Randy’s Recipes: Laissez Caffe


Randy’s Recipes: Laissez Caffe (Randyjw; May14, 2016)


Instant coffee


Sweetened condensed milk

Coconut Milk

Cinammon, a few dashes or 1 stick


Mix into large mug. Add boiling water and stir until ingredients are blended and dissolved.


Relax and enjoy!

7.8 Yums Up



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8 responses to “Randy’s Recipes: Laissez Caffe

  1. Thanks, sweet. Having you say so and finding you there when I say what I do, I can’t even express the magnitude of feelings — thanks. The coffee? Yeah, it’s a hold-over vice I wish I never pursued. I can’t afford it and I can’t do without. Strange how this stimulant can be so relaxing.

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    • Yes, absolutely. Hee-hee! You know I’m just kidding (or am I not funny?). Hope you get some yummies. Yoy might as well send out a search party after me when I go shopping… I’m there hours, obsessing over every thing (what’s this? what’s this? Is it kosher?) ’til I get the hang and layout of everything. G-d forbid they switch things around…Especially in another country/language! So, I’m so proud of you. You are so capable and awesome!

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      • Is it difficult to figure out what items are actually in the packages? Also, even because the expected foods are so very different?

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        • It’s nice that you give mindful consideration to the works of G-d’s creations and are a good steward of the being He made in you and to your choices which are likely better toward the environment and planet He gave us.

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          • Too much emphasis on outward appearances is placed on people, especially women, in the world. We should just be well and enjoy and live and love; that’s all (boy, do I hear the “Jewishness” in my speech — but it’s just a universal sentiment). Live and love. Do your best. You get fat (you’re not) — So what? A little zaftig just means more to love, Mamashoen (I know from whence I speak…).

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          • I tried posting this at your site, but things seem to be getting hung up, so I’m posting here for you: an email came into my inbox announcing a supposed position with Food Network Magazines (Hearst Magazines) for an editorial assistant (New York; where most other publishing jobs are). FYI.

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