Free(dom)-For-All (Randyjw; July 4, 2016)


The power of the many has been consolidated into the hands of the few, and the decision to join together the various countries beneath the unified umbrella of the European Union is bringing disastrous consequences to the European continent. Bad decisions, which could have been contained to a small, regional outlet, are now spread undulatingly outward, bumping against the hackles of the Russian, Middle-Eastern and Asiatic fronts, raising security dynamics to new postures and postulations, as principals jostle in power struggles to compete for super-status on the world’s stage.


Eighty years on from the rise of Adolph Hitler to German Chancellor, the generation is still in its last waning years of the Holocaust era. The fight didn’t end when the war ended. The Jewish fight for the restitution of property, valuables, bank deposits, life insurance dividends, artwork, and more has been a vehemently nasty endeavor met with the same silence and secrecy which allowed German treachery to continue.


Dragged kicking and screaming to the Nuremburg trials, the Nazi murderers clammed up, shared incredulous, mocking glances between themselves, and gave nothing (except their souls, which they sacrificed so many years before). Tracked down by a few Nazi hunters who never quit the search, some have been tracked to their countries of refuge. It has been difficult to convince other countries to prosecute these Nazi killers. Most just formulated some kind of mock trial, where the perpetrator received little to no punishment as a cost of their crimes. In fact, the judgements were often set to result in a non-guilty verdict. Only recently, a couple of Nazis residing in the U.S. and elsewhere were at last brought to justice, at the end of their lives in their nineties!


In recent years, some of German society began to have a change of heart. I guess they found the burden of guilt of their society and their actions too great to bear. The meticulously-kept records were allowed to be searched in a means to give closure to the remaining generations to learn the specific fates of their Jewish family members. Those who fought in World War II to end this war are in their early nineties, as well, dwindling to the very few.


In an effort to bring down the Berlin Wall, which had separated East and West, the Communist/Socialist separatists in Germany and the regular “volks” all became intermingled together again. Israel really went out of its way to buy German goods and to practically MAKE Germany be its friend, even as Germany still acted reluctantly to do so (the noive of those folks!).


While Israel can claim diplomatic relations lasting 50 years with this nation which committed the worst atrocity against our people, there are still those who claim we cannot make peace with murderous, anti-Semitic societies bent on nothing more than our destruction, such as the Arabs. This revelation should prove that we can — that it’s not we who are the obstacles to peace.


Meanwhile, there are even still those in German society, whose forbears harbored that anti-Semitic outlook, and who have passed it down to the next generation. I’ve seen it in Israel, where I chanced to meet three young German tourists visiting Jerusalem. Just like the “volk”-tales so popular amongst the German/Bavarian/Denmark-type literature filled with witches scheming bad fates for children, the same was encountered amongst several German people I chanced to know in Israel.


One was a ridiculously mean and nasty anti-Semite, cloaked in a cute girly appearance of glasses and reddish-gold banana curls — hard to believe such a visage could personify such evil. One seemed so-so, but left before I really learned anything about her. Two more girls, travelling together, couldn’t have been more different; from what I could infer, it seemed each was on the other’s nerves, a bit. The dark-haired one was quiet and reserved, without much to say or add toward any conversation. She didn’t seem to want to do anything the livelier girl wanted to do.


The short, lively fair-haired girl embodied the new Germany of decent, fair, nice people that could now engage with the world and be trusted to not want to annihilate the rest of it. I actually really liked this girl and we walked around a bit. She was really open and receptive to my own explanation of things; she’d probably never heard them and was really eager to discover. I’d wanted to go with her to see some other sites, myself, that I hadn’t seen, but we didn’t… I forget why, now. So, anyways, it was like The Three Bears: Way Off; Still Off; and “Just Right”!


Today, Germany has done an “about-face” in it’s liberalness, and has quite over-extended itself to be accommodating to others. The European economy had been driven and pegged mostly to the German deutschmark, and Germany was the figurehead for the new union of European countries which formed the new European Union. Other countries have had their chances to headquarter this entity, so to speak, but the German influence has probably been its most strong, via Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Her disastrous decision to mention German receptiveness to the idea of Syrian immigrants who wished to leave their own war-torn country opened the floodgates for the entirety of the Middle East populations of the nations all warring with themselves in civil wars to enter Germany and the rest of the countries in the European Union. Financial migrants wishing better opportunities joined the surge, as did terrorists and even those of other countries. Overwhelming masses ensured the inability to screen, house, and keep track of all these individuals.


They are let into the United States, as well.  A family huddles inside the doorway of a sympathetic (?) shop-owner and makes themselves at home as street people taking over the sidewalk of the tony part of town, while the others gather on the Starbucks patio to sip coffee and commandeer the tables, all day. At the market, I am reminded again that my tax-paying years as a worker can no longer extend benefits and I scrap and beg for help from family and can’t find work, but then the cashier explains to the Syrian-looking woman ahead of me about the quantity of cheese being one pound and that, perhaps, she might be able to get two boxes of cereal (cereal is expensive! Without food stamps, I don’t get any, either!), and so she must have a WIC-type arrangement, rather than food stamps, but still…


Now, a German report lists the number of Hamas and Hezbollah activists that live in Germany, celebrating al-Quds day with an 800-person strong parade advocating death to the Jews, wherever they may find them.


I thought we were done with Germany harboring those who wish to kill the Jews. I thought we were through with the need to hammer home the lessons of the Holocaust, where the concentration camps and the crematoria and the mass graves cannot conceal the extent of our ancestors’ bones. Is it because we were wrong to come up with our own slogan, “Never Again”, that deafened your ears to the shouts of “Allahu Akhbar”?


Weinthal, Benjamin. “Germany Harbors 300 Hamas, 950 Hezbollah Members or Supporters”. The Jerusalem Post; July 3, 2016:


Update: This July 11th article by Daniel Greenfield points to the Merkel open-door immigration policy and the uptick in immigrant-perpetrated cases of rape and assault (which see):

Greenfield, Daniel. “Half of Muslim Sex Attackers in Germany Came Because of Merkel”; The Point; Frontpage Magazine; July 11, 2016:


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