Randy’s Recipes: Lemon-Guava Creamery Treat

Randy's Recipes: Creamery Treat (clockwise from left): Coconut-Lime, Lemon-Chamomile, Lemon-Guava

Randy’s Recipes: Creamery Treat
(clockwise from left): Coconut-Lime, Lemon-Chamomile, Lemon-Guava


Randy’s Recipes: Lemon-Guava Creamery Treat (Randyjw; June 11, 2016)


Ingredients (Makes three 16 oz. containers):


2 tablespoons lemon-sugar slurry (cold lemon-peel sugar infusion)

2 or 3 overflowing REAL tablespoons cream cheese

1 – to 2 – cups whole milk

14 oz. can sweetened, condensed milk

1/4 – to 1/2 – cup sugar

2 tablespoons flour

Pinch baking powder or baking soda

1-1/2″ – to 2″ – wide strip cut width-wise from 14 oz. block of guava paste, melted on low heat and thinned with water and milk

3 oz. – to 6 oz. lemon yogurt

Water, to thin, if needed

Optional add-ins: mashed banana, coconut flakes, other spices, other fruits, other yogurts, etc.

1/2 – to 1 – day prior, prepare a cold lemon-sugar infusion. Cut the peel from a soft, ripe, lemon with edible peel (a Meyer is good, but use your preference) into small pieces, and stir with copious amounts of sugar, several times, into a jar or container. Cover and refrigerate, preferably overnight.

Over medium-low heat on the stovetop, blend together the cream cheese, milk, condensed milk, sugar, flour and baking powder/soda until smoothed and heated through. In a separate saucepot, melt the guava strip with a little water, and then with some milk.

Into a 16 oz. container, place between 3 oz. – to 6 oz. lemon yogurt, lemon-sugar slurry, melted guava and any add-ins. Stir through. In small batches, add about 1/3 of the stovetop mixture to the yogurt mixture, reserving the remainder for two more batches of flavors of your choice. Cool!

IMG_20160630_084003   IMG_20160630_192943

In this expanded batch, I added extra pieces throughout, keeping larger pieces of guava paste intact, and sprinkling two tablespoons of lemon-sugar slurry into the middle top of this cool “confection”, for added flavor bursts, throughout.

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