pretend not to notice more than 10,000 rockets raining down on Jews in Israel. One cannot pretend to ignorance of the endless, non-stop tunnels being dug by Hamas from which to smuggle more terrorists into Israel to kill more Jews. One cannot close their eyes to the vehicular homicide attempts and knife-stabbing murder attempts by the Arabs on Jews (one just happened today in Israel, with the victims being two elderly women in their seventies! Another knife-stabbing just happened in Germany, where we hear several people were stabbed to the famous Arabic cries of praise to their G-d as accompaniment). Nor can the hijackings of airlines, the explosions of crockpots filled with shrapnel at sporting events, the detonation of innumerable roadside and bus-loaded explosive devices, and the suicide vests at entertainment venues  be denied as anything other than Islamic hatred for non-Muslims. It’s that simple.


It’s got to stop. Funding the people who commit such activities is akin to hiring contract hitmen to assassinate the Jews. You know that’s what’s going to happen. You have continual proof that the money and supplies are being utilized to carry out these murders of the Jewish people, for it is also successfully proven that Jews have died because of it. Tons and miles of concrete have been poured for all these tunnels (Ban Ki-Moon, himself, was photographed inside one — direct proof he can no longer deny) with money and supplies which were supposed to be used in projects for such things as schools, hospitals, etc.


It is not okay. The present administration was responsible for allowing guns to be provided to vicious drug cartels in Mexico, which were implicated in the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol guard, in the debacle named for the popular movie series, “Fast and Furious”. We heard cries for impeachment and other things, and the investigation just dropped off the radar. There was a lame excuse given about trying to use the guns like bait to be traced to the various bad guys, but that didn’t seem to have actually happened, since no-one appears to have suffered the consequences of responsibility at any point along the line, except the victim and his loved ones. An American casualty of the incompetent actions decided by the government.


Guns do get around. The one found in Paris during the Charlie Hebdo/HyperCacher terrorist attacks by Arabs, directed in some part specifically against Jews, demonstrated in their target choice of the people shopping inside a kosher market, originated from a place in Delray Beach, Florida. The company, Century Arms, according to, is the largest supplier of military surplus equipment, and is located across the street from a sheriff substation! It is down the street from the apartments where the 9/11 terrorists supposedly rented a place, which people forget, when the news plays up only some aspects of a story. The terrorists have help. The problem is, they fade back into the woodwork and bide their time to reappear elsewhere. The company recently advertised for new help of a clerical nature — I guess they need to get a handle on things. Would you want to succeed the position of a terror-involved agency? Would blame be assigned to you, instead? As much as blame is always assigned to employees, you have to watch out even more so, in my opinion, for people who operate companies in wrongful ways.


Another of the 9/11 terrorists, in an aside hardly anybody would have acknowledged, had supposedly lived in Hollywood, Florida, not that far in distance to a Delray Beach location. Now it turns out, as I recently mentioned, that the FBI nabbed a Hollywood man in a sting, who tried to carry out an attack (set to fail on-purpose, but obviously unknown to him) on the synagogue in Aventura, Florida. Was he part of the original attack squad support group, or just another copycat ideologist? I don’t care; all I know is that he wanted to kill Jews and tried to, and that makes me rather uncomfortable, and rather upset, as well.


I have about had it with the irresponsible funding of tax-payer dollars to support these Arab Jew-killers, when we have enough problems providing jobs in our own country. I have no job and no health care and I am recently being denied food stamps, yet you will fund the people who would relish me dead.


Fifty million dollars has just been agreed to be provided over a five-year period to the Gaza Strip by the United States. Jewish tax dollars, and all Americans who pay taxes, are funding higher probabilities of increased attacks against Jews.


How many people live in Gaza? According to, and listing the CIA World Factbook (2014) as its source, the Gaza Strip has an estimated population of 1.8 million people, mostly Sunni Muslim Arabs (0.7% Christian). Distributed evenly, that’s ten million dollars per year, for five years. Let’s round up to a whole number, say 2 million, on the number of people — it is easier to do the math, and there have likely been births. That’s only $5.00 per person, per year. That won’t improve anybody’s life.


