Best Wishes, Anisa!


Best wishes, Anisa! I love this girl! Anisa Kazemi, our beloved food and lifestyle blogger over at, has just secured a wonderful position as a columnist with SavvyTokyo in food, lifestyle, health and beauty. She will continue to amaze us with her upbeat takes on life, food and photography, as she expands in this new position, exploring Japan, food, and the great, wider world-at-large with her delicious and inspiring articles. L’chaim, Anisa! Best of life and health to you as you bring us the latest and greatest through your love for the world, and all that’s in it! Mazal Tov!




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5 responses to “Best Wishes, Anisa!

  1. Dreaming of my pie idea — I have all ingredients but the main… The market didn’t have it. Used gift cards to get some food. Daily dealings with life and the large picture. Watch the annual Memorial Day celebration on t.v. Article idea for you: Food as a Metaphor for Life

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  2. Went to a bigger market and got my ingredients, and my olives. Wantrd to get cardamom — they had a bottle, almost ten bucks! No way! Then, I saw they had green matcha powder — cool, right? So, that was over $13.00 bucks for a tin! No way! Too expensive; didn’t get either. Any nuts, other than peanuts, are like $6-9 bucks! No way! Too expensive!

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