Dear Melania Trump:


Dear Melania Trump:


In the desperate world which is my life right now, I struggle to find employment, and to find a way to take care of the over-abundant cell-growth emanating from my forhead without the benefit of non-existent health insurance via an employer. I don’t qualify for medical care under the Affordable Care Act, because I don’t contribute enough taxes to garner a government-provided subsidy. I never believed in the policy, anyway, because, despite Supreme Court rulings to the contrary, I still believe it impinges upon our civil rights to be free from the imposition of a government-mandated commerce-based purchase by coercion. Medicaid, which is a fallback option for medical coverage for low-income families (and I am definitely low-income), discriminates against my female womb, which can produce no children, as it covers only those who have children, or are disabled, which I just became through an accident at work. Since this new development, I may now be able to be covered. How awful to think that my disability might somehow open up the door to my being able to remove this growing collection of ugly cells from my face (may they never mar yours).


But, no… This is not an article about the pathetic state of my life, and my many jags of uncontrolled crying in self-pity as this tumor-thing widens across my head, scarring and bleeding and maybe burrowing into my brain. I’m not sure if the many recent headaches I’ve been having result from my stress, this growth, or from my self-induced pity party as I try to fight my way out of a dreadful economy and a glimmer of hope for a future of, even, any kind at all. Just a future.


But, I want it to be a good one. It’s not your fault that my life isn’t where I want it — in fact, it’s mine. I haven’t made great choices, and I’m wondering, now, if my choice for your family, for Donald Trump as president, was really the right choice, at all? I’ve been a Trump supporter for years, before his decision to run. I’ve heard him, over the years, on conservative radio talk shows and I’ve mostly always agreed with everything he said. I placed him into a commerce position to deal with China and trade matters in my 2012 presidential “dream-team” cabinet, only because he was not running and Mitt Romney was.


I consider myself a reformed Democrat, now Republican, aligned to issues, rather than a party. And now I have an issue. A big issue. Because I also try to live my life free from anti-Semitism. But, nobody seems to want to allow me to do that. Not jobs I’ve been in, not co-workers I’ve dealt with, not Muslims who want to kill me just for the sole factor of my heritage, not the Christian churches who have un-Constitutionally divested assets from Israel in a discriminatory measure against the Jews, not the academic institutions here in America who have boycotted Israeli academicians and scientists and participated in Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions actions, not the college institutions who allow the harrassment of Jews on their campuses, not the European Union (EU) with their double-standard applications towards Israel to label food made in Judaea/Samaria yet no other country with considered “conflict” areas needs do so, and not the anti-Semitic United Nations with their hypocritical never-ending resolutions condemning Israel as the cause for all evil while simultaneously praising our incessant Arab killers and their war-mongering, murderous countries.


In such an atmosphere, does my obvious Jewish name prevent me from obtaining employment by those who discriminate? I’m still awaiting a promised employment interview, promised as per their site, from an agency to which I applied which enrolls potential voters. I followed-up during business hours with a telephone call to their office — it continued ringing, until my call was answered by their answering machine, upon which I left my contact information, yet again. I have still received no reply. Shall I sue for false advertising? They seem racist, anyway, as they state their targetted goal of enrolling Blacks and Latinos, whom they consider minorities. (Update: Eight days later, I have received an initial contact by telephone. Success! It gives me faith in the process. I guess they’re not racist, after all. I still await that interview, though — I guess my call may have been forwarded to the central location; I’m not sure of its particular nature (it was hard to hear), but it seemed more location-oriented — but, that doesn’t make sense… Anyways, we’ll see… I hope to have a job soon!) (Update 2: I had the interview and didn’t get the job. I guess they didn’t like my questioning why they say the first 45 minutes of training will go unpaid and why the first day would also be an “observation day”/”like a ‘second interview'”. Oh, and it was a group session with other applicants to learn about the company, etc. with applications on each seat, in a teeny-tiny office. That’s too bad; It caught me for a loop, compared to my initial expectations…) As for me, a minority Jew, I’ll enroll anybody who is eligible, regardless of color, or ethnicity, or religion, or anything else, because I believe in democracy…


Jews are a very small minority in the population. But every possible designation afforded others to declare themselves a minority are not equally allowed for Jews. So, we’re even discriminated against in being a minority. We’re even less in numbers than the Black or Hispanic populations, but then our general success, overall, makes people do everything they can to count us out. Never mind we also couldn’t get into universities in the United States, or countryclubs and social venues. So, we’ll make our own businesses and countryclubs — which we did.