They already have free homes, taken over from the formerly force-evacuated Jewish population, which paid for and had those homes built. Infrastructure already existed there for the Jews, as well. It was a fully-functioning town, as any other in Israel. If they weren’t so busy sending over 10,000 rockets into Israel, Israel wouldn’t be trying to bomb those rocket-launchers back. Remember: Israel has no need to bomb anything which is peaceful, and doesn’t. I’m pretty sure it was not bombing peaceful population areas existing where the Jews had lived in Gaza, because the Jews would not have been warring with Israel!


Collectively? Ten million dollars will buy alot of firepower to fight the Jews. Lots of metal for mortar rockets to fire at them. Lots of concrete, to build more infiltration tunnels. Plenty more knives, grenades, bombs, ammunition, money to continue to pay murderers’ families for carrying out terror attacks against the Jews.


I really can’t wait for a Trump presidency. I feel pretty sure that he would consider this waste of taxpayer dollars a very bad return on investment. I feel that he has priorities straight, and that he would also be a great friend to Israel. The present U.S. administration under Barack Obama seems to be the very best friend a Muslim could ever wish for.


See: AP and Times of Israel Staff. “US Announces $50 Million Aid Program for Gaza Strip”; Times of, May 9, 2016:



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Super-Caliphate, Fragilistic, Expectantly, Al-a-DAESH-ious


If the United States is the “Great Satan”, and Israel is the “Little Satan”, at least according to the outpourings of Arab national media worldwide, does this mean that France, according to size, should be accorded the designation, “Mid-Sized Satan”? (Sounds like the latest in car models, no?)


According to Islamic justification, the state fits the bill: they are colonial occupiers, having invaded the Muslim territory of Algeria in North Africa, sending French settlers to occupy and take over the country with a foreign culture.


Territories in the Middle East were held for some time by the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), though they are not indigenous to the specific land-holdings they occupied during this time period. In the loss of empire in the 20th century, due to wars for landgains and prominence, the land was given over to Mandatory powers to control and provide stewardship over. These Mandatory assignees, made thus by the League of Nations, the previous name of the similarly-embodied United Nations, were England and France, as they had contributable stakes in the matter.


England, in direct contravention in undertaking to establish the parameters set forth to settle the land with Jewish inhabitants to Israel, countermanded the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and acquiesced to Arab demands to limit Jewish immigration to Israel, despite guarantees otherwise. Additionally, land which had been lost in war from the Ottoman Empire, was restored to them, just under the control of princes they favored of mostly Saudi clans and powerful Arab family scions, instead.


Nothing was really lost; instead, everything was gained — at least for the making of an extended Caliphate. The division of land into these new countries gave the Arabs representatives in world government for each of the countries now with a new land. Far from being a negative thing, as they claim it to be (wink, wink), it all gives them practically veto power and control over every decision made at bodies such as the United Nations. It does not mean that a United Nations Resolution against Israel is just: it only means that the majority Muslim bloc have intimidated the others into compliance with its point of view.


So, is the New World Order a Jewish conspiracy? Certainly not. Considering that secret societies, and other such venues, such as the famed Skull and Crossbones society, coming out of Yale and found supposedly within the Council on Foreign Relations and other places, and supposedly implicit in this whole thing, were often anti-Semitic, it would seem that perhaps others should be considered the progenitors of this supposed ideology. I think I’ve just debunked this whole myth.


Meanwhile, France was also given a Mandatory assignment in the generic time-frame of these couple of decades to rule over a part of Syria that had been ripped away from Israel, called “Palestine” at that time. But, you never hear anything from the Arabs about it, because it would defeat their purpose. Only “The Jews”/”Israel” can be the bad guys, because it fits their narrative — related matters be darned.


