Bento Box


Bento Box (Randyjw; June 24, 2016)


I like classy

I like kitschy

I like ones that

look like kitties


I like shiny

Do you, too?

Which one is the

One for you?


How to rate?

Selection varies

Is this date?


One You’ll Marry!?


Bento boxes are becoming all the rage beyond their origin in Japan. Long a staple in Japanese tradition, they’re also way more interesting conversation-starters than plain, ‘ole see-through plastic containers. They can be single- or multi-tiered, and make great take-along packing totes for your picnic or worklunch. Additionally, they make nice gifts to present to that esteemed colleague, mentor, friend, or co-worker, and are a proverbial gift for the person who has everything, or the hard to select for. They make an artistic statement, and are both thoughtful and usually appropriate as a gift for that special someone.


Do you know of someone special you’d like to send or give a token of appreciation to? Thinking of ideas for a graduation gift, birthday gift, or holiday gift? Then, consider a bento box; it’s a practical and considerate item to present to someone appreciated in your life.


I found a few cool ones at these two sites on the web:, and (Bento&Co.). I put together a little collage from each company to give you an idea of the variety and pricing of these unique gift ideas. Hope it inspires!


Above: A Selection of Bento Boxes from:


Above: A Selection of Bento Boxes from:



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3 responses to “Bento Box

  1. It’s the thought that counts– I wouldn’t want you to go out in the fields and get all bit up, yet again! It’s okay. I still haven’t tried your onigiri rice yet, so don’t feel bad…

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