Jerusalem Day! Today! Yay!!!


Today marks the anniversary of our soldiers liberating our land from the illegal Arab attack upon us and subsequent 19-year illegal occupation of our land. These areas were Gaza (liberated from Egyptian occupation), the Golan Heights (taken back from the Syrians), and the Old City of Jerusalem (kicking out the illegal Jordanians and their Legion). Let me do a dance on my screwed-up knee, and I’ll be right back…..


I just sang “Haveinu Shalom Aleichem”, and I clapped and walked around in a circle or two. Kitty celebrated with me with a small piece of cheddar cheese; she likes Jerusalem Day, too!


Here’s a nice article describing some of the Jewish history which fully backs our rightful ownership claims to the land (there are so many, that they can hardly ever be fully compiled, since they include, not only our own claims [which, see: The Tanach/Bible], but those of most other Middle Eastern, and other foreign, countries):



Here’s a nice article on the Temple Mount, the substructures and the olden pathways used by the Jews in transversing the pathways between the gates of the walled city and the interior crossways to the Temple and other areas inside and nearby to the compound, etc., now lying below the Islamic structures atop the plaza and courtyard areas:

Ben David, Lenny. “Secrets Under the Al Aqsa Mosque”; June 4, 2016, Arutz Sheva/Israel National (


And, here is Ofra Haza in a video singing “Jerusalem of Gold” (which demonstrates our cultural connection, longing, love, and heritage to Jerusalem and Israel): (


Here is a nice, rhyming transliteration of the lyrics to “Jerusalem of Gold” (so you can read what it means to us, for yourself, and see how much we revere her): (



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