Randy’s Recipes: Island Pie



Randy’s Recipes: Island Pie

(Randyjw; May 1, 2016)


I should have written the quantities used as I went along; the sweetened condensed milk amount is a guess; taste the recipe and adjust amounts as needed. Also, all tablespoon measurements are made with a fairly flat, but overflowing amount around the sides of a real tablespoon. So, if anything, this recipe and post are definitely real. Change the citrus-y flavor, if desired, by omitting the candied lemon- and lime slurries, and by exchanging the yogurt or mashed banana to something else more to your preference. You can substitute whipped-cream in the filling, etc.



1 lemon, peels only

4 limes, peels only

Sugar, for candied peels/syrup slurry

1-3/4 sticks butter (I used salted)

3/4- to 1 box Nilla Wafers (I ate some out of the package!)

Approx. 2 tablespoons flour, for dusting (excess removed)

Pinch baking soda or powder, for dusting

1 banana (additional banana for garnish, if desired)

3 flat, but overflowing, real tablespoons of cream cheese

1 yogurt, 6-oz. lemon or lime (I used lemon, but you can use whatever flavor — be inventive! Try coffee, or peanut-butter, etc. — you might like to meet your preferences)

1/4-cup coconut milk

1/4-cup, plus two tablespoons (up to 3/4-cup, or so; adjust to taste) sweetened, condensed milk


Garnish (for design above; or substitute your own):

3/4 banana, sliced

Mandarin orange segments


Prepare the candied lemon and lime, at minimum, 1/2-day, to one-day, in advance. Cut the peel from one lemon (I used a Meyer Lemon) into a jar or container and sprinkle copiously with sugar. Stir until well-coated and place in refrigerator. Crush and save the innards of the lemon to use for fresh juice in other recipes. Finely grate (or cut) the peel, or “zest”, from the limes and also sprinkle copiously with sugar to do the same in a separate jar, also keeping the innards aside for use elsewhere other than this recipe (I used four limes in order to infuse the sugar syrup very well). Both the candied peels and the infused sugars make excellent bases for other recipes: Lemon- and Lime-Ades, Raspberry-Lime Rickies, Mojitos, food-based items, more. You can use the end-stems and other less-edible portions in your sugar shaker/bowl, as well.


Crush the entire box of cookies from the Nilla Wafers and place into a medium bowl. Add melted butter and stir until mixture is able to hold its shape well enough as a crust. I probably overdid it, but I used about 1-3/4 sticks of butter. It did bubble up as it cooked for the first round, but that’s okay. Add about half of the entire candied-lemon mixture, peel and all (test for edibility, first) to the crust mix. (If peels are too hard, just use the slurry). Dust the bottom of a round pie or baking dish with flour combined with a little baking soda (or powder) and shake out, leaving a fine, dry coat. Evenly spoon the crust mix into the dish, pressing it around the sides and bottom with a 1/2-cup measuring cup to even it out and seal any holes. Place into a 350°F (approximately; my numbers are rubbed off the dial, so I guess…) oven and bake for about 11 minutes. Turn down oven to about 325°F. Prepare the filling, below, while this is baking.


Mash one banana into a medium-large bowl. Stir-in three real over-flowing tablespoons of cream cheese, one 6-oz. yogurt, 1/4-cup coconut milk, 1/4-cup plus two tablespoons sweetened-condensed milk (see note regarding this amount, above), and four real tablespoons of lime-sugar slurry (if the peels are edible and you like that, then use it; if not, just press the spoon into the mixture and syrup-slurry will seep onto the spoon). Pour into semi-baked pie crust (above). Having adjusted the heat, now place the pie into a 325°F oven for about six minutes, then raise heat back to 350°F and bake for another four minutes or so. Check on it and adjust accordingly. Remove when done.


Holding onto the rim with a pot-holder, turn the dish as you run a sharp, thin, flexible knife, like a steak knife, around the edge of the crust, to loosen it from the dish. Clean the edges of the dish in the same manner, using a water-moistened paper towel or napkin along the rim and edge of the dish.


Let cool slightly, cover, and place into freezer or refrigerator to chill and set-up more properly. Garnish before serving with toppings of your choice: whipped-cream, meringue, fruit, sprinkles, etc. I used mandarin orange segments and banana slices, in the sunny design above. Enjoy!


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3 responses to “Randy’s Recipes: Island Pie

  1. It was, and now it’s gone (hee-hee)! Pretty healthy ingredients, too! I appreciate you writing those kind thoughts about it, even though it looks burnt (but isn’t)!

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    • Ha-ha-ha! That’s funny! I hope you can try it, if you like citrus flavor and can get the ingredients. I have some other ideas in mind for it, but haven’t fully thought it out, yet.

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