Night Has Fallen


Night has fallen. In trails pulling the sentient reactions from my eyes, so, too, do my tears. They cascade in mute acknowledgement to the passing of a legend and to the crushing sense of a fading of a people, of a time passing toward oblivion. When the last survivor of this generation is gone, all witness to the horror that was the Holocaust will have vanished. No more will a real-life representative who was there to experience the horrors first-hand be able to say, yes, this was the reality — this was its truth. History will paper over the reality as if the genocide of a people, MY people, was just a byproduct of a general war, rather than the intentional genocide of the Jewish people, as equivocators and revisionists in Europe have continued to do, since being unwilling to address their participation in its occurrence.


We stand as their conscience that do so they must — to acknowledge their evil which we bear witness to, day in, and day out.


The sad news shares the passing of Elie Wiesel, one man who survived to tell the story of the Holocaust. Of his immediate family, Elie Wiesel’s parents and his younger sister were both killed in the Holocaust; he and his two older sisters managed to survive. He has authored several books in which he has written of his accounts during these times; most of his works are well-known and have risen from obscurity to becoming required reading in many literature and English classes. NIGHT is one such book. His writings on the lessons imparted and the outlook it should engender has earned him the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize.


It is a shame that the Jews, at this time, are almost under a siege-like mentality gripping the European nations, as well as the Arab terrorists, raising up the precursor of the Hitlerian past with the echoing ghosts of its execution.


With a large Jewish population center resident to the Florida area, it was a wise decision to establish a Holocaust Museum in South Florida, the only one of its kind in the area. With an actual restored boxcar used in the transport of the Jews to the concentration camps, where most met their deaths, the artifacts of the systemic Nazi operations to eradicate the Jews become a visual recreation of the relaying of the facts behind the events when viewed with the actual tools of such destruction at-hand.


South Florida honors the memories of the Jewish people lost to the killers of the Holocaust in this endeavor and through this building, which houses its contributions. Known as the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, Friday, July 1st, 2016 marked its official opening at its new facilities in Dania Beach.


It comes at a time when our surviving witnesses to the atrocities inflicted upon the Jewish people are dying off and the violent murders by the Arab races upon our people are increasing in intensity and ferocity.


It is as if the witness has moved here now. It will be a blessing and a reminder to the world of what should be, and what should, most definitely, not.


May the Almighty comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.


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