Super-Caliphate, Fragilistic, Expectantly, Al-a-DAESH-ious


If the United States is the “Great Satan”, and Israel is the “Little Satan”, at least according to the outpourings of Arab national media worldwide, does this mean that France, according to size, should be accorded the designation, “Mid-Sized Satan”? (Sounds like the latest in car models, no?)


According to Islamic justification, the state fits the bill: they are colonial occupiers, having invaded the Muslim territory of Algeria in North Africa, sending French settlers to occupy and take over the country with a foreign culture.


Territories in the Middle East were held for some time by the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), though they are not indigenous to the specific land-holdings they occupied during this time period. In the loss of empire in the 20th century, due to wars for landgains and prominence, the land was given over to Mandatory powers to control and provide stewardship over. These Mandatory assignees, made thus by the League of Nations, the previous name of the similarly-embodied United Nations, were England and France, as they had contributable stakes in the matter.


England, in direct contravention in undertaking to establish the parameters set forth to settle the land with Jewish inhabitants to Israel, countermanded the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and acquiesced to Arab demands to limit Jewish immigration to Israel, despite guarantees otherwise. Additionally, land which had been lost in war from the Ottoman Empire, was restored to them, just under the control of princes they favored of mostly Saudi clans and powerful Arab family scions, instead.


Nothing was really lost; instead, everything was gained — at least for the making of an extended Caliphate. The division of land into these new countries gave the Arabs representatives in world government for each of the countries now with a new land. Far from being a negative thing, as they claim it to be (wink, wink), it all gives them practically veto power and control over every decision made at bodies such as the United Nations. It does not mean that a United Nations Resolution against Israel is just: it only means that the majority Muslim bloc have intimidated the others into compliance with its point of view.


So, is the New World Order a Jewish conspiracy? Certainly not. Considering that secret societies, and other such venues, such as the famed Skull and Crossbones society, coming out of Yale and found supposedly within the Council on Foreign Relations and other places, and supposedly implicit in this whole thing, were often anti-Semitic, it would seem that perhaps others should be considered the progenitors of this supposed ideology. I think I’ve just debunked this whole myth.


Meanwhile, France was also given a Mandatory assignment in the generic time-frame of these couple of decades to rule over a part of Syria that had been ripped away from Israel, called “Palestine” at that time. But, you never hear anything from the Arabs about it, because it would defeat their purpose. Only “The Jews”/”Israel” can be the bad guys, because it fits their narrative — related matters be darned.


So, let’s see… We have: 1) colonial “occupier”; check. We have: 2) Stole land from “Palestine”; check. And, we have: 3) a country which spurred the Enlightenment: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite! All anti-thetical to the patriarchical, authoritarian, male-dominated society of Islam. Wine? Mainstay of French life? Verboten/Forbidden in Islam. Boudoir fashion on the streets of “gay Paris”? Make that head-to-toe coverage for Muslim women — maybe a peek-slot for the eyes. Black full-length robes in the 114°F heat of the desert, if you don’t mind… And even if you do…


All the makings for the perfect subjects of Jihad. Yet, you don’t hear it. Despite the Charlie Hebdo/HyperCacher recent attacks, those were commited against a definite Jewish target (Hyper Cacher, the kosher market) and against “blasphemers”, satirists at Charlie Hebdo magazine, who poke fun at everything, and who also happen to have “slandered” the person they consider to be the Prophet of their religion. Does this justify or validate the attacks? By no means, whatsoever.


But the lack of constant Arab vitriol against France, for actually having, indeed, done the things for which they accuse innocent others of doing the same, comes to naught. There is none, so to speak. I guess they’ve been properly “dhimmi-fied”.


Wow, isn’t that just Super-Caliphate, Fragilistic, Expectantly Al-a-DAESH-ious?


Hum-Dil-ll-ll-lla-ll-lla; Hum-Dil-ll-LIE!

Hum-Dil-ll-ll-lla-ll-lla; Hum-Dil-ll-LIE!


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