So, let’s see… We have: 1) colonial “occupier”; check. We have: 2) Stole land from “Palestine”; check. And, we have: 3) a country which spurred the Enlightenment: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite! All anti-thetical to the patriarchical, authoritarian, male-dominated society of Islam. Wine? Mainstay of French life? Verboten/Forbidden in Islam. Boudoir fashion on the streets of “gay Paris”? Make that head-to-toe coverage for Muslim women — maybe a peek-slot for the eyes. Black full-length robes in the 114°F heat of the desert, if you don’t mind… And even if you do…


All the makings for the perfect subjects of Jihad. Yet, you don’t hear it. Despite the Charlie Hebdo/HyperCacher recent attacks, those were commited against a definite Jewish target (Hyper Cacher, the kosher market) and against “blasphemers”, satirists at Charlie Hebdo magazine, who poke fun at everything, and who also happen to have “slandered” the person they consider to be the Prophet of their religion. Does this justify or validate the attacks? By no means, whatsoever.


But the lack of constant Arab vitriol against France, for actually having, indeed, done the things for which they accuse innocent others of doing the same, comes to naught. There is none, so to speak. I guess they’ve been properly “dhimmi-fied”.


Wow, isn’t that just Super-Caliphate, Fragilistic, Expectantly Al-a-DAESH-ious?


Hum-Dil-ll-ll-lla-ll-lla; Hum-Dil-ll-LIE!

Hum-Dil-ll-ll-lla-ll-lla; Hum-Dil-ll-LIE!

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ACA: Criminalizing the Poor

“It ain’t no crime to be poor.” Says who? Not the Democrats, who, through their government is making tax criminals of the poor, who cannot afford health coverage.


Let’s be clear: the Affordable Care Act does not do anything that Medicaid ever did, except make it mandatory to have health coverage, and have Big Brother government enforcement to make sure that you do.


What makes you think that the U.S. Federal Government has time to oversee your health care, when they acknowledge being unable to care for, or even find, the 11 million illegal aliens who have snuck into the country and use all our resources freely? We can’t afford care for the citizens of our own country; how can we afford the care for others? Can we track and vet the Syrian refugees (and others mixed among them)? The government says we cannot.


Our hospitals have gone broke — mandated by law to treat those who could not afford the care, and bankrupting many hospital systems. Healthcare costs rose to cover the inadequacies, the balance sheet in the red caused by those who did not pay the bills. Those who could purchase health coverage did so; they hedged their bets against the high costs of medical care. Those who could ill afford the care, hedged their health against being sick. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. If they can’t come up with the money, nothing is going to make them suddenly produce a large bankroll to cover the costs.


Why should your employer be able to know your intimate details? How invasive and intrusive! I think your personal care should remain just that: personal! There is no leverage gained under the umbrella of a large company; it is a fallacy serving self-interested groups. The greatest purchasing power comes from having a free-market at your disposal. With a potential market share of the entire population, how could that rival what even the top, biggest companies could provide?


By restricting insurance providers to state-run operations, this keeps market competition open to more agencies to compete for our dollars — which should result in competitive (read: lower) pricing and services (read: better). Opening markets beyond state borders means that the largest companies will gobble up the smallest and reduce competition. They can charge what they want, when they’re the only game in town.


Healthcare in the United States used to be an awesome thing. In my opinion, I notice a correlation to its decline beginning in the time period when companies were expected to provide health insurance for their workers.


It became a law that business owners could not have health insurance themselves unless it was also offered to their employees. At this point, it seems to me that healthcare costs skyrocketed, and quality of care diminished, notwithstanding breakthroughs in cancer care treatments and other discoveries in the fields of scientific research.


The high costs of medical insurance rates for doctors against malpractice drove many to continue to raise their rates; many cannot keep up and have had to stop practicing altogether.


The Affordable Care Act was supposed to be the panacea to cure all ills. It had to be passed without the opportunity to even know its secret contents! And we were hoodwinked to accept a socialist system which penalizes the poor it is promoted to be helping. As mentioned, those who could afford healthcare, prior to passage of this Act, purchased it, so as not to engender unexpected high costs for needed healthcare. This would have included financially well-off people, and most of the middle class.


