Targeting Jews with US Aid


U.S. aid to Gaza is literally killing the Jews. And the U.S. is at it again, agreeing to finance the operation in the Gaza Strip which has made no bones about its stated desire to kill Jews. In fact, the mission to kill the Jews is enshrined in the Hamas Charter, as well as in the Koran, if anybody ever deigned to check. But, most don’t; they feel content to trust that the Hudabiyya agreement, which establishes the Muslim ethical standards of lying to placate the enemy until such time that the Umma (Muslim community) can succeed with a high probability at exterminating their enemies (non-Muslim “kafir”/infidels), actually keeps them free from worry that such things as stabbings, beheadings, stonings, honor killings, or summary executions without fair trials would ever encroach on their own lives. So many did, until they learned that this is for real, and these are no Aladdin fairytale movies.


People can no longer pretend that they’re not funding proxy killers in the war against the Jews. Palestinians are the richest group on the planet, due to the treasury of funds they collect from nations around the world. These professional “refugees” don’t have to work; why should they when everybody can’t stop throwing money at their feet? This accounts for the high unemployment rate among the Arabs; it is not endemic to Gaza, but is a scourge throughout the Arab world.


Saudi Arabia has undertaken to correct this situation in their kingdom and has realized the need to diversify their interests, so that job opportunities will be able to expand and make up for the increase in population drawing down dwindling funds from the same shared jackpot.


Meanwhile, why do we fund these oil-rich nations still? Are the super-powers of the world, suffering in their own sluggish economies, able to even afford to continue to support the rest of the depressed markets of the world? I don’t think so.


So, why is it that countries cannot refrain from providing money to Arabs who live in some of the richest countries in the world? It is a distorted form of appeasement, to think that if you give them enough money, they’ll redirect their murderous focus toward killing other people, instead of you. Well, that’s known as “jizya”, and the Arabs are fine with seeing these payments from a viewpoint as one of victor receiving tributary rewards from those conquered.


One cannot pretend not to notice more than 10,000 rockets raining down on Jews in Israel. One cannot pretend to ignorance of the endless, non-stop tunnels being dug by Hamas from which to smuggle more terrorists into Israel to kill more Jews. One cannot close their eyes to the vehicular homicide attempts and knife-stabbing murder attempts by the Arabs on Jews (one just happened today in Israel, with the victims being two elderly women in their seventies! Another knife-stabbing just happened in Germany, where we hear several people were stabbed to the famous Arabic cries of praise to their G-d as accompaniment). Nor can the hijackings of airlines, the explosions of crockpots filled with shrapnel at sporting events, the detonation of innumerable roadside and bus-loaded explosive devices, and the suicide vests at entertainment venues  be denied as anything other than Islamic hatred for non-Muslims. It’s that simple.


It’s got to stop. Funding the people who commit such activities is akin to hiring contract hitmen to assassinate the Jews. You know that’s what’s going to happen. You have continual proof that the money and supplies are being utilized to carry out these murders of the Jewish people, for it is also successfully proven that Jews have died because of it. Tons and miles of concrete have been poured for all these tunnels (Ban Ki-Moon, himself, was photographed inside one — direct proof he can no longer deny) with money and supplies which were supposed to be used in projects for such things as schools, hospitals, etc.


It is not okay. The present administration was responsible for allowing guns to be provided to vicious drug cartels in Mexico, which were implicated in the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol guard, in the debacle named for the popular movie series, “Fast and Furious”. We heard cries for impeachment and other things, and the investigation just dropped off the radar. There was a lame excuse given about trying to use the guns like bait to be traced to the various bad guys, but that didn’t seem to have actually happened, since no-one appears to have suffered the consequences of responsibility at any point along the line, except the victim and his loved ones. An American casualty of the incompetent actions decided by the government.


Guns do get around. The one found in Paris during the Charlie Hebdo/HyperCacher terrorist attacks by Arabs, directed in some part specifically against Jews, demonstrated in their target choice of the people shopping inside a kosher market, originated from a place in Delray Beach, Florida. The company, Century Arms, according to, is the largest supplier of military surplus equipment, and is located across the street from a sheriff substation! It is down the street from the apartments where the 9/11 terrorists supposedly rented a place, which people forget, when the news plays up only some aspects of a story. The terrorists have help. The problem is, they fade back into the woodwork and bide their time to reappear elsewhere. The company recently advertised for new help of a clerical nature — I guess they need to get a handle on things. Would you want to succeed the position of a terror-involved agency? Would blame be assigned to you, instead? As much as blame is always assigned to employees, you have to watch out even more so, in my opinion, for people who operate companies in wrongful ways.


Another of the 9/11 terrorists, in an aside hardly anybody would have acknowledged, had supposedly lived in Hollywood, Florida, not that far in distance to a Delray Beach location. Now it turns out, as I recently mentioned, that the FBI nabbed a Hollywood man in a sting, who tried to carry out an attack (set to fail on-purpose, but obviously unknown to him) on the synagogue in Aventura, Florida. Was he part of the original attack squad support group, or just another copycat ideologist? I don’t care; all I know is that he wanted to kill Jews and tried to, and that makes me rather uncomfortable, and rather upset, as well.


I have about had it with the irresponsible funding of tax-payer dollars to support these Arab Jew-killers, when we have enough problems providing jobs in our own country. I have no job and no health care and I am recently being denied food stamps, yet you will fund the people who would relish me dead.


Fifty million dollars has just been agreed to be provided over a five-year period to the Gaza Strip by the United States. Jewish tax dollars, and all Americans who pay taxes, are funding higher probabilities of increased attacks against Jews.


How many people live in Gaza? According to, and listing the CIA World Factbook (2014) as its source, the Gaza Strip has an estimated population of 1.8 million people, mostly Sunni Muslim Arabs (0.7% Christian). Distributed evenly, that’s ten million dollars per year, for five years. Let’s round up to a whole number, say 2 million, on the number of people — it is easier to do the math, and there have likely been births. That’s only $5.00 per person, per year. That won’t improve anybody’s life.


They already have free homes, taken over from the formerly force-evacuated Jewish population, which paid for and had those homes built. Infrastructure already existed there for the Jews, as well. It was a fully-functioning town, as any other in Israel. If they weren’t so busy sending over 10,000 rockets into Israel, Israel wouldn’t be trying to bomb those rocket-launchers back. Remember: Israel has no need to bomb anything which is peaceful, and doesn’t. I’m pretty sure it was not bombing peaceful population areas existing where the Jews had lived in Gaza, because the Jews would not have been warring with Israel!


Collectively? Ten million dollars will buy alot of firepower to fight the Jews. Lots of metal for mortar rockets to fire at them. Lots of concrete, to build more infiltration tunnels. Plenty more knives, grenades, bombs, ammunition, money to continue to pay murderers’ families for carrying out terror attacks against the Jews.


I really can’t wait for a Trump presidency. I feel pretty sure that he would consider this waste of taxpayer dollars a very bad return on investment. I feel that he has priorities straight, and that he would also be a great friend to Israel. The present U.S. administration under Barack Obama seems to be the very best friend a Muslim could ever wish for.


See: AP and Times of Israel Staff. “US Announces $50 Million Aid Program for Gaza Strip”; Times of, May 9, 2016:



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