Well, I haven’t inherited any long-earned wealth, and I’d really rather not have to start a business of my own. Can’t I just work somewhere?


My hobby is fighting anti-Semitism; frankly, I’d prefer something a little more relaxing. Let me put this another way: I love Israel. I am a Jew. And I am a target.


The anti-Semitic actions listed above sound like a page ripped from Mein Kampf. I would prefer to address you as ‘First Lady’, not ‘Fraulein’. So, when you insinuate that a reporter, who wrote an article on you for GQ magazine, which you considered ‘inaccurate’, at least according to an article by Jewish News Service/ bringing this to attention, had done something to provoke the stated anti-Semitic epithets and death threats she supposedly received, you say that she brought on this anti-Semitism upon herself.


Free speech is one thing, but when it veers into threats and stated intentions to kill someone, it starts to become an assault. Tie that into separating that person for special targetting due to their race, or ethnicity, or other so-called ‘statuses’, and it becomes discrimination.


Did this reporter with a Jewish last name provoke anti-Semitism when she wrote this article? The article was not about herself, or Judaism or Israel; it was about you, wasn’t it? What does her identity have to do with anything? Is she Jewish? Do her attackers know what her faith is, or are they presuming from her last name? If so, how did they learn this? And if she is Jewish, does it matter in the whole scope of this article? Isn’t she allowed to write what she wants, whatever “brand” of being that she is, without being threatened for who she is, as a Jew (regardless whether she is, or isn’t)?


We live in America! Free press! Free speech! Free hate? Yes. Free threats? No, not really. Your equivocation implying that Jews deserve to be battered about because they are Jews, and that they bring such treatment upon themselves, because they ARE Jews, is disgusting. The more I write this, the more I’m tempted to withdraw my volunteership. I’m going to think about it for awhile. I considered not giving you my vote. (Update: I don’t plan to change my vote, though I briefly considered it. I’m still thinking about my volunteership and weighing it. And, I don’t believe I’ve heard anything emanating from Mrs. Trump by way of apology. Has anything been said? The article in question, which you can read below, did nothing to provoke the alleged death threats and anti-semitic epithets hurled at the magazine author because of anything she wrote. If Mrs. Trump did, indeed, say that the author provoked such actions, that is just wrong. It’s a classic anti-semitic slur. Whatever happened (the DuJour article, where Mrs. Trump allegedly said that the reporter “provoked” the behavior from her “fans”, whom she “doesn’t control”, was not accessible to me), it can hardly be concluded that the article’s verbiage would have brought on any such response, least of all those being anti-Semitic in epithet. A press conference, or something from Mrs. Trump, indicating that she has some type of feeling toward the Jewish community being attacked in any way, would help to put to bed the incident and not have to leave me feeling rather heavy-hearted and disappointed. I’m not sure anything has come out to that effect, if at all. If it did, I missed it. I hope it didn’t get sweeped under the rug with a shroud of silence surrounding the matter. And even still, I have to eat it, because the alternatives are way, way worse. A few more days are left in this window of opportunity to express remorse for causing Jewish people distress; I hope you’ll take it, before it slams shut again.)


