Beachy Blues


Beachy Blues

(Words by Randyjw; May 13, 2016; Music by ?)


Well you’re causin’ me distress

‘Cuz you’re talkin’ ’bout some dress

That you think the Devil got himself into


But I know there’ll come a time

When I’ll have to show you mine

‘neath the shades of all these gorgeous baby blues


Now, Hazel’s kind’a pretty

And she comes from Detroit City

But she sighs and wonders just what might’ve been

‘Cuz her heart flew out too fast

Toward a love that didn’t last

When she cast her sights on wanderin’ Mr. Green


Well, he got a lazy eye

Sure as heck you can’t deny

But he makes some haste to make sure he gets sauced

And the day don’t sure go by

Some fool words he done decry

Now they’re black-and-blue and red and green and crossed


Then she met the family Brown

who came from the neighb’ring town

They were right and sweet and poor, but they were real

Though it’s sad they fell apart

But to them she gave her heart

As a friend

And when

She met the Man of Steel


She doesn’t have a home

And her eyes do nowhere roam

For she has a love that lives within her heart

It’s been good enough to last

Through the struggles of her past

And it gets her by regardless they’re apart


Now I’ll have to close my tale

And my schooner’s setting sail

On a voyage round the world to kindle love

And now with these beachy blues

I’ll be looking out at you

Sending faith and hope into your life anew


But my message doesn’t end

It’s just reached another bend

In the snag of human lives gone all-amok

So open up that Good Old Book

And just give it one more look

Beachy Blues are gonna show you what is luck


To Tosha – Much Love



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