The poor people couldn’t afford it. Rent, food, clothing, childcare and daily needs were sometimes, and not always, met in the realms of the financially needy. High costs and low wages are a fact of life for so many of us. The Affordable Care Act does not provide government subsidies for the poorest among us, as we do not contribute enough to the tax base. This is the reality you do not hear. It provides subsidies for those falling at the range of low-end jobs, who now need to pay insurance companies the money they could be saving for home ownership, one day; it could be used towards the purchase of a car, to enhance upward mobility and make life easier to expand job opportunities and availability, often reduced for public transportation commuters who need to fit into the scheduled times and locations of the rail lines and bus routes (Have you ever really checked the feasibility and convenience of same? I have.)


The poor have to rely on the same old Medicaid program, which does the same old thing it always did — discriminate against poor people who did not irresponsibly pop out children they could not afford. For being poor, and without the blessings of children, they can suffer in silence. They are not included. That is what is meant by Medicaid “expansion” — meaning that the state has “expanded” Medicaid medical coverage to its poor who do not have children. Many states refuse to bankrupt their states by doing so (19 states still have not expanded Medicaid), despite Federal honeypot offers to cover costs for, perhaps, one year (but beyond that, the states are on their own, pretty much). I don’t blame them for not doing so. It’s bad business practice, obviously made by people unfamiliar with the economics of running a business.


So there is no coverage for such people. And that is the fact. Now, you only have tax penalties for non-compliance, which would, again, be directed against the poor — almost $700.00 for the first year, and going up substantially, thereafter. Who has that much saved, among the poor?


Read the facts. Know the truth. And to the party who supposedly has the interests of the poor at heart, just remember — it was the Democrats who believed in and implemented this socialist, Ponzi-like scheme. Know your vote!

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Yom HaShoah 2016


Yom HaShoah 2016 (Randyjw; May 4, 2016)


Did you know that today (yesterday and today, due to the Jewish day running from nightfall to start of same) was Yom HaShoah? Neither did I. Unless you read the Jewish newspapers today/yesterday, you would likely have missed the fact that today/yesterday marks the Israeli commemoration of a day to honor the six million Jewish lives taken in The Holocaust. There was even no run-up in the Jewish internet series I usually subscribe to, unless I was just not paying attention very well. Could be; I’ll admit to that character fault… I also have been well-drawn, at this particular point in time, to some personal matters taking away from other issues needing my concentration.


Therefore, I find it rather dismaying to sort-of learn, off-handedly, and rather late in the day, that today is a rather serious day given over to thinking about the Jewish people who were killed for being Jewish, and for remembering those individuals. Six million of us.


Since the world doesn’t seem to want to remember us, or this event that they partook in to make it happen so that six million of us would be killed, we have to undertake the remembrance of these Jewish lives and commemorate its victims ourselves.


In a Google search from my phone, prior to writing this article, I found 175 articles on the subject. Seems pretty impressive, until scrolling through nine pages I count only the following among the sources which may, or may not be, written by a source that does not come from a specifically Jewish publication: 18 sources. That leaves 157 other Jewish-sourced bases that did report on it.


Even in trying to forget, they cannot escape the implications of their actions in the higher realms; for you see, the number 18, in Jewish significance, is related to the meaning for “Life”. Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is ascribed a numerical equivalent. The numerical equivalent for the word, “Chai”, which means “Life”, is eighteen.


The eighteen sources, which honors the Jewish victims include: Times of India, Montreal Gazette, The Suburban Newspaper, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Ottawa Citizen, Breitbart,, Fox61 New Haven, New York Daily News,, ABC News, Miami Herald, NY Blueprint, Allentown Morning Call, The Albany Herald, Canada Newswire (press release), USA Today, and Actually, I forgot to add two from a quick, previous search: and


Regardless, what this displays is a very limited response to a major issue, with deeply-felt ramifications, especially in today’s extremely hostile, anti-Semitic environment. Is there much that has changed since the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s? Sadly, the latest news round-ups prove that things mostly remain the same.


The world body in charge of identifying and preserving heritage sites from around the world, UNESCO, has declared that most Jewish sites, even those with strict Jewish reference in the Old Testament, like Joseph’s Tomb and Rachel’s Tomb (my namesake), like the tombs of our Patriarchical Fathers (the Cave of the Patriarchs, purchased for four hundred shekels, I believe it was, from Chet’s children), and the Temple Mount, are now considered Arab heritage sites. What!? UNESCO is part of the United Nations.