And then I thought about the alternatives and changed my mind back. I didn’t invest all my hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow on a losing philosophy. I know that Ivanka is happy having become Jewish, and that makes me happy for her. I base my ire on an article I didn’t read, and I presume, also, that it stated what happened, although I’m very selective and find most media inaccurate, as well. Especially where Jews are concerned. I don’t know; maybe your perception of Jewish people was informed by the same people who get us wrong, and report wrongly about us, anyways. (Update 3: I withdrew my name as a volunteer with the Trump campaign, as I could find no public statement or commisseration from Mrs. Trump stating how horrible it is for people to have attacked the reporter in an anti-Semitic manner. She should have sided with the reporter — not against her, and she should have publicly chided the bullies who could do such a thing, especially during all the Jewish remembrance services regarding the Holocaust, Independence, and other matters. I am still voting for Trump, because he will be best for the country, but I’m disgusted over Mrs. Trump’s callous disregard over Jewish lives and the treatment of our people.)


I’ve mostly come to the conclusion that anti-Semitism may be an incorrectible scourge. I would have hoped that the Holocaust, and other such atrocities, would have at least provided a teachable lesson for correction. It is teachable. But, can it be learned?


“Melania Trump: Anti-Semitic Attacks on Reporter Go ‘Too Far’, But Were ‘Provoked'”; Jewish News Service, as received via, May 18, 2016:


Update: I keep trying to post the link, which doesn’t seem to want to work in this space. You can research this yourself from what I’ve written.


Update 2: The link began working after writing the first update. I then found and read the GQ article online. It starts off rather cheekily, I think, and makes a number of snide-ish potshots throughout, in my opinion. The woman who wrote it went to an awful lot of trouble to visit Mrs. Trump’s European childhood location to speak with her friends and people she grew up with. It makes way too much fun of and puts way too much emphasis on the luxury of living with luxuries. The tone seems to change towards the latter half, and ends on a note feeling good, actually, about the piece — Not that it’s bad, even though it’s pocked with invisible bb’s throughout. I don’t really understand what the “inaccuracy” is — perhaps the whole thing is. It doesn’t reveal much, at all. It feels more like a tonal “period” piece, just not in book or t.v. form. That now the story has taken on a life of its own beyond this is unbelievable. That it’s now become an anti-semitic afterword, is just unreal. Here is the link to the GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) article. Ioffe, Julia. “Melania Trump On Her Rise, Her Family Secrets, and Her True Political Views: Nobody Will Ever Know”; GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly), April 27, 2016:


The supposedly offensive retort from Mrs. Trump allegedly occurred in DuJour magazine, as indicated through various search engine blurbs quoted at various news outlets. When I tried to read the article at DuJour, each search engine, and I tried the three major ones, shut down my phone’s browser when the logo for the article began to appear on my screen; consistent attempts to connect were ineffective. That link, and I do not know the author, as I cannot connect to the article, is: I don’t know if whether, by clicking the link here, it will shut your, and my, site down, as well, here. I guess my phone company doesn’t want me writing this article, or something. Or, maybe it’s the Stasi secret police, ‘cuz that’s what it feels like. Actually, it’s more like G-d, as I have a stinging spider-bite mark suddenly at my right shoulder. I hope it’s not one of those devastating kinds. You know, there is that Hebrew prayer about Jerusalem, that if I should forget Thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand lose its cunning… Trump, I think, would be good for the Jewish people. Say you’re sorry, Melania. Live and learn.



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  1. In a good way, I hope…?

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    • Well, I’ll take that as a “yes”, then, and thank you for liking my articles, which means alot when the whole world hates me for just being Jewish. You won’t hear this from the media, so it’s an opportunity to have a perspective that’s different, that’s real, and that comes from a Jewish person with the impact that all this hate directed at me and my people has had upon us — especially when it is those ducking for cover in bomb shelters, or being screened at bus stations, and in malls, and restaurants, and markets for bombs and
      weaponry in our bags or on our person, everywhere we go. I have a thing or two to say about being expected to live as if that’s a normal thing, and anybody that would treat us as cannon fodder can k.m.e.t. (Yiddish phrase). Anybody with a sick mind who doesn’t agree, and feels it’s okay to kill Jews or to support those that do, needs to be stood up to. Meet me. I’ve said the same things in front of groups of Arabs. They need to hear it. Not this cockamamie leftist surrender b.s. they try to pass off as ” peace talks”. There. Your own, personal statement piece from me. Shalom.

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