Chatter (Randyjw; June 26, 2016)



Blither and blather

Does what you say

even seem to matter?


Your words go out

to sacred space

From there they form

a second place


The world they make

could be your home

when back they come

to find their own


So, when you’re fast

and think you know

what someone’s last

intent could show


You may have been

too fast in haste

and thought that someone’s

words were waste


When what they rather

held above

Was judged as blather

but sent with love






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3 responses to “Chatter

  1. You’re so sweet, Anisa. Thanks. And ❤


    • I love when you write poetry! I wish you’d do it more often; it’s really awesome! Thank you for liking my poem!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You cook up Amaze-balls (close cousins to your date-balls) with your poetry! First thing today, turned on the telly and show in progress was creating red miso soup! Two bowls! Ran to get my phone camera but it ended too soon! ESP through tv! Hee-hee! You’d think a country with major corporations and strong work ethics would tend to act similarly,but people can be provincial everywhere — even here. It’s amazing… Once in awhile I think about writing a book about it based on my never-ending experiences, but it doesn’t bring me uplifting feelings. Are you finishing beginning of August or more toward end? In ant case, you’ll miss some aspects and can have hope toward leaving it with fonder memories behind. Oh! And there was a show about Spain, too, with Retiro Park, Seville, Toledo, the museums, etc. It was a day reminding me of you! Spain has an extremely strong cultural presence of itself, very strong. Don’t think I could be there long, but it’s interesting for a visit. India seems strong, but I think the people would make it really good. New things ahead and things to write. And absolutely, your poetry! It is just so wonderful! Hope you feel happier soon! Sending you big bouquets of daisies! *|*|*|*|*|*|*|*|


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