Another cooperative governing body, the European Union, consisting of all countries who signed on to be participating members, arbitrarily imposed labelling requirements on items emanating from Israel’s heartland, Judaea/Samaria. Not only are these erroneously referred to as non-Israeli land, but there is no related restrictions imposed upon any other nation which could be deemed as controversial “conflict areas”; only the Jewish nation is given this double-standard requirement.


The United Nations, because it consists of so many Muslim nations, as well as those classically-engaged in committing officially ignored acts of anti-Semitic crimes, has continually singled out Israel, the only democratic Middle East nation, despite the humanitarian horrors perpetrated upon Islamic citizens and the declared Jihadist intent to kill Jews declared in the Muslim world by those countries which surround Israel and who declare it their enemy.


It is the Islamic ideology which breeds Jew-hatred. It might not be always taught as such, and it might not always manifest individually, as such; but the broad-brushed application has always been ingrained as part of the culture. When the Koran implores its readers, stated by name as Muslims, to come and kill the Jews who are hiding behind the rocks and the trees (who will betray the Jews by crying out to the Muslims that the Jew is there; except for the gharkad tree, which is supposedly Jewish, and wouldn’t do such things), then it doesn’t really matter which sect of Islam the murderous wannabe belongs to: equal opportunity is extended to all. Sunni, Shia, Wahhabi, Salafi — all. DAESH, PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, ISIS, PFLP… 9/11, 07/07; Munich Olympics/Entebbe, Benghazi, Charlie Hebdo/HyperCacher.


The sentiment is portable and is carried out by individuals who do not want a different world view, other than Islam, to prevail upon the earth. Therefore, they feel justified to treat the other as substrate humans below their own class, at best, or they will attack the non-Muslim for being impure infidels. Lone wolf attackers don’t need to be radicalized; the words are already such. It’s just whether they will act on them, or not.


There are plenty of calls to attack others in the Old Testament. While we may have, indeed, done that, thousands of years ago (from which groups none today can claim descent), we do not do so today. We value life and want others to do so, as well; we don’t go around murdering people wholesale.


Meanwhile, this ideology is being carried out in Jewish communities across the United States. I bet you didn’t hear of this, either. A bomb threat was called in against a Jewish Community Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, home to a Jewish Day School for children; something was heard about Detroit; and the FBI caught a man in a sting, attempting to bomb a Jewish synagogue in Florida during holiday prayers this past Passover (last week, or so). Another two individuals in on the plot (TI) and (BH), according to the special agent complaint, do not seem to have been arrested, it appears. Why? Wouldn’t they be accomplices, even if they did not participate in the actual attempt, itself? Do they get to try again, then, at a later date?


In taking to task some companies which have a long-held bias against the Jews, efforts seem to finally be going somewhere, after decades, and even, in some cases, hundreds of years. Regarding Arab boycotts of Jewish businesses, to which American companies acquiesced (we know about them, still), some are having a boomerang effect and bouncing back at them. Arabs involved in planes have long denied Jewish passage — it even extends to air-hijackings, where Jewish passengers are singled out to be held and shot, where others are let off the planes. Airlines would not allow Jews/Israelis to fly. Arabs denied business to anybody engaged in doing business with the Jews. The U.S. Department of Transportation finally took a stand and ordered Kuwait Airlines to enable Israeli passengers to purchase airline tickets on their airline. A Jew had to bring suit, apparently, for this to occur, it seems. Rather than do so, Kuwait ended their New York-London air route!


Michelin, the restaurant-rating company, has never published an Israeli guide. They give a business-related excuse, but we’ve followed their attitude for years. We know where they stand.


So, this was the news as some of it was relayed to me, via and its round-up of various sources, in my email inbox lately. The Jews are being targetted, and nobody has time to even bother.


Read further:

Knake, Lindsay. “Jewish Center, School in Ann Arbor Receives Bomb Threat.”, May 2, 2016:


AP and Times of Israel Staff. “Jewish Leader Calls on Michelin to Rank Israeli Eats”; Times of, May 3, 2016:


Dvorin, Tova. “Report: FBI Stopped Attack on Jewish Center Near Miami”; Arutz Sheva7/Israel National, May 2, 2016:


Weaver, Jay. “Plot to Blow Up Aventura Synagogue Ends with Man’s Arrest”; Miami Herald, May 2, 2016:


Jansen, Bart. “Kuwait Airways Drops NYC-London Route”; USA Today, December 15, 2015:


Berkowitz, Adam Eliyahu. “Christian Leader Calls for Christians to Protest UN Temple Mount Resolution as ‘Worse Than Holocaust Denial'”; Breaking Israel News, May 6, 2016:


Countering Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions Actions Against Israel in Congress:

Balofsky, Ahuva. “Illinois First State to Expose Companies Banned for BDS Support”; Breaking Israel, March 21, 2016:


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Heidi and Penelope


Heidi and Penelope (Randyjw; May 4, 2016)


Heidi and Penelope were rescue dogs and have already lived their lives here on this earth. It has been many years now since they have been gone, but I thought they deserved a little tribute as I was thinking back on their lives and of a particular episode, which was really extraordinary.


You always hear some miraculous tales (tails!) about animals helping or saving people, and this is one of them. I am changing the relationships and some of the specific details a bit, for various and sundry purposes, but the story is essentially the way I recall it.


Heidi was a dachshund, and they are very intelligent animals. Penelope was either a bichon frise or a maltese, I believe. Heidi was russet and black, in color, and Penelope was a curly-haired fluff of white. She was also very smart, but was residually wary of people, as she had been severely abused as a puppy.


Both dogs were well-cared for since they were brought home from the shelter from where they had been adopted. They were rarely leashed, but I guess nobody had complained and they were never a nuisance. They just went out and did whatever doggies do when they go for walks in their safe, and mostly secluded, neighborhoods. They had a big backyard to run around in, and led, I would fathom, what would be considered fairly comfortable lives.


Heidi was vivacious, so sweet, and understood whatever you said to her. She had alot of energy and was considerably rambunctious. Penny was a subdued individual, and preferred a quiet petting curled up with you on the floor. She would shy away from most people, but since I always took the time to single her out and spend most time visiting with her, she allowed me to be her friend.


Heidi knew I loved her, and didn’t have one iota of envy that my time was given so exclusively to Penelope. She was okay with it; probably even thankful that I did so. Heidi was such a good girl and suffered the lack of attention and affection so that her little “doggie sister”, Penelope, could experience the healing, in some small way, of making up for human inadequacies, which had been lacking since her birth, this time around in her new home.


At the end of the long backyard was a lake, and a small dock of wood set at the edge of the water and the shore. The dock was in need of repair, as it was in the process of decay and had some dry rot, as well. We had all just been down to see it, and the guy I was with, who was looking at the dock to determine its state of functionality, wound up stubbing a smoked cigarette on top of one of the posts.


The little dog, Heidi, whom I called “Heidi-ho”, came up to me when we had gone inside the home, and swung her body quickly in a half-turn, indicating I should follow her. I looked at her to make sure that was what she wanted, and, indeed, it was. In fact, it was a major race, and Heidi made that perfectly clear. I followed her to the back door, opened it for us both, and raced after her as she headed for the dock.


There, where Heidi had led me, I found what had turned out to be a catastrophe in the making. The post had started to smolder, catching fire from the cigarette butt that had been extinguished, none too well, on its surface. Heidi had averted a disaster, which could have had deadly consequences for all of us. We doused the post with water from the lake, and were saved by a little German-breed dog! History does have a way of coming full circle, after all!


Thanks to her fast action and quick thinking, Heidi, a rescued dog, became our very own rescuers, instead! “Hey, ho! Heidi-Ho!”

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Randy’s Recipes: Island Pie



Randy’s Recipes: Island Pie

(Randyjw; May 1, 2016)


I should have written the quantities used as I went along; the sweetened condensed milk amount is a guess; taste the recipe and adjust amounts as needed. Also, all tablespoon measurements are made with a fairly flat, but overflowing amount around the sides of a real tablespoon. So, if anything, this recipe and post are definitely real. Change the citrus-y flavor, if desired, by omitting the candied lemon- and lime slurries, and by exchanging the yogurt or mashed banana to something else more to your preference. You can substitute whipped-cream in the filling, etc.



1 lemon, peels only

4 limes, peels only

Sugar, for candied peels/syrup slurry

1-3/4 sticks butter (I used salted)

3/4- to 1 box Nilla Wafers (I ate some out of the package!)

Approx. 2 tablespoons flour, for dusting (excess removed)

Pinch baking soda or powder, for dusting

1 banana (additional banana for garnish, if desired)

3 flat, but overflowing, real tablespoons of cream cheese

1 yogurt, 6-oz. lemon or lime (I used lemon, but you can use whatever flavor — be inventive! Try coffee, or peanut-butter, etc. — you might like to meet your preferences)

1/4-cup coconut milk

1/4-cup, plus two tablespoons (up to 3/4-cup, or so; adjust to taste) sweetened, condensed milk


Garnish (for design above; or substitute your own):

3/4 banana, sliced

Mandarin orange segments


Prepare the candied lemon and lime, at minimum, 1/2-day, to one-day, in advance. Cut the peel from one lemon (I used a Meyer Lemon) into a jar or container and sprinkle copiously with sugar. Stir until well-coated and place in refrigerator. Crush and save the innards of the lemon to use for fresh juice in other recipes. Finely grate (or cut) the peel, or “zest”, from the limes and also sprinkle copiously with sugar to do the same in a separate jar, also keeping the innards aside for use elsewhere other than this recipe (I used four limes in order to infuse the sugar syrup very well). Both the candied peels and the infused sugars make excellent bases for other recipes: Lemon- and Lime-Ades, Raspberry-Lime Rickies, Mojitos, food-based items, more. You can use the end-stems and other less-edible portions in your sugar shaker/bowl, as well.


Crush the entire box of cookies from the Nilla Wafers and place into a medium bowl. Add melted butter and stir until mixture is able to hold its shape well enough as a crust. I probably overdid it, but I used about 1-3/4 sticks of butter. It did bubble up as it cooked for the first round, but that’s okay. Add about half of the entire candied-lemon mixture, peel and all (test for edibility, first) to the crust mix. (If peels are too hard, just use the slurry). Dust the bottom of a round pie or baking dish with flour combined with a little baking soda (or powder) and shake out, leaving a fine, dry coat. Evenly spoon the crust mix into the dish, pressing it around the sides and bottom with a 1/2-cup measuring cup to even it out and seal any holes. Place into a 350°F (approximately; my numbers are rubbed off the dial, so I guess…) oven and bake for about 11 minutes. Turn down oven to about 325°F. Prepare the filling, below, while this is baking.


Mash one banana into a medium-large bowl. Stir-in three real over-flowing tablespoons of cream cheese, one 6-oz. yogurt, 1/4-cup coconut milk, 1/4-cup plus two tablespoons sweetened-condensed milk (see note regarding this amount, above), and four real tablespoons of lime-sugar slurry (if the peels are edible and you like that, then use it; if not, just press the spoon into the mixture and syrup-slurry will seep onto the spoon). Pour into semi-baked pie crust (above). Having adjusted the heat, now place the pie into a 325°F oven for about six minutes, then raise heat back to 350°F and bake for another four minutes or so. Check on it and adjust accordingly. Remove when done.


Holding onto the rim with a pot-holder, turn the dish as you run a sharp, thin, flexible knife, like a steak knife, around the edge of the crust, to loosen it from the dish. Clean the edges of the dish in the same manner, using a water-moistened paper towel or napkin along the rim and edge of the dish.


Let cool slightly, cover, and place into freezer or refrigerator to chill and set-up more properly. Garnish before serving with toppings of your choice: whipped-cream, meringue, fruit, sprinkles, etc. I used mandarin orange segments and banana slices, in the sunny design above. Enjoy!


9.8 Yums